My apologies if you were expecting to land on a flashy-entertaining website, this is just a simple function over form content-based blog, and completely free of annoying/distracting advertisements. I write almost daily in the 'random blog' section, and then i share my political complaints pretty regularly too, as well as my philosophical and religious opinions, albeit less so.  The other sections below aren't used much, but the one that points to my free substack is relevant, too. The topics/sections below are just some of my passions, politics and religion stand out, but my opinions/ideology are based on simple principles found in common-sense, and ancient wisdom... things like the ten commandments, for example.  So look, i just started this blog to vent as a sort of writing-therapy after the covid-attack changed our lives.  So, this is just a blog, a 'dear diary' sort of thing, I am free and unashamed in sharing my perspectives and opinions.  This blog is just opinion-based content, and an exercise of my first-amendment.  Maybe you'll find some of it's content useful, and are smart enough to discern 'the baby from the bath-water', but keep this in mind, i'm just a rookie/novice un-orthodox informal creative writer... I'm not a professional anything... but, this content is free--so you should at least get what you pay for ;-) ...  This latest project is one that you should like... God bless. -- christopher
I don't really know what blogs are, or what they are for, but for me this blog-thing is almost like a diary of sorts, where a person can write about anything that they appreciate or hating on, or maybe patiently and curiously waiting for time to teach me the rest of the story that i'm searching for... to me, this random blog section is my 'safe-place' of sorts, where i can just be me, it's my therapy to some degree... it might be quite boring for most people but i share my heart, and that's where the content for the rest of this website comes from, and that's pretty much this whole website in a nutshell really...

my simple prayer... i wish to see more clearly, i wish to think/process and understand life more clearly, and i wish to be a sensor and vessel that God appreciates and uses for his good and the good of mankind, and to preserve the health and functionality of the vessel/body that i've been endowed... simple enough? i think so, i hope so, because that's what i'm expecting... may it be so... now the hard-part/challenge, using such clarity, understanding, and physicality for the good of mankind, and not wasted for my own delight and folly... and i pray the same for you too—the reader—and for all of mankind... gifts aren't to be wasted or exploited for evil purposes, our intelligence, potential, and utility are true 'natural resources'... we are all natural resources that were created to aid both God and man, and to sustain a healthy life and environment for our current, and future generations… may we all seek truth and reality to truly make the world a better place to live. -- ct

Read at your own risk... and you ought to be eighteen or older too, because i use some big-boy/girl words sometimes... politics, government, current events, media/news and other influencers converge to effect most of our daily lives... observing causes and effects that political influenced media outlets, and the various creative, manipulative, and intelligence-exploiting methods used to communicate from such outlets can be nauseating and sobering at the same time, elements of our population invent new ways of sinking to new low's, it's not only common-practice, it's even celebrated... i typically write short posts that offer equal but opposite reactions to anti-American and anti-God folks that pollute our airwaves, and distort reality, i offer little sympathy for those types... they will turn to God, or accept their fate and damnation of their souls...
Every reader that stumbles accross this ugly little website is a part of history.  The history that you have been a part of is a bit similar to mine really, in some respects, but the greatest and most significant historical event that we have shared together is what i will simple call 'the covid period'.  The nasty little germs that spread throughout most of our little world over the past year or so is more of a significant part of history than we may appreciate, it's redefining and reshaping the way that many people live our lives... covid-19 has touched all of us in some way or another... everyone has our own individual 'Covid-Story', i challenge the reader to formulate and articulate your own personal covid-story, there is pre-covid, and current covid, and maybe even a post covid (further mRNA exploitation) in our future, write your covid story, it's more important than you might think... i challenge the reader to contemplate/tell your own story  --  chris

Experimental Section, Still under construction...

I'm essentially moving away from facebook/mega-whatever the zuckerbergs are calling it now... i'm already done with Linked-In, i left there with a bang and drew some sizable hate and a couple of regular readers... Twitter and Instagram are also info and response collecting tools (a/i learning and manipulation classroom) which has been heavily exploited to influence users (don't stay in the matrix)... anyway... i'm currently looking at Substack's platform... so far i like these substack briefs the most:
If you care to read about anything that  motivated me to write that was painfully learned with the intent to pass along useful life lessons that probably took me entirely too long to realize and comprehend and understand, well if you care to read any of those types of things then this is the section where i write about some of those embarrassing or useful things, things that probably took me entirely too long to finally 'get'... this is the section with sometimes embarrassing but important types of lessons learned the hard way... this crummy website is only about a couple years old, so don't expect too much yet  :-)

So this is about it really, this is just a crappy simple website... everything that you see above, and the contents that the links point too, are all that this crummy ugly website has to offer, it's not a whole lot to offer folks who are used to going to noisy distracting websites when they require media for entertainment and mass-hypnosis... i don't offer anything for entertainment value on this weird website, except that i have been told that i have a good sense of humor once or twice, so maybe it's just good for a laugh or two if you really require entertainment. So no harm no fouls here... the entire contents of this boring website are just opinions perspectives and observations of a simple guy that isn't really a professional anything... technically speaking i am a professional 'writer' of some sorts because this website is actually and technically a small web publishing company, but really it's just a simple small business with the best business plan conceivable... if you are interested in reading my business plan just click here, it's either brilliant, or maybe the worse business plan in human history... time will time.  --  christopher francis

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