02-03-22: sorry to disappoint, but this is just a 'work in progress' type of post, don't pull too much from it right now, because as i started to write i had to run out to run a couple of chores, and when i approached it a few hours it took a turn that i want to contemplate and maybe research a bit more, thanks  --  chris

... has your ideology/opinions/perspectives changed over time, mine sure has, i was a pretty liberal progressive way back when i was a young-in, until i was forced to live in reality and not the fantasy-land that some DNC-types just keep hoping could possibly be... anyhow... a year ago i really started giving some thought (based on my current education and opinion)  to what some folks call 'reparation' for descendants of former slaves... i didn't like the kind of reparation like some cities and states have conceptualized already, monthly installments, i wanted a lump sum type of deal. i sort of liked the idea that if folks who are descendants of former slaves then they should apply for such a pay-out, and even go to the extent of genetic proof/dna... with final approval they would get one of those 'ancestry.com' packages where they give you a nice plaque with the former slave's history/story, and gave you the whole family-tree package, some folks want to forget about history, others consume it to learn and evolve... and maybe an official and respectful letter/note of appreciation for the struggles that they endured, and how about a new national medal in recognition of the shit that there great-great-(however many 'greats') grandparents had to endure and then released into freedom but without any real help navigating the outside world that they will be exposed-to now... OK, and even include a lump-sum check representing something that the former slaves really could have used back in the day, which would have helped them become more independent (forty acres and a mule or two), i don't know what lump-sum pay-out would actually look like in today's terms, but there are a bunch of tax-payers that would be happy enough to contribute to a fund that would help with this effort, you know, like the 'presidential fund' thing that is on the tax forms that ask if you want to throw a few bucks towards that endeavor, some folks will actually want to contribute to such a thing, others won't, some will want to donate a bunch of money, some maybe a buck or two, and some won't give a dime, and because there are a very large population of very successful tax-payers that also happen to be descendants of former slaves then the recipients of such funds have the option to get their ancestry.com package/plaque/national-medal, but then donate their portion of the reparation pay-out back to the fund so that the broke recipients might get a larger portion, if they want, but it's a one-time thing, not a monthly thing... but then, i suppose you would also have to approach that idea with the reality of many lottery-winners, or inheriting a large sum of money, that character/lifestyle/expectations/intelligence and willingness to use their fortune for celebrate and indulge, well that sort of thing would leave a bunch of broke folks that once had a taste of abundant resources but never tried to control impulses, self-control, or seeking a 'royalty' type of future, many folks seek a future of the rich sultan, or the princess/queen, or any uber rich that are somehow automatically respected and revered and worshiped, since public-relations and media producers find mutual benefit to collaborate their time and energy for mutual expansion, then the fairy-tale make a wish upon a star what will i do with my life when i have virtually endless resources... you know... what will i buy, what will i donate, what is the extent of the 'empire' that i need to create for myself, what are people's physiological needs--which might be some important things to prioritize, how active or inactive will i choose to be, some people don't act-out on all of the desires of our hearts and impulses when we have excess, some folks want to be royals, and be pampered, and spoiled, and full of fancy things, and others have realistic approach of how to reasonably allocate excessive resources, some folks had parents that taught them things like smart things to do with the money that you earn or receive, but not every parent, or complete and formally normalized two bilogical-parent types of environments, or two-parent families or adoptive families, etc...

... people evolve/transition/

... monthly pay-outs don't encourage folks to evolve, they are incentive to not become independent and productive, monthly pay-outs become tools of herd control... anyways... that was sort of the case that i made last year around this time, i wrote my opinion as a parallel for black history month... a year can offer quite a change in perspective, there are entirely too many folks who are descendants of former slaves that have bought into a 'revolution' mind-set and choose to live their life making demands from folks who have nothing to do with 'their struggle' in any way/shape/form... there has been talk of 'revolution', and some folks are instigating the marxist style of aggressive demands and actions/behaviors and encourage an 'us versus them' mentality, if you are of african decent you are 'us' and if you come from anywhere else in the world you are 'them'... this sort of tribal mentality is not healthy to live in freedom, and the actual result is that you encourage dark-skin folks to be racist themselves, you turn the table, so to speak... critical race 'theory' combined with militant groups like BLM, Black Panthers etc. are a brilliant marxist network expanssion which is part of the division and destabilization methods that the DNC so proudly embraces and encourages... those folks really learned how to make the most of a pandemic and the fear that came along with it, and it's been quite frustrating to watch play-out of the past couple of years, instigated by DNC and other marxist types came out swinging against trump, and