November 27, 2022
Save the date

The significance of the date is to remember my mother, Janice Ann Caddigan-Terlizzi. Her physical body expired just this past Mother's Day, around four-thirty in the afternoon, when the life that had remained then transitioned onward. Her passing was peaceful and restful and quiet, which in itself left little room for grieving, but a left a great way to remember her transition. So today would have been her seventy-second birthday, a fitting day to remember her, and give a sort of farewell/tribute. [it's my intention to scatter her ashes down point shirley earlier the same day] Mom didn't leave detailed instructions for her final-wishes other than to have her ashes scattered on the shore of a beach that was an impressionable place on her memories, 'the beach'. She gave me lot's of instructions for what she Didn't want her final wishes to include, she didn't want any part in a 'funeral parlor' or to have a somber ordeal, she asked that it would be a sort of happy occasion, where there would be more smiles that tears...   To Be Continued