Mass Hypnosis...Really? I suppose that's what some smart people call it, and i can't object to the label/wording, so this post is just a compilation of recent articles that i've read lately, and running those thoughts through my own filter/noggin, and then regurgitating/publishing them for anyone that cares to read... but i think mass-hypnosis to exploit genetics and trigger or control unhealthy thoughts and behaviors and actions has been a back-thought for a while now, a back-burner item we might say... so the reader should be aware that i started this simple blog about a year ago, there were a Lot of national and world-wide events that made circumstances and lifetsyles and perceptions exceedingly challenging for folks that are not living in a very healthy and logical and sustainable environment and lifestyle, i call it the 'covid era'... so that's where i fit in, i was triggered in some respects, but it was one of those triggering sorts of things that are actually a 'wake-up' call that folks require along their life's journey and personal evolution in order to guide us on a better pathway, so to speak--and in my case it was a sort of a 'Jonah in the belly of the whale' sort of 'not so gentle' encouraging wake-up call... and so goes the story of how one evolves from 'crisis mode' to a semi 'self-actualization' with so many entangled paradoxes to sort-through in a possibly never-ending striving to be healthy and useful to moral convictions... it's just a road to recovery maybe, but i suppose that it also reminded me the usefulness of things like 'journaling' to slow one's thought's and routines and distractions down enough to filter my experiences with reality, so writing is sort of a prayer for me in some respects, you might say that it enables me to communicate in a less controlled means, life might get too stressing and too damn hard otherwise, sometimes, many times... so my simple vocabulary and writing style and abandon for proper grammar and punctuation is just the easiest way to spit it all out... so, as i've been learning to communicate better i have to consider all of the 'input', or information/education that i've been subjected-to, i grew-up behind television and movies and other media which all offer simultaneous sensory stimulation like audio-visual stimuli, which is known to induce/provoke emotional and sub-conscious associations or suggestions or manipulations... the messaging demonstrated by folks associated with certain organizations made me sick to my stomach on many occasions over the past year to two, i've been subjected to large doses of messaging and controlled language as a sort of unemployed person, i say 'sort of' because really i'm just self-employed, at least for the time-being, i do some odd jobs in conjunction with writing now, but i was a bit forced to remain 'unemployed' with covid restrictions, which included being present--in all meanings--for 'remote learning' off-spring, my most previous employment wasn't sustainable for many reasons, and so starting over was every bit of a challenge, as-was meeting new demands and responsibilities, i was entirely too dependent on the public-education system to actually educate my children, at least that's one of my 'take-aways' from understanding the covid-era... so i understand a few things a little better now, and one of those things is that i do not live in a geography that is very sustainable to me, there is enough distractions and noise in life, and the more populated of an area that i live in the more ADD-like i become, and feel like the toddler deep into the spectrum that can't make sense of his surroundings and frustratingly can't communicate in search for answers... i am noooo good in a city for very long, and i have noooo business living on a main street either, so that's a bit of an open-equation which much be resolved in the near future for means of self-preservation... there were many things that we could learn about ourselves and our resiliency and how sustainable our lifestyles really are when we examine how the covid era has effected us, sometimes it's easier to witness in those around us and the one's we love depending on certain variables... a logical and sustaining life/life-style are the words that keep ringing-out to me, and certain stressors ought to be telling us if we are really living in such a healthy lifestyle... the word 'lifestyle' is a thesis in itself... back to the topic of mass-hypnosis and where it meets creativity... one of the questions that i asked so many months ago--i suppose it was just a sort of prayer maybe, was to read the words of media writers/producers that have 'escaped' from knowingly exploiting human perception for employment's sake, i wanted to hear from the 'whistle-blower' you could say, i could observe/witness minds being exploited on various levels and to different audiences, but i wanted to read about it, or watch a video of such a person that understood a big part of it, i wanted to hear them describe the complicated formulas/processes/manipulations that they used... so a year and a bunch of reading later i'm beginning to understand a lot of it, not the behind the camera and make-up and props and special effects and decent acting, but i'm understanding a bit more about the psycho-stimulation and manipulation involved, i think i've understood the concept of controlled language for a bit now, but the way that some folks use the knowledge of brain-function and chemistry and ways to manipulate and trigger is more disgusting than it is admirable... to help illustrate the the significance of mass hypnosis consider the words of ian dury, and the appropriately named 'blockheads'... if we compare mind exploitation and control to 'sex', it is skull-fvckery and brain-rape, the reality of victimization is obvious, it might seem a bit passive-aggressive in it's delivery, but the evil intent is just as hideous... if we compare it to 'drugs', the chemicals reactions based on hormones released during stimulation is narcotic-like, whether or not the instigator assumes that there is beneficial endocrine therapeutics involved with such stimulation is subject to God's judgement, but most of those folks have a strong idea of what they are up to... and the 'rock n roll', well... sh1t man, it's a simple delivery system, it's an artistic form of communicating, many times triggering poor judgement and behavior... an example might be the demonic-like activity demonstrated by the participants at the lala-palooza concert on earth-day a few decades back... i had no idea what to expect, and was smoking canna at the event, riding a proverbial 'peace-train', when one of the bands that took the stage somehow shifted the audience into a rage where wooden fences were torn down and burned on the grass where we were supposed to be sitting on, i don't remember the name of the band, but they conjured-up something in the minds of many audience members, i was sitting on the grass one minute, and felt a bit like i was running for my life the next... mass hypnosis is much more sinister than music artist expressing the period/cultural woodstock experience through the song sex and drugs and rock n roll, it's brain-rape in every sense of the term, the victims are many... but being like sheep led to the slaughter--the unsuspecting herd has little idea of the control that they are under, or the danger of following such herds... i ask the reader to consider how and when they were brain-raped, if you haven't been victimized in that sense then you are brilliant with discernment and wise to fight back and suppress the actions and behaviors and words and thoughts of the wicked, i wish that i was as observant as you.

on a similar topic, i'm re-posting something from the other day:

... thinking about a couple of ongoing projects and ideas... this stinking blog is also used for noting a few things... we watched a so-called christmas-movie lastnight... daddy's home 2... there wasn't a whole lot of christmas involved other than the timing of the year which the fictitious events took place... one of the things bouncing around in my head is a sort of formula that is used by the screen writers or the original writers of previous stories... comedies can be complex or simple--i guess that's like any genre really, but you mix-in some elements of surprise here and there and it triggers emotional response--it seems like the directors and actors are the one's can really sell the scripts, and scenes, and how they contribute to overall recording/production... but the writer can really pull the reader/consumer into simple ideas, and then layering--or, adding depth and sub-stories and even more variables to the big story, but the sub-stories that unite-to/compose the big story are where the intelligence and creativity of the writers or storytellers are perceived... when elements of 'typical' human nature/behavior are considered with the story-telling aspect, then run through various layers/depths you could end up with a b-movie, or you might have a classic/must-see film or book... i don't know the complete formula for it, but i'm not a math-guy, i understand words and stories and certain human-behaviors which some actors can successfully pull-off (bad actors are bad actors, and bad stories are bad stories) and other's have to really act-out/accentuate/sensationalize to deliver the point (broadway)... people communicate with lot's of different languages and vocabularies and knowledge of how to express themselves, actors are good observers, and some of them know how to communicate to varying audiences, just as the writer's or other storytellers... i think that's why certain relationship's in hollywood (i'm thinking Hanks and Spielberg) turn out some great movies , the actor's directors and writer's are good observers that communicate with very similar languages and all understand human nature that really appreciate each other and can compliment one another turn out some decent films, sometimes the messaging is actually good... some folks will use brain-hacks through audio-visual stimulation by using a scale of 'spectacular'... real-life seems to be too boring to appeal to the masses if you are really trying to tell or sell a story, so there seems to be brain-stimulations that audi-visual experts and storytellers use to offer the biggest escape or stimulation or a level of virtual-reality that will yield different perceptions to different people based on human-nature and target audience... more successful/penetrating stories appeal to larger and more diverse audiences, but that's where the danger of non-adherence to age restrictions become the moral compromise that some folks will use to exploit and condition, some folks really take stuff too far when they know damn well that younger audiences are targeted, then again there are large elements of the population whose genetics/environments/cognitive ability that can't differentiate the good from the bad that the production/book, and then will embrace the negative moral and healthy actions and behaviors and thoughts of their new influencers... influencers has become a part of american vocabulary since DIY web-based media became house-hold available to most tax-brackets...

... now i need to go back and re-read it, but the theme is resounding lately, so please bare with me as i combine and collect the rest of my thoughts.  --  ct