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this might go under the 'religious and philosophical' section of the blog at some point... but here is a theory that i'm beginning to read/touch-on here... Chris Langan writes about a 'simulation hypothesis' of sorts, and i'm only a few pages into this essay, but, i'm not well-read in some of the disciplines, areas of study, that he covers, so i don't fully understand some of what he says when he get's into deep-dives of physics, math, quantum/cosmology, world history--some of his essays get very rich/dense in those fields... he get's into some of the great discoverers/thinkers and their theories/hypothesis, and so it's hard to follow-along when he dives into certain topics... i grew-up more social dependent, and didn't care to read or study anything that i didn't have-to, so there is an awful-lot of 'catching up' for me to do if i care to really follow along with much of his out-put... so the way that i sort of understand Langan is that he is a very smart guy that undoubtedly believes-in God, seems to try to 'follow' God as some Christian-types may identify with, and seems to try to point other smart people that are clueless about the reality of God towards God using examples and specialized language sub-sets that other smart people ought-to/probably understand, and Langan get's incredibly creative in the ways that he communicates too, i can follow-along with many of the principles that he basically outlines, but i'm sure that i miss a bunch of useful information in some of his essays and books considering that i would miss about eighty-percent of the 'required reading' to grasp much more than i do... so, honestly, i had no intention of reading so much heady stuff that never really interested me before, i just remembered hearing on TV decades ago that one of the world's smartest people not only believed in God, but could prove God's reality/existence through math, and so decades later--when i wanted to listen to what other people's perspective/understandings of God are--i thought i'd look-up and see what America's highest tested IQ male (Marilyn vos Savant considered higher hence the specification of 'male') had to say on the matter/subject, turns-out that the TV thing that i heard was correct... and, sorry, i know that i'm getting dyslexic here as i beat around the bush a bit, but here is where i'm going with this, some questions as to how some concepts might fit into his TOE, the CTMU... and if they align with any of his take on Sim-theory:

... could our solar system be considered one atom, and our galaxy being one cell in God's infinite and expanding mind, a mind that is connected to uncountable other galaxies? Is that a viable example of how the universe is the physical 'mind of God'?

... if so, is space/time medium even a 'thing', is there some matter that has to bind them together that people are trying to ;figure-out' or measure... or are galaxies 'wireless', and don't require neuron-like connections with mass to transfer signals and telor communication [probably a more specific term for 'telor communication']?

... so humans were created by God, and we are literally connected to God with our minds to and from His mind?
... is it safe to assume that despite the depth/magnitude of the universe that God appreciates humans?

... Humans have many senses/sensors, we process our experiences/environment using our intelligence/minds, if we are connected to God with our minds--to and from His mind--does God use us/our human sensors and intelligence and perception of our environment and events for important feedback?

... if so, are there examples of important sensory or computational feedback that humans are communicating to a 'meta-mind'?
... How might God use our feedback to effect the future?

... Does human prayer/desires influence the future, i.e., do we sort of give God some possible outcomes of experiences/circumstances that actually influence God to see that it happens as we suggest?

... i've heard teachings from religiousy folks that talk about some sort of 'spirit' type of beings that are sort of battling in a realm that we can't quite see; and similar folks say that things that some folks consider 'alien' encounters/visitors are merely 'spirits'
... and i've also heard astrophysicists and cosmology types of folks suggest that there is most definitely inter-galactic physical and intelligent life forms that have visited (or still inhabit) earth, but there's no place for religious-spirits or an actual God

so based on conflicting opinions/beliefs...

... is it safe to suggest that there is another simultaneous realm/dimension that most living humans don't/can't see?
... is it safe to suggest that intelligent life exists in other parts of the universe?

... is it safe to assume that there is regular interference from extra-terrestrial and/or spiritual beings (telors?) exerted on humans? i.e., cause some sort of human malfunction or effect events?

... i remember as a kid, when sort of learning about the concept of God, that one of my immediate questions was 'who created/made God' and the answer that the nice person replied 'no one, and that's one of the things that makes Him special'... it blew my mind to think that God was so powerful hat no one could have created Him, and that He just always existed, and is bigger than the universe that we could ever see

... it seems like some humans are intent on trying to figure out exactly when 'the universe' began, and have created all sorts of ways to measure time and space to do so... considering the principle behind my 'religious' comment, does it seem like it's a 'folly of follies' to spend time trying to figure out how and when the Universe began... or is there merrit in folks searching for the answers to how and when?


... the thing that sort of triggered my questions was a new article that i read this morning about 'the big bang theory'... parts of Christian sacred texts suggest that God 'spoke' everything into existence, so maybe there wasn't some giant explosion that set our universe into course, does/did God even physically 'speak', does He even have sensors to do so, or did He create us to have the sensors to do what He can't do physically (so to speak), that is if you understand God as sort of a sort of a super/mega/meta 'spiritual' being with 'creation' and everything that we can observe being His physical sense?

... i don't know why these sorts of things occupy my mind sometimes, or why it even concerns me really, unless of course it's all completely true, therefore should be concerned/thought about, maybe God's telling me that i need to start paying more attention of such matters, maybe to get my act together and my ass in gear--so to speak... but my mind was stimulated by some people's observations/ideas/speculations and it's all interesting and almost fascinating to me... anyways... it's time for me to get back into my physical world and not just my thinking world, i've got stuff to do, and ought to eat something soon... to be continued, as i have more reading to do, Chris Langan uses a very rich/dense vocabulary so it makes for some slow reading on my part. -- ct

09-15-22: 01:50 NOTES: I haven't really looked at this for a week or more, but started up again after waking-up at one-thirty-AM... i don't neccesarily like waking up that early, but i try to redeem the missing sleep ...

"Where telesis is a convergent generalization of intension and extension coinciding with the ontic ground state, and R* is an ultimate (self-contained, self-defining, ontically closed) telic identity operator that couples (and dually, separates into) its own intensional and extensional aspects, a reality self-simulation can simply be written"

"Real simulations of reality exist in reality, and in principle may be “nested” in simulations of simulations … of simulations. Thus, we have the following diagram:
(1) Ultimate Reality -> [nested subrealities] -> (2) source system (to be simulated) -> (3) host system with model of source system -> (4) displayed target system"

"In the sciences and beyond, reality is usually considered to be confined to space and time, which are now understood to be everywhere coupled in a hybrid medium called "spacetime". But the nature of this linkage is not yet fully understood, and there are many outstanding questions. In particular, what is time, and if it is a physical process, where is it hiding? Empirical science cannot tell"

... God is a 'mind/processor' , God is infinite, so there is no such thing as 'time' in the Universe, time is simply how humans track the earth's rotation in relation to the sun
... God processes life through human sensors/senses, we are connected to God through our mind's/thought, we are therefore an extension of God, but through our minds via an unseen manifold
... our connection to God is what is commonly referred to as 'wireless'???

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