I suppose expressing myself and the things that i find important in my own life is a big part of setting up and maintaining this crummy website, and religion is certainly a big and important part of my life whether i've ever expressed that fact to anyone or not, i'm one of those sorts of folks that attempts to sort of 'live out' my religion and don't get overly preachy about... i am not a professional religious person and don't really aspire to be one because most of the folks that are professional religious people are much smarter and more educated than i am... so if you poke around this website to read any religion type of stuff you are only hearing my unprofessional opinions... and if i'm going to be open an honest i can tell you that a bunch of religious and professional religious people that i've spent some time with were overly distracted with their busy lifestyles and other distractions and the way that they always do things and fearful of entirely too much, it's been my experience that the deficiencies of human nature and the sorts of things that people are busy and distracted with are the sorts of obstacles that many good-hearted and well-meaning religious folks are faced with, it seems that even religious folks that ought to know better are just as susceptible to the reality of human nature as the non-religious folks... and in my own deficiencies i find that i become overly distracted by the actions and behavior of human nature sometimes more so than the message itself, sometimes i'm too distracted by the messenger to appreciate the message, sometimes your voice tells me that you are some religiousy person but your actions and behaviors tell me that you are misguided or you require help of some sort... and so if you are non-religious or religious you should understand some of my background and deficiencies before you read anything below, i don't try to make myself out as some sort of good or bad example of any religion and religiousy folks should know that i don't want or ask for any types of 'followers' in any way shape or form, my ego does not requires that honor... if the reader expects to read nice and loving sorts of religious stuff below, well i should warn you, im a bit of a straight-shooter get to the punch sort of person that will nicely tell you 'god bless you' but also tell you when you are fvcking wrong about certain things, so i don't know if i'm really the type of person that you want to read religiousy things from... you will have to exercise your big-boy or big-girl judgement to determine that for yourself, but if my writing style speaks to you in any sort of religiousy way then fine, cool, but warning, i'm not a pro... -- christopher

   ==  hopefully you read my 'religious disclaimer' above  == 

... my simple religious belief system is that jesus of nazareth is the only human/thing/whatever who has walked the face of the earth that is greater-than, or more-equal than me... and so it's my reasoning that you and i, and everyone are simply our own equals, we all have imperfections and gifts, and limited in human abilities, but that we are all just equal... and that Yeshua/Jesus are always greater than equal...
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