Black History Month - what a load of crap

02-21-2021: You are reading the words of a white American, and when I say white I really mean to say that I am exceptionally white… im whiter than white gets on most white people without having albinism white, if you hold my bare arm up to the sun you can see internal human stuff that people who aren’t white are happy they don’t have to see… so i am an exceptionally white guy. And i have to mention that I am writing from the perspective of someone that has European ancestry but whose parents and their parents were all born in American too and are pretty darn white as well, so you are reading opinions of an exceptionally white and exceptionally european/american influenced male, it seems appropriate that I should also mention that I am male by birth and am so to this day by choice I suppose, and so then I assume its just as appropriate to mention that I am heterosexual and I will leave it up to you to decide how/why I am hetero, but I am… so now you get the bigger understanding that you are reading a bunch of opinionated words written by someone that is an ‘average white american guy’ … it shouldn’t be important to have to explain all of that in an opening paragraph, but in America it is very important to understand that when you are reading anything ‘in’ black and white about anything black and white you should know if it is a white guy, or a black guy, or anybody else that isn’t a female, male, black, or white person because in America there has been a looong and yet unresolved division between dark-skinned and light-skinned american people, we call us/each other either black or white although our skin tones are different because we are all individuals but really its a black or white person issue and thing. So I say all of that to partly explain why I think black history month is a ‘load of crap’… and I use the term ‘load of crap’ with no disrespect meant to any steaming hot actual loads of crap, or anyone that may think I am calling them a load of crap, and anything in between… so far that’s not my intention.

February is Black History Month in USA and I have an opinion that something about that is a load of crap… maybe its ‘appropriate’ to have a whole looong month ‘devoted’ to ‘black history’, but it shouldn’t be ‘necessary’, and if it is necessary to have an entire month devoted to black history it speaks to a term mentioned in first paragraph, ‘unresolved division’ and that is a term that many ‘centrists’ don’t like to consider. Many people in America that don’t view themselves as ‘black’ or ‘white’ but are more interested in judging/labeling people by their character/ego and the way they act/behave no matter what skin color/tone/shade each and every individual was born with, some of those types of people that personally don’t judge/label people on what they look like are call ‘centrists’, centrists are usually the least judgmental people when it comes to looking at different points of view that might be causing division, but if I were writing a divisive opinionated article that were possibly implying that there shouldn’t be a black history month I should try to use some real actual logic in there somewhere that will appeal to centrists too, otherwise I’d go on to cause a riot between ‘antifa’ and ‘proud boys’ or something. But in America there are still open wounds and unresolved issues of racism that even centrists don’t want to consider because the fact that there are many financially successful dark-skinned men and women combined with current laws that make slavery and racism criminal and include the fact that most average black and white people get along with each other pretty well now… that those three things ‘mean’ that there are no longer unresolved division, so even some centrists fail to recognize that there is still a black and white issue going on in America… hard-core racist blacks and hard-core racist whites might always remain so but when centrists don’t see a problem then there is a bigger problem. If you watch american t.v. or social media news you would think that after a year of watching Black Lives Matter protests that America still has a huge division between blacks and whites, that is simply wrong and couldn’t be further than the truth, most black men woman and children get along with/socialize with and respect people that look differently than them, just the same as most white folks, there are plenty of angry haters on both sides but the majority of black and white people don’t simply judge their opposites as inferior or threatening, most people just want to get along, and they do… but the fact that there were protests and counter protests give some indication that there is still some unresolved emotions/issues between some black and some white americans. There is something else worth considering if you get on a conversation about white americans and black americans, not every black person in America has former victims of slavery in their ancestry, and not every white person in America has ancestors that were former slave owners or the people who enabled the ‘legality’ of human trafficking or smuggling or kidnapping and the generational inhumane treatment of other humans… in fact many black and white people have immigrated to America long after after slavery was abolished and racist laws were eliminated, so the reason that America needs a black history month at all is confusing to a degree to some other people that currently live in America even if they are black or white... They might be the person that says ‘human African slaves owned by some greedy white people, yeah I’ve heard of that but isn’t it been over for awhile already here?’ I wish I had a better answer to that question for the newer American, but some generations of much older americans will tell that person ‘yes’, or ‘no’, or ‘yes but no’… and probably because there is still some unresolved division/conflict in America regarding the way which slavery was theoretically ‘ended’, there was possibly no appropriate closure.

If you don’t have a problem with the idea that people that who happen to be wealthy and smart should be allowed to capture and enslave others then you are probably good with the idea that America might not need a black history month, you probably think that you are smarter than everyone else, you are always the smartest person in the room and that if someone is ‘enterprising’ enough they should be able to stomp on top of anyone that gets in the way of making your fortune… you’d probably make a great slave owner yourself, in fact you probably have some severely manipulated people around you too… but most people don’t think that it’s ever OK to ruin other people so you can have whatever you want, most people aren’t OK with deviant personalities/egos that will justify inhumane behavior to fulfill greed/lust/control, most people aren’t OK with that anymore… American prisons/jails are filled with people whom have displayed some type of deviant behavior who may or may not still justify their previous criminal actions… hopefully now they understand how and why they victimized others and that it was wrong… and the more ‘civilized’ a world… the more civilized a nation… a state… or a community ‘becomes’ the greater the opportunity for deviant greedy behaviors to be stopped quickly with civil laws and appropriate policing before it becomes too big of a problem… hundreds of years ago deviant and greedy people acted-out their perceived need to be rich and powerful, and found the opportunity to commit unthinkable inhumane atrocities to unsuspecting people in distant lands, greedy people with compromised egos figured out a systematic way to capture other people, other real-life real actual people… so bad people found a ‘legal and enterprising’ method of trapping and kidnapping other unsuspecting humans and transporting them to distant foreign strange looking places where those unsuspecting kidnapped people were ‘forced’ into spending the rest of their lives doing miserable things that nobody else wanted to do… and when I say that they were ‘forced’ into doing miserable things I mean its pretty difficult to communicate with different people that look different than you and act different than you and speak different than you and if deviant greedy people expect their new ‘legally acquired property’ to do the miserable things that no one else wants to do and have difficulty communicating with words then they would resort to different means of communicating… I call those other more harsh methods of communication torturous manipulation… manipulation, or getting other people to do what you want them to do can be done very quickly and effectively by torture… torture meaning things like forced sleep deprivation, forced starvation, forced dehydration, forced into living sub-humane, inhumanely and even beaten/raped… people require food, drink, and sleep in order to live but if you deprive humans of those three requirements and demoralize them in between doing so you can effectively communicate to most humans what their new expectations are, you can manipulate people’s actions and behaviors into doing what you want them to do through torturous dehumanizing atrocities very quickly if you don’t have the intelligence to do so more humanely… but stupid is what stupid does and unintelligent greedy enterprising deviant people found it in their shallow hearts to not only purchase other humans with the intent to make them do the miserable things that no one else wants to do but like all deviants they justify their torturous slavery by telling themselves over and over, and telling anyone else over and over that these dark-skinned people/humans were slaves because they were sub-human, they were savages that needed to be taught their ‘new roles in life’ by training them like other animals that aren’t human, and when a deviant person acts-like/tries to believe that someone is less than their equal it helps them to justify their deviant behavior/actions… by verbalizing, acting like, and eventually believing themselves that their new legally acquired property is sub-human there is a self-justifying sense that their inhumane behavior/actions are OK… its not wrong to a deviant if it’s justifiable, its completely ethical and OK because we are now calling these unsuspecting people that have gone through kidnapping and international human trafficking and tremendous suffering are not people, they are merely animalistic property… ‘slaves’ sub-humans that were born to be slaves and that don’t require the same treatment as us smart enterprising greedy deviant people… they are now things that will do what us deviant egos refuse to do because frankly its too difficult for us smart deviants to do ourselves… deviant egos/personalities require control through justified manipulation to carry out their desires/fantasies, they know what they want to do and will stop at nothing to make it happen, no matter what their behaviors/actions and how inhumanely they will mistreat other people that they believe are less than equal, a real deviant believes that everyone else is less than their equal, they think they are better than everyone and will only treat other people the way they feel like treating them and the greater the obstacle to their mission success the more violent their treatment of other real actual people becomes… if you ever try to understand the actual source of a problem/division between people you should consider what thoughts and ideas and opinions are going on in their minds, while also understanding that there may be some aspect of deviant ego as well as misunderstanding that contribute to the conflict/problem/division… some people just don’t get it, they don’t understand simple humanity and that everyone is equal because they have unrealistic deviances in their logic that allow them to follow ideas and dreams of greed, wealth, accumulation, control, power, ‘being a god’ where they can be the king of their empire and using people is a simple and justifiable way of making their kingdom become a reality… if you want to consider any example of deviant personalities its pretty easy to search your internet for “famous dictators”… communist/socialist dictatorship is result of deviant warped people that were not stopped by people that should know better with humane laws and policing before they were able to get to positions of power and effective mass manipulation, that’s just an easy example… how grotesquely deviant is the mind that justifies owning/enslaving and torturing into submission other actual human beings… in civilized society policing is required because deviant egos are far too common than most people realize… and deviant ambitious people exist everywhere including densely populated societies were herd-mentality is a fragile balance of humane and inhumane treatment of fellow citizens, where people that should know better don’t always talk their deviant loved-ones out from unrealistic emotional opinionated motivations and actions, so government policing and the enforcement of civil and humane laws are carried out to keep deviants from becoming mass manipulating tyrants or harming other people or sometimes just harming themselves.

It’s taken America an unfortunately looong time to police the inhumane actions of legal slavery and writing and enforcing laws that both condemned slavery and the further mistreatment of dark-skinned descendants of the victims of slavery… its taken a painfully long time for america’s leaders to end slavery, and an equally painfully long time for america’s leaders to write and enforce civil and humane laws that protect the individual rights of every American from predatory deviant people… similar to how other people that lived in America treated and acted to the native people that were already living here in ‘america’ when colonists began showing up to america’s beaches, America is good at eventually coming to the conclusion that some of it’s behavior was wrong and allowed the mistreatment of other people and are going to put an end to that behavior… but our leaders are not that good about putting closure and an end to such poor behavior, doing things compensating the victims, the people that were victimized, the people that we allowed to be mistreated and misused… we aren’t that good at making sure that those people have everything that they need to begin their transition into newly realized freedom, we aren’t that good at making sure that people that obviously have to learn an entirely new lifestyle are prepared to do so, that they have the resources that most other citizens already have and that they will now be able to live independently… even if American politicians put an end to slavery they weren’t that good at restoring dignity and sound-mind to hundreds of thousands of people who were told that they and their ancestors are less than human, treated like they were less than human, educated, fed, sheltered, and clothed like they were less than human, not compensated for the torture and kidnapping and trafficking and enslavement and brutal treatment of generations of dark-skinned people… American politicians were good at putting and end to slavery but then stopped right there, they stopped ‘righting the wrong’ which was committed and simply told slaves that you are free to go and don’t forget to be good and decent members of society now, the society that they knew very little about… slaves were basically told that America apologizes for mistreating you and dehumanizing you and we are ‘sorry’ your unfortunate position, so go on now, good luck to you, I hope everything works out well for you here in our free ‘civilized’ society… maybe they weren’t told that but my opinion is that it had been ‘assumed’ by the actions of early American political leaders and their lack of preparation for the transition that slaves were now faced with… and I used the word political leaders because the division that caused the American civil war were caused by actions of ‘politicking’, some deviants wanted nothing to do with ending slavery and so when good finally triumphed over evil and deviants were no longer allowed to practice forced labor by enslaved people… well those deviants were not going to accept defeat quietly, audacity proved their deviancy when they had asked for things like being financially ‘compensated’ for their ‘hardship’ of losing property which they felt like they still needed because of the poor business practices and the industry that those entrepreneurs had relied on for sooo loooong and they most certainly were not about to pay any form of restitution to those former slaves for the wrongs they had committed against them, for the criminal behavior and victimization of those former dark-skinned enslaved people. And when logical political leaders considered and planned-out giving something realistic and tangible ’40 acres and a mule’ to help former slaves begin a transition into their new life with a better chance of success, well other illogical political leaders were content to just let the slaves be free and that freedom itself is enough compensation and help that newly freed slaves deserve/require… you wonder how well those political leaders would have done if suddenly dropped in the African savanna wearing a few rags and no possessions, maybe they would have been a bit more empathetic and realistic to the needs of other people, especially if those people had been tortured over a course of many generations, maybe a former slave owner would be more empathetic toward other humans if they were snatched out of their backyard, mistreated, transported to the middle of the African savanna, sold to and now owned by ‘african tribes’ to do the crappy work that no one wants to do… wouldn’t that suck… I’m sure it would suck if you were one of many future generations of people that would have to adapt to your new weird life and if you or your descendants ever have the chance to get out of that way of life you are probably going to require lots of help to learn how to live your new found freedom… in the African savanna.  I think it’s a healthy thing to do for humanity when you try to put yourself ‘in someone else’s shoes’ sometimes it helps people understand the problems that some other people are faced with.

I’m considered a white conservative republican, and many people that consider themselves as conservatives, or republicans, or white no matter what shade of skin they possess do not like to bring up the word restitution… actually the word is ‘reparation’, and when used in the same sentence as slavery, it’s a derogatory word for money/budget-conscious conservative people that think problems associated with slavery went away when slavery ended. If you are unfamiliar with the term slavery reparation google it, look it up… I kind of think it’s a good idea because it does what courts, what the old legal system couldn’t do, the early usa legal system wouldn’t/couldn’t hold slave owners/traders/suppliers accountable for their atrocious actions and force them to pay a restitution for their crimes against dark-skinned former slaves… our legal system couldn’t convict people for crimes that weren’t considered crimes when they were practiced, and the federal government gave up on 40-acres and a mule, so the idea of reparation is to formally compensate descendants of American slavery with some tangible settlement for the way their ancestors were captured, smuggled, enslaved, and tortured… and then left to fend on their own upon freedom… that’s pretty much what the term reparation refers to… I personally love the idea, I think it should have happened when it would have benefitted slaves and their children the most but I don’t think it’s ever too late to say your sorry… in fact most responsible/reasonable people have to say they are sorry with some regularity, sometimes it’s hard, but it’s always necessary to ‘heal wounds’.

Would it be cool and seem to put closure to a terrible part of your family’s history if you were given one of those ‘’ packages of your family tree going back as far as possible to really get a better understanding of who your great-great-great whatever were, where they came from, as much history that was available, to get that genealogical history along with a ‘check’ and some sort of official acknowledgement of who your ancestors were, and why they are responsible for passing along this financial reparation to you, how cool would it be to have a ‘gift’ from a ‘broke old former slave’, an inheritance of sorts from a long-lost relative that you can be presented with because of all of their hard work, does it seem too fairytale to imagine that someone’s hard work finally paid off even if they weren’t around to see it happen… yes it does seem too fairytale because in a fairytale the hard work would have paid-off before they passed away, and not even fairytale, but in modern society hard work should pay off as soon as it is earned not hundreds of years later. But an older white conservative republican’s narrow-minded opinion shouldn’t dictate the future policy that could affect hundreds of thousands if not millions of americans because my opinion is missing several aspects that I am not fully understanding or considering, such as the fact that there are enough dark-skinned folks that don’t want bad history brought up again, they fear that reparation will cause more division and hatred between races so they don’t want reparation to be considered, and everyone else has an opinion or a variable that is worth consideration, and my opinion is the least important one in the world so maybe its just a bad idea… but reparation is not just my idea, many people have actually put more consideration than ‘me over a week’s period’ to reflect and study and see how such a restitution/reparation would/could happen, I don’t know who those people are individually and I don’t know what their actual intentions are but man I’d love to see usa try to bring slavery full-circle and write the final chapter in the book that began with unthinkable behavior and ends with ‘the united states of America wishes to recognize the capture, terrible treatment, hard work, and exemplary citizenship of your loved-one’… or something like that… i have received many official government letters that includes the phrase ‘america is grateful for your service’, the usa government is used to printing and mailing such letters, they tell me what benefits I have earned and continue to remind me that America appreciates a guys efforts, but those letters actually do mean something special to me, they don’t say that America has taken me for granted and have chosen to forget about me, they are a recognition of previous efforts that I sometimes forget about myself but an official letter from American government that they remember me and the efforts that I had once given are still important… an ‘official recognition’ of anything is important to the recipient, even a person in the military that thinks they were just doing their job when receiving an award for their accomplishment still benefits from the official recognition even if they don’t appreciate the initial pat on the back… but I’m getting ahead of myself… I pay very little taxes to our federal government, and any reparation that would come from America would come directly from the bank account of the American taxpayer now, not the actual people that did the kidnapping and human trafficking and brutal torture or the greedy rich deviants that forced slave labor, but from the current American taxpayer that had nothing to do with the atrocities that were committed hundreds of years ago but wouldn’t it still be nice and feel like there was ‘closure’ if descendants of slaves were actually given monetary restitution for the way that their ancestors were treated, wouldn’t it be nice and feel like there is finally some closure if the belated promise of ‘40 acres and a mule’ were an actual and tangible and physical and current thing that could change the life of someone who has had generations of mistreatment in their past… I’ll bet if you told a conservative republican politician that by offering 40 acres of land and a big John Deere tractor, or whatever reparation turns out to be to descendants of former slaves that would theoretically move those dark-skinned people away from overcrowded democrat run cities and into land that may favor their own political agendas there would be an abundance of funds found and released for such a measure… I don’t know that there is enough available land to give an actual 40 acres of land to everyone that would qualify but moving a bunch of people away from depressed cities that don’t have much to offer poor people, and help relocate those people to places where they can actually live off of their own land would appeal to me if I were offered that same opportunity, I would be packing my belongings already… but I am not a rich taxpayer anymore, im a broke regular guy, so maybe its too easy for me to suggest ways to spend other people’s money but if you ask me, broke old unimportant nobody with very little money to my name… if you ask me if I would willing pay and extra $10 or $20 in federal income taxes one year to help pay for reparation effort to put a final chapter in American slavery I would not only scrape up the $20 but I might also be able to give you another $20 toward it as well… and if you asked every American taxpayer if they think it would be worth it for to them to chip in $20 more for the same cause you would probably find that for half of the people that said NO there were a bunch more people that would gladly chip in extra to compensate for the greedy shallow folks that think slavery was overblown and ancient history and not worth further consideration and would rather keep their crummy 20 bucks.

I don’t think that Black History Month is a load of crap, I enjoy learning about some slaves that overcame the odds when the were freed and still managed to contribute to a society that partly still rejected them, but to me the load of crap is that there ‘has to be’ a black history month… but I understand that there has to be one because history has a way of repeating itself and there are parts of black history that should never be repeated. And please don’t assume that I have negative opinion of America based on my writings, I believe that I live in the best nation on earth but it is still imperfect, just as its citizens are not perfect the nation isn’t either, and I don’t let the actions of what former americans did view my judgement of the country that I live in today, but I believe in doing what is right no matter how long it takes to get there. -- christopher

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06-18-21 UPDATE: Juneteenth is now a national holiday and i'm so totally stoked about it, or something like that anyway... i'm happy though that the importance of that date in history is finally considered worthy enough of a national holiday, so cool... and if you are unsure what juneteenth means please copy the following words and paste them in the web browser of your preference because you should really look it up for yourself, here you go, these are the words now, ready: what is juneteenth

-- christopher