Political and other reflections: i've been interested in reading materials that make some correlation to various types and classifications of intelligence, and more specifically, meta-cognition in relation to theological and cultural convictions/beliefs/understanding... basically, what some exceptionally smart people thing about God, and their personal interpretations of God... and so now i do get an awful-lot of posts about types of intelligence, and folks that classified as smart, and extra smart, etc., and how those smart folks exercised their unique gifts, and so i get a bunch of stories about smart people that had various types of struggles and challenges too, basically just examples and briefs about folks that have profound processing capabilities, most of them had some struggles and challenges that everyone typically has, just differently and maybe not quite so typical actually, and maybe that's depending on self-awareness, and being comfortable and confidence with who they are... but it seems like everyone has hills and valleys to navigate, even smart people too... this post that i just read from someone on quora was pretty good, here's the full text of the brief, the original question was something like 'is it possible for intelligent people to be unsuccessful' or something like that, anyhow...:

American theoretical physicist Robert J. Oppenheimer.

I think that it's more accurate to say that some people are simply more intelligent, better psychologically integrated and more driven and disciplined than others. Those traits, not simply intelligence alone, are what set them apart from people with ordinary levels of intelligence.

That is a very important distinction from people who simply have posted an exorbitant score on an I.Q. text. In fact, the world abounds with people blessed with abnormally high intelligence who never manage to “get it off the ground,” as my father liked to say, having been hamstrung by family dysfunction or a form of mental illness, such as bi-polar illness, that sometimes accompanies high intelligence. Others may be on the autistic spectrum, dealing with social challenges that hamper their ability to exploit fully their remarkable intellectual gifts.

Indeed, mental illness and various forms of social dysfunction often accompany high rates of intelligence. As Malcolm Gladwell writes in his best-selling book Outliers, an enraged young Robert J. Oppenheimer, who later became world-renowned theoretical physicist, actually plotted to poison his tutor while pursuing a doctorate at Cambridge. Fortunately for Oppenheimer, he was the product of a highly functional family who intervened and managed to set him back on course to a stellar career.

Yet, for every high-achieving Oppenheimer there are many others who lack the resources or the family support to achieve their full potential. And the case could be made that society is still struggling to address these longstanding challenges.


... anyways, i thought the brief was pretty good... everyone is unique, and wired differently and has utility and potential, and offers something positive for 'man and God', not just themselves and their desires... But regardless of how we define potential and utility, and the proper use of our gifts and resources, they should all be considered in measuring some 'overall' level/average of intelligence, there's a moral and ethical and respectful sort of 'golden rule' intelligence that is usually self-evident, and should be a heavy factor in calculating any over-all intelligence... having the tools AND knowing how to use it/them for good--which clearly doesn't exploit or abuse others--is an awesome thing to witness in self-actualized 'intelligent' people who use their gifts for good, and for others too... But, in some respects the old saying that 'it's not the size that counts it's how you use it' is full of wisdom, and maybe what matters the most, possibly/probably... folks that seem to operate at the top of mazlow's pyramid and who are well known typically help contribute to larger more global-levels when measured by regular folks, but there are plenty and many of other 'regular people' that self-actualize, may not know it because it's just who they are, but they greatly contribute to smaller environments (some positive contributions to society are never measured), everyone has the ability to achieve some level of 'greatness' to effect the world positively speaking, some folks have different limitations and resources, and can positively effect larger or smaller environments...

... but, there are other smart people too... others who choose not to exercise their positive gifts/talents, they use their 'intelligence' to manipulate and exploit others... for example... many global communist NGOs are currently using their collective resources and intelligence to change and exploit a very large environment based on unethical, controlling, and unsustainable theories and practices that try to consolidate too much power and wealth for those at the top of their communist pyramid-scheme, and trickle some down to other useful resources/tools in their network pyramid-scheme too, and then trickle some down to the lowest on the tax-brackets too... look, a global top-down level government isn't what Americans desire, we formally broke away from such folks back in 1776, right, isn' that what we did already? isn't that what we did back then... didn't we declare our independence in order to have a less demanding and leaching and controlling global government (consider the entire brittish commonwealth as an example of border expansion and global influence)... but now many networked globalists are having their way with our country, it took some well-needed excitement of nationalism and conservatism and some MAGA sorts of people/leaning folks to push-back and expose global network's efforts... sooo many networked progressive and liberal types parroted the same nonsensical narratives it was hard to miss the brainwashed herds, or their useful-iodiot black-whites of the media and politics... it only took the wakening and a bit of push-back from actual woke individuals to recognize the nonsense, and call-out, and challenge the hypocrisy-challenged leaders and officials and their shady networks... many of these networked globalist buffoons are easy to spot when you can tell that their sales-people puppet-leaders are selling you a burning bag of dog-shit but telling you it's a wonderful birthday cupcake, and asking you to make your wish... when you know that many world leaders are just well-connected actors and puppets selling the most popular narratives of the day based on their campaign-donors/bosses commands, well... oh boooy, the pulse... OK... look, it's all a bit frustrating really... anyways, my blood-pressure is fine now, and thanks for possibly asking... but part of my problem with quasi world-governments is that they have their own self-established priorities and initiatives that Americans never have a two-thirds majority vote/opinion in any of those 'world' priorities and initiatives, and their new rules and restrictions, and hatred and hostility toward God and decent religious principles --which are usually/obviously sustainable and healthy so they just make sense... So my opinion is that we don't 'DO NOT' need to subscribe to the cult of WEF champions, and their groomed and sponsored YGLs and self-ordained influencers of tomorrow to be a subservient fake nation to a global government...

... so anyways, that's just an example of some power-hungry control-freaks that are a little smart, but using their collective intelligence to try to rule the world instead of actually helping the world... i dunno, maybe you could call it being too smart for their own good, or just making bad use of free will as proof of low meta/moral-intelligence... but folks that have to resort to distorting reality and lying and cheating haven't self-actualized yet, call it lack of intelligence or moral integrity or compromise, call it whatever you want to, but do you see where i'm going with this... i hope so... but it's my opinion that 'self-actualizers' come in all shapes and sizes and abilities and disabilities and positively effect a part of their environments, some folks use their gifts to negatively or selfishly impact various sized environments... anyhow... interesting stuff really, if you consider biblical principles like the ten commandments, and The Love Chapter (Love is...), and the 'Fruits of The Spirit', etc. you can sort of get a decent litmus to judge morality and understand who might be 'self-actualized', at least that's sort of how i judge that particular topic... so, anyhow, it should be obvious that i DO NOT subscribe to globalist-level government, we Americans broke away from that sort of thing back in 1776 for good reason... alright then... thanks for considering my daily political frustrations, and current understanding on intelligence, and potential, and utility, and exercising our gifts/talents for the good of others as extensions of our God, The Creator, and as taught and modeled by Jesus The Messiah. God wants us to live with clear understanding and vision of reality and morality and make good use of free-will and our strengths, so hypocritical folks that try to distort reality and lie to force their will are NOT working on behalf of good, and it's important for the reader to make that clear distinction... but, we all have blind-spots and naivete, so when the bull-shit meter red-lines you better take notice of the media and political con-artists and start paying more attention to their affiliations and networks, that bull-shit antenna is trying to tell you that something ain't quite right, and now you have to dig a bit more to understand what's really going on to have more clarity as to why your BS-meter was showing distress, pay attention to the dramatic influencers and folks that set off the meter/alarm, and use logic as well as intuition and not just emotional-triggering ploys to discern if they are really selling you some good burritos or if it's actually a bag full of communist shit-sandwiches...

... so as much as i don't support global communist and socialist apologists and theorists, i still do have some optimism for the utopia of 'how good and pleasant it is when we live together in community/harmony'... in some respects most people understand that universal understanding of 'the golden rule', we call it things like mutual respect... anyways, i'm just grumbling a bit today, it seems like globalists are leaning hard toward universal basic income, at least that's what their American influencers are championing, and it's a system that is by default exploited by the enforcers... i think i see a universal message in a 'brotherly love' and 'love your neighbor as yourself' golden-rule sort of way... i think that's the leftist argument/sales-pitch, i kind of see their perspective on a bunch of matters... no joke... the argument comes down to how much you restrict free-will and feel the need to control the masses, that's sort of the argument for bigger and more restrictive government, versus a smaller government that encourages it's population to exercise their talents and gifts in a free-market society... i sort of 'get' the communist sales-pitch, but it never seemed to pan-out in history... look, i'm still venting, but also trying to hear the other side that feels that they need to trick the over-class into helping their less-fortunate neighbors... i think that's where obvious deception--even if it's meant on behalf of good causes--becomes beyond attraction, obvious poor acting/sales-pitch is an automatic turn-off, and tells me that you don't want to level with folks... so that's sort-of my perspective in a crude/blunt sort of way... TBC, i'm still just gathering my thoughts and opinions and considering as much history/info that i've had access to, i just don't like the 'communist' cheezy sales-pitch... i'll explain in more detail later, but i guess that i expect the reader to understand and support my perspectives already... but i'll continue, and edit this post in the days and weeks to come, but how much more do i have to say that hasn't already been said?

... i'm sorry, but NOT sorry for bringing up these matters and opinions... anyways, have a good night.   -- ct

10-03-22:  i just read a reply on a FB post, it was a typical one from a 'progressive' DNC cultist when they tell you that you're under-educated because i support more Republican measures than DNC policies... i can't argue with that, i have little formal education, so call me what you want, but i've met plenty of over-educated folks that hold their B.S. in 'BS', and some have mastered their BS so well that they get a new certificate stating as much, and i've also met PhD's of Bull-Shit as well... i think Dunning-Kruger showed that folks that might be a little smart but not humble aren't nearly as smart as they think they are, and that smart folks that are humble often times think they are dummies because normal folks don't understand what they understand... i don't mind an over-educated dummy calling me a dummy, i've been called much worse, and by loved-ones at that... the fact is that when you are used to being the smartest person in the room it can go to your head, and the blind-spot deepens/expands and festers, but humility is a foundation for learning, and learning is a life-long requirement, and those who lack humility generally fall outside of reality to enjoy a wonderful party with their egos, and being the dummy that i am, i'm not disappointed about missing the party, i'd rather be a dummy living in reality than someone that's so smart that reality isn't a priority... anyways, i've been a dummy ever since i can remember... and NO, it's not the bliss that you might think that it is... i don't have to be smart to write this bloggy web-thing either, i just have to do what i'm inspired to do and let the bricks fall where they may... but the 'progressive' argument that conservatives are too dumb to understand their bull-shit is alive and well, it's the same philosophy that their sponsored politicians subscribe to, it's basically 'you are too stupid to know what's good for you so we have to lie to you, but it's for your own damn good'... it's a socially-retarded theory at best, if you're not smart enough to use honesty and logic in forming policy then consider owning the 'Dunning and Kruger' poster-child loudly and proudly, i'll even get you a t-shirt advertising as much, it means that you are at least a little smarter than us average folks...

... But, getting back to the Oppenheimer piece, i'm starting to get motivated to approach the book that's pro two-parent male-female family again, depending how far you've been indoctrinated you may not like it very much, but it's done nicely, so only raging triggered folks will take offense with it, they will simply state that i'm not very educated, and don't know better :-)  ... i've been hung-up on a couple of spots that shouldn't be so difficult to push-through... i think i need to remember that it isn't an opus, it's a rookie getting his feet wet, then maybe i won't be so picky about much of it.  --  ct