01-24-22: so starts a new 'work week', not for me really, i'm still mostly unemployed, if you know of a decent cause that could use some help let me know please, income is still waaaay too inadequate...

here are some of my employment requirements:
  • i cannot work in a blue state anymore, maybe remote work
  • i cannot commute more than fifteen or twenty minutes
  • i cannot work for an organization that has ever mandated a vaxx policy
  • i cannot work for regularly intoxicated bosses, it's like being a care-giver at an asylum
  • i cannot work for communist corporations owned by scumbags like george sorros, unless they desire some ballast
  • i cannot work for an organization that expects cult-like mentality from employees
  • i cannot perform consistent hard manual labor (not anymore)
  • i cannot work for an organization that doesn't understand parental responsibilities
  • i would prefer to work mostly out of a home office (i thrive being alone in a quiet setting)

now that those points are out in the open, here are a few things that i'm decent at:
  • customer service, i actually listen to--and love people, until they give me reason not to
  • communication, i can communicate with everyone from babies to ego-driven executives
  • working hard, but physically speaking i'm getting old and a bit gimpy
  • teaching/training
  • writing instructions/manuals
  • i'm capable of telling people what they want to hear, but i prefer to speak truth instead
  • hitting targets with firearms
  • emergency first aide
  • anything that requires hyper-vigilance (until i get exhausted from it)

here are a few of the things that i'm not so good at:
  • suffering emotional buffoons
  • suffering egotistical deviant personalities
  • being a 'yes man'
  • working in crowded, distracting, or noisy environments
  • repetitious tasks (stuffing envelopes, etc)
  • lifting heavy objects more than a few steps at a time

i don't own an automobile and i don't have resources or credit to acquire one either... i'm capable of learning and doing many things well, but once i sense that you are taking me for granted or are trying to extract 200k worth of effort from me but paying a fraction of that then we will start having problems, i love helping organizations and people and will go out of my way to do so, but fare is fare, i can't perform very well when i have a hard time making ends meet but chain of command is using the shit of me while they are driving nice new cars and wearing fancy clothes and going home to big beautiful houses acting like elite fvckers, that scenario doesn't sit well with me and it's usually when i start displaying an 'attitude' of sorts.

02-17-22: as i've been learning to write/communicate/express my observations/perceptions, or you might say that as i've been 'honing my craft', i think that learning a bit more about the way that 'i'm wired', so to speak, has been necessary and helpful... and so reading a bit more on human sciences like physiology, psychology, epidemiology is helpful, but most interesting to me has been endocrine related, and how endocrine is completely reactive/related to the other sciences and body and mind regulation... and then i was even looking into tests that measure things such as personality styles/traits, and iq measuring tests, and then/also what smart people think of such tests and those things that they measure... as far as taking IQ tests are concerned, my advice to the reader, the first time you take one, you might skip over the whole test until you get to the part where you can add your comments, and in the comment section simply write the following: 'it's not what you got that counts, but how you use it'... you could follow-up with something like 'i'm probably an average-processing/abled person, sometimes slower than average interpretation/processing/response time than smarter folks, but a bit more perceptive and quick about some others things, though'... , and then the second time you approach such tests you might want to make sure you had a good night's sleep, are well hydrated, have decent nutritional intake, and give the test your full attention and concentration, and then tell yourself that whatever the results/score reveal you must know that your knowledge of those results is just an interesting thing to consider in life, more than likely the better choices you make in life the better you will eventually score on some of those types of tests, some of us learn faster or slower than others and everyone is unique and gifted or impaired to some extent, and then the understanding of your scores on some tests might be especially good to consider when making big-boy/girl decisions that might be a bit more involved than what you've been exposed-to/environment/experience/education/calculations and the like... it seems that some extra smart folks will tell you that genetic factors have much to do with speed, storage, processing capabilities as much as information input, sometimes it skips a generation or two, and sometimes it don't, but how you grow/mature/evolve as you learn and observe life, well, i already said, what gifts and impairments you have is interesting to know, but how you use what you've got might be even more important than what you've got itself... if i were be a bit introspective and analyze myself a bit i would say that i probably have a pretty good ability to recognize and 'see' some spatial and mechanical things pretty well, words are more important to me than math, i'm only a math-guy when i need to learn something mathy, and then pattern-recognition and understanding how certain things connect as well as seeing which things don't belong, or, don't match, sometimes i'm pretty good at 'finding waldo', since i'm not formally trained to do very many things my creativity is typically realized in the way that i solve everyday problems as i try to evolve with life, and my creativity is also realized in word utilization and formation, and really, well, really, i'm pretty good at 'story-telling', story telling is just how i explain certain things, it's a bit passive and less direct then when i write instructions/steps... anyways, there you go, there's my 'test'... i'm in my fifties now, and still trying to learn utility, there are some things that i have professional experience with that i could probably still do quite well, but i need challenges that can occupy my curiosity and interest at the same time, i don't do well with boring things that seem irrelevant... that's some of my dilemma... someday i might write-up another resume, but i'd rather just finish the book instead, it will be much more insightful than a one-page piece of propaganda/advertisement... if you know of a worthy cause that might be a good fit let me know, maybe i'm still good for something after-all.   -- ct

  --- 1981 thru 1991 ---

* moved/shoveled snow from driveways and walkways of neighbors, sometimes i'd team-up with a buddy, two shovels were better than one and i had some good friends back in the day, the winter boots, coats, hats and gloves were pretty crappy, they were a slight upgrade of washington's famous valley forge equipment... some folks would offer you a mug of hot cocoa, and then you'd take whatever cash they gave you for your efforts, i don't remember negotiating very much, some folks were cheap and not very realistic, most folks gave you fare wages for a grammar-school/middle-school aged kid... snow removal was an awesome first job, for many reasons, but here are a few--it was a good excuse to get out of the apartment, exercise a bit, goof around with some buddies, and offer cheap labor to folks that couldn't or wouldn't shovel their own snow in Arlington... Mom and i moved into another apartment on the other side of the same complex years later, but eventually i would total my car deflecting off of a tree just outside of that apartment, hopefully that story isn't still being told anywhere...

* moved/delivered newspapers for people that lived a bit further away than my neighbors... first, i got a boston globe route, i remember having to get 'working papers' because of my young age, and signing-up at their office on mass. ave... i had a few different routes that shifted around, it took me about ten to fifteen minutes to get to the route that i remember heading into high-school, then a guy from the boston herald asked if i'd do their papers in the same area too, i did, but i paid for it in the sense that one full bag of papers was manageable after you get the hang of it, but two full bags while driving the bmx bicycle was something between a challenge and a fool's errand, but i made it work for a bit... paper-routes, good memories, and waking-up too damn early most days is mostly what i remembered... my mom helped me with some sunday deliveries (she was pretty reasonable in that respect, she wanted to help her kid), the sunday papers were about five-times the thickness of the weekly papers, plus the comics were in color so, you know, i found the time to read the sunday editions...

** graduated middle-school from a large suburb in MA... junior high east wasn't the most exclusive school in town, but it's where i met a bunch of friends, got in a few fights, started becoming a HUGE chore to my mother, learned to cope with a couple of bullies, started liking girls, took CPR for the first time (Annie Annie, are you OK), and REALLY learned what being/feeling awkward was like... good grief, how did i survive it all

* washed dirty dishes and moved trash to dumpster at a restaurant

* moved dirty dishes from restaurant tables to dish-washing stations at a different restaurant

* moved dirty linens and trash from various locations within a hospital, also washed and waxed their floors

* moved dirt and sod for landscaing company, i was fired within weeks

* food-prep, dish washing, cashier, cook, and italian-ice server at a micro-restaurant within a shopping mall

** graduated high school from a large MA suburb, low GPA, also passed Intro to Psych 4 credit class at local community college senior year

* employed by DoD, US Army from 09-1987 thru 07-1991, combat engineer with a bit more training... had a relatively quick and easy deployment on the ground in ODS

  --- 1992 thru 2020 ---

* tennis product-specialist/retail sales at a few locations for a small chain of golf/tennis stores, also strung and customized tennis racquets, also learned to build customized golf clubs (eventually developed a respectable tennis and golf game), sub-contracted for some private tennis lessons

** i tried a semester at a state college for biology and chemistry, i got more out of English Composition than anything else, abruptly ended my ‘academic career’ before the first semester finished, in fact i quit shortly after the ‘withdrawal date, so i have a 0.0 gpa

*** sometime between working at the golf/tennis store and trying college i had a 'religious conversion' to a semi-generic form of Christianity (life-changing sort of thing), it’s actually what led to me quitting college

* warehouse 'stocking/re-stocking' books (the very heavy kind) during the overnight shift for a large book distribution company (a humbling start to my christianity)

* customer-support/service/order-entry for the same large book distributor, where i met my wife-to-be (married almost 26 yrs now) while working in the call-center

* tried working at a frozen food company as direct sales, i hated it after a few weeks, and the book distributor took me back for a temporary basis

* editorial assistant (eventually mgr) for a SaaS tech company that specialized in digitally organizing previously published materials for online search/research, i started learning about computers there

* pre & post sales technical support for the same SaaS tech company

** passed one crummy microsoft certification test which enabled me to work part time at a start-up technology company, which evolved into a ‘managed service provider’

** also worked part-time as independent contractor cutting grass for a landscaping start-up company that dissolved a few years later

* sales associate for that same SaaS tech company, eventually fired/laid-off after second year of sales, worked for exaclty 12 years at that ‘publishing’ company

* worked part-time for that start-up MSP tech company (again)

* customer support for a different SaaS technology company that emphasized spacial/geographic/demographic products, got fired after speaking my mind to senior level folks about simple things that they did not understand, like adequate management

* worked part-time again for the MSP tech company that i worked at previously

* customer service (and ‘whatever’ guy) for a truck repair company owned by my father and his cousin, and the huge retarded dog named bear

** healthcare doctors prescribed and modified various medications a few times during this period, some changes were a bit helpful, others were more problematic than helpful

* firearm sales for an outdoor outfitting retail company

* worked part-time (again) for the MSP tech company, got fired after speaking my mind to senior level folks about simple things that they did not understand, like adequate communication and management

* operations supervisor/mgr for transportation company, my emphasis was establishing and maintaining a fleet of delivery drivers for a start-up same-day online shopping/delivery service (google something or other)

* firearm sales (and ‘whatever’ guy) at a local firearm and archery store

* sub-contractor hard-scaping/landscaping for private home-owner

* sub-contracted apprentice for small electrical contractor, it beat the crap out of my middle-aged body, but learned a lot there, although much of the learning was of the boss's idiosyncrasies/flaws

--- 2020 covid-19 reaction period ---

* unemployed stay-at-home dad for my remote learning students

** weened off of four Rx’s that were no longer ‘helping’ me (feel much better now)

* sub-contractor for odd jobs by local small business owners

* part-time sitter and mentor for two remote schooling children, and their puppy too

* started christopher.news website as a therapeutic ‘journaling’ outlet/blog)

* currently unemployed (actually/partially self-employed) stay at home dad of one more school-aged child, still doing christopher.news, and still sub-contracting for local small business owners, working on multiple publications for future release

^ many certifications, awards, achievements... none of them are relevant and probably all out-dated, they just helped with the jobs that i once held—they suggest things like, i can string a tennis racquet pretty well, i can administer certain life-saving techniques, i can blow things up, i can help with certain computer issues, i can shoot certain guns, i know how to hunt safely, i was allowed in certain locations and could consume top-secret info, i could use heavy equipment to breath and swim underwater, i could jump out of planes at lower altitudes, i could drive in dangerous conditions, people appreciated some of my actions… etc., nothing much useful for now… my most prized award/achievement was created from scratch by people who know me the most, there were multiple certificates (and t-shirts too) all stating that i’m ‘the world’s best dad’, at least i was for a season of life… credentials are interesting, they speak to certain levels of work and understanding, but they never tell you the full story of anyone, in my case it’s best to assume that i have no credentials, don’t understand anything very thoroughly, but have a capacity to learn news things, and can use creativity to think and operate outside of most boxes… sometimes i’m the village idiot, other times i’m the smartest guy in the room, but it’s best to assume nothing about me, other than i have an eclectic employment history which makes me the perfect candidate for absolutely nothing… i’m done advertising and selling my experience and achievements, none of it counts for much really, and this resume ought to suggest as much.

^^ i have a ton of hobbies, interests, and responsibilities, but not really worth mentioning, but i do love to read

^^^ as stated above, no horns to toot, life presented many opportunities during different periods, none of them seem relevant now, so why not write… God bless — ct

... i don't how 'employable' i really am anymore, there are too many businesses that i won't work for, because they either did--or currently still--mandate experimental serums that the CDC called 'vaccines', which means that i am also undesirable from their perspective... i'm also well away that my body's 'soft tissue' and tendons and joints has limitations which i simply ignored or just complained about, but i'm getting physical limitations that i simply can't ignore or pray about... and then i'm not a specialist at anything, so i'm certainly not desirable from that perspective... and don't forget that i have some moral/ethical standards that i simply can't compromise as a steady source of income... and transportation is also an issue, we could barley afford the piece of crap car that we got in the spring, never-mind another one for me to commute with, and to afford to maintain multiple junk-boxes, insure them, and fuel them... so this exercise is more or less a small picture of reality, and that being that my employment opportunities are dwindling, i should have saved our pennies and bought a humble place in a quiet setting years ago, and now that's about the only desirable thing i can think of, i don't like driving to busy places to accomplish hurried tasks--it's a form of torture to some degree... so right now i'm trying to work on some communication/writing-styles and techniques, and hope to sell a book or two to get that home on a few acres in a quiet place where i can focus on growing and raising and harvesting physiological needs... i think i'd like to get this 'resume' book ready shortly after my 'conversation' book is ready, and then a third shortly after, but i'd like to move, and then work more on other passions/projects... i just don't know how employable i really am anymore, i don't do well in office settings, don't have the physical stamina for labor jobs anymore, can't commute very far--and won't battle rush-hours either, and then even remote jobs are mostly established companies that mandate emergency-release only experimental serums, so there is that to...
... anyhow... last daughter graduates in june, there aren't any prospects on the horizon, so i really ought to wrap up these first two publications, it shouldn't be that hard though, but it is, sometimes there just too many regular responsibilities, and that gets the adhd (maybe it's just ADD now) going and it's hard to get back into the writing zone, so there is a discipline that stephen king encourages which i haven't developed, but i don't want to write novels really, i'd rather write like this than with a narrative, which is one of my writing obstacles, i'll write some novels because i can and could use the money, but i'd rather write about current events, and making associations with 'religious' principles, and some self-help sorts of things, but i'll do the books because they might be my only opportunity for any income in the future... that sort of work is supposed to be hard, and i get that from many angles, but the hard part is balancing structure with creativity, and figuring-out exactly what you want to communicate when inspiration hits, and then how many times your going to re-write and edit as you go along as opposed to finishing your first draft first (seems like a rookie mistake), structure versus story seems like the hard part, and being purposeful with forward momentum, and not too much side-to-side movement with the story, i can get hung-up all day long with lateral movement with no progression toward an end...
... so, i'll get cracking on the resume themed auto-bio, now that i started a public post it will help with motivation and priority... i don't think i want to name any names, or mention actual company names, or too much detail, just some of the chores and take-aways from those experiences/jobs, i'm sure folks have already done that, but i'm going to do that too, i don't i'll try to make it very entertaining, just something that my family will appreciate in the end, one of those knowing your ancestors type of things, maybe i can pass along some useful information to my off-spring, and future generations... some folks think there will be some great rapture, or that the end is near, or that the anti-christ is coming, or that Christ's second return is coming close, i've heard too many people say something to the effect that there won't be much of a future, but i'm still planning for there to be one, and to be the most authentic, useful, appreciative, realistic person that i can be, and knowing and communing with God is essential in being that type of person... right now i've got to get better at writing, and see if i can support my family in/through it, time will tell what was worth the effort or not, but for now i know i have to get better at communicating, and writing in general... i might be adding and modifying this post for the book/project, or maybe find the original one and work from there, either way, i want to get some momentum going on potentially fruitful projects, in-between life's chores and responsibilities. -- ct