i've got nothing to complain about right now, i've been taking a bit of a government and policy vacation--i don't want to read it right now... but, if you are one of the folks that like's to scan this website's 'politics' section, here's something you can chew on:

... i share a bit more about my personal political beliefs, not just stuff championed by the conservative or republican aspect... God bless. -- ct

08-25-22: i really don't take any issue behind some of the empathy and 'helping-each-other' ideas behind liberal policies--i both believe, and live by those two principles--i also appreciate the concept of those who have an abundance in helping those with little, giving comes from the same spirit/heart, and i also understand asking huge corporations with a bunch of abundance to share with those that need help... but one of the major problems with government being very generous by means of real people's income is that forcing the extra taxes on greedy people make get very creative in the way that they make some return from their forced taxation, i'm not talking about a small company owner reporting some unnecessary expenses on taxes, i'm talking about very rich people that have enough money to influence public-policy... they form networks of professionals who become super-salesmen/woman, and then politics becomes as dirty as it is today, and everything becomes a battle... i appreciate much of the heart behind 'liberal' policy, but my point is that if you tax rich people enough they will craft ways to get a return for their forced donation, to them the taxation process just becomes another type of investment, it's just another system to navigate and exploit and make work for their advantage... i'm a fan of flat taxes, and limited government to keep things as simple as possible... anyways, don't think that i don't appreciate much of the heart behind liberal policy, if it were actually sustainable i'd probably back it myself... Love, Chris

07-17-22:  Biden didn't look so good in NH yesterday, i hope he's just a bit exhausted from his travel and meetings in the middle east, hoping it's just exhaustion and not another wave of cognitive malfunctioning... i cal tell you with brutal honesty that i could not function at a high level for a long sustained period in a job where i was exposed to so much constant stimuli, never mind cameras flashing away and people bombarding you with zillions of various questions the second that you're in public... no thank you... that's a torture test if you ask me... I'm hard on the president, if he were my next door neighbor i'd be trying to help him, but as someone that's confident/arrogant enough to think that they should be leading the free world i take issues with some of his physical-weaknesses and degenerative ailments... not everyone can bring their A-game to the table every minute of every day, it's never fare to assume such a burden on anyone, but what's the unacceptable point on the other end of that meter when considering leaders and representatives, and how do you lovingly explain to someone who has declined to a certain point that they have earned their retirement already, and that they should take some time to relax and breathe in some fresh air and surround yourself with loved-ones as often as possible... if your accuity is failing then so is judgement and discernment, their are too many in or around government that will take advantage of any weaknesses that they can figure out how to exploit... Christians are called to pray for our leaders, my prayer for today is for no further decline for Joseph Biden, and that he will enjoy a long and peaceful retirement after he finishes his term as president, i pray for good health for him, and that his discernment will be sharp for the rest of his term, especially when dealing with outside countries and states, i pray that he won't be afraid to fire folks that need to be fired, and will have the discernment as to who to hire as their replacements, and i pray that as commander in chief that he is given all factual and relevant intel before making any decisions, i pray that intel/info isn't censored or sensationalized when given to him, and i pray that he can shut out the distractions of noisy self-serving trouble-makers so that he can concentrate on important matters that actually warrant attention... I give the guy a ton of criticism, but really I pray for him to have good health, strength, mental sharpness, and integrity as the commander in chief, may he serve his nation honorably for the remaining days of this term, and may he enjoy a long and peaceful and pleasant retirement after he finishes his four year commitment... God bless all three branches of our nation's government, the men and woman that make-up those offices, may they operate under the principles and spirit of the ten commandments and for our country's citizens best interests while being good global neighbors too, with one never cancelling out the other... anyways, i've been hard/critical on Biden, but i do wish him the best of health and cognitive acuity for his remaining days, i pray the same for you too, to oppose and criticize isn't--and shouldn't be about hate... and pointing-out obvious decline isn't hate speech, it's self-evident... can we all join in prayer for the commander in chief that he will suffer no further decline, and have good health for the rest of his term... God bless the USA. -- ct
07-16-22: just some transparent venting here, but find the baby in the bath-water please... i've come to appreciate many folks in every place/city/state/country that i've traveled, no matter what race/color/culture, folks that are just normal and want to get along with others and behave and respect one another and even be helpful to one another extends beyond race and genealogy, it's a self-evident display of love... some of my favorite people in world don't look remotely close to me but the common-bond of the understanding of the rationale for treating everyone as respectful and as equals and to be kind and even courteous... it's that sort of spirit that speaks beyond words and languages as logical and sustainable and a much less stressful lifestyle... i say that in advance before i mention that i'm getting really fvcking sick and tired of the racial division that's separating Americans, herd/heritage mentality is easy to exploit and it's being done very well/efficiently by influencers through media, and i'm getting crazy sick and tired of anti-Americans that are exploiting genetic/lineage, natural tribal and competitive and environment influences as a means to separate, it's really getting old and really quickly... anti-Americans are using entirely too many exploits of basic human tendency/nature and have been making great strides in separating folks, it's really got to end... character--not color or heritage--measures understanding of the two most important commandments no matter who or where you are, behavior and character go a looong way in life, look at the character and messaging and actions of Jesus and tell me what's offensive about it, tell me what's so offensive about the messaging of ten simple commandments and tell me what they hurt your feelings and defy your perspective, or sense of reality... America wasn't established as a place to treat each other like shit based on what we looked like and everyone in their right mind understands that... you govern-mentally readers of influence need to pay more attention to what's good about the constitution and bill of rights and all of that good stuff that America offers instead of how to re-invent it and separate as many folks as possible to destabilize it and cause unrest... getting realllly sick of this already... America is too great to give into government-led instead of mutually respectful citizenship led nation, that's why conservatism makes sense, liberals would prefer as large of a government as possible... America offers it's people a limitless potential, unfortunately too many people don't play by the golden rule and use our freedoms to exploit others, but i suppose that happens everywhere, bad always exploits the good... far too many people have displayed their misdirection/rebellion/lunacy by taking offense to the spirit/messaging/contents of the ten commandments, come on man... America is too great to exploit the gifts of it's freedoms, bad will always exploit good, and freedom without basic understanding of mutual respect is dangerous enough to be preaching the sensibility of ten simple commandments on every roof-top in the world... many other world religious teach some form of love and mutual respect, some even teach that to actually serve and help others is important too, how do those simple self-evident truths offend anyone anywhere, and why would you dismiss that logic which is what America was established as, quit letting people separate a nation based on genetics alone, good character and behavior speaks to an understanding of the value and message behind the ten commandments, separating and hating folks based on race was so hundreds of years ago, how about we quit exploiting that shit already so we can quit wasting time and get to solutions... anyways, just venting a bit... my advice to the reader, if the place that you reside is racially charged and divided then move to a location that understands the value of good character and behavior and mutual respect and what it means to really love one another in the first Corinthians chapter thirteen type of spirit... that's why gaining leverage and opportunity by exploiting human-nature for tribalism and herd mentality is anti-American to the core... please stop letting folks separate and promote hate based on race or religion, judging others based on their character is logical and sustainable, quit being anti-American and encouraging folks to flood into our country and not slowing them down to explain simple citizenship and why it's sustainable for human evolution to teach mutual respect and how to communicate in your new environment... let's knock off the division and separation which causes unrest and destabilization, it leads to a communist police state ruled by government, that sort of government is too easy to rule with a dictator (or in some cases a puppet), and not a citizen-based representative government... anyways, i'm done venting... by the way, who is up for a good dose of term-limits for the good of our country, anyone?   I know it's a bit of a rant, but it's my therapy for tonight... thank you for your time and consideration. -- ct
06-11-22:  i like the age restriction on external magazine-fed semi-auto firearms, but you should make exceptions including active-duty military, sportsman, ranchers to name a few... the angry demanding communist progressives can shout all they want to about further restrictions and abolishing amendments, but the tool isn't the problem, it's the angry hopeless unmentored individual that comes into possession of the tool that poses a problem and a danger to others... i'm also a fan of mental health support, covid-related policy and isolation triggered a lot of people, it was pretty eye-opening, to me at least, i also think that mental health must be taken into consideration for acquiring automobile licenses, it doesn't mean that unlicensed criminals won't steal cars and use them unlawfully, i guess that's a thing.  --  ct
05-03-22: some folks that i love and respect encourage me to focus more on religious sort of writing... i hear ya... sometimes i do, and sometimes i also do too, but not in your preferred method, writing style, or vocabulary... but to be as serious as i can be on that 'encouragement', writing anything on subjects that give opinion to God, or to attempt to reconcile God itself is risky fvcking business man... in the Christian language and philosophy we have this thing called 'false prophet'... yo do NOT want to be one of them... so i choose to stay an independent, and as generic and as simple as possible on the subject of God and 'religion'... i'm no 'pro', nor do i aspire to be one of them, i don't take the subject lightly unless i have some clarity and inspiration to write a bit... but one thing that some of my religiousy friends might try to learn from anything that i write about, it's simply this, that your wasting energy and potential if you do not insert yourself into politics at whatever your own capacity, most folks try to stay away from hot-potato subjects, but the earlier that you insert yourself the faster you will learn to speak the language of policy-makers and learn how to influence law, and protect the constitution of the USA, and to the rights endowed by our Creator to the citizens and indigenous folks within the defined borders of the USA, i've met some really cool Native Americans, back in the Army days too... but politics is important sh1t you know, and if you don't get involved in some capacity or another as early as you are capable then you have zero-reasons to complain about a fvcking thing that any administration implements... when i started writing about political crap on this blog i made sure to poke at some important political sorts of folks, and understand that i got their attention and let them know that i wasn't very happy with the way that deep-state washington-swamp were running 'campaigns', and the way that their media wings were communicating such campaigns, otherwise, i've been pretty fvcking lazy as far as involvement is concerned... i vote, and i also talk to some folks in more depth about american politicians and some of their performances, but that's about it... i've recently learned that it's the squeaky-wheels, and vested people/organizations that decide on how America will 'evolve'... get involved my religious friends, i'm speaking from hind-sight, but i've inserted myself into an arena that commoners aren't particularly welcome, and i intend to applying pressure when motivated to do so. -- ct
04-01-22:  i could give a crap if canna is 'decriminalized' on a national level, maybe the policy-makers could have made it easier for professional smart people to study/research the various cannabinoids found in different/various strains, and what might be appropriate levels or ratios of various cannabinoids for various therapeutics... some people have been doing that around the globe, but not in America... if folks are afraid of addiction or abuse then start allowing professional smart people to conduct research... the government's stalling on the issue tells me that they are influenced by big pharma... go ahead and try to change my opinion on the matter... anyways, my non-partisan contribution on the matter, you should have made proper research easier years ago, now you are going to 'decriminalize' it before you knuckle-heads let science do science on the matter, brilliant... but maybe i'm the big dummy, maybe decriminalizing it paves the way for proper research, maybe i'm the ignorant fool here, i dunno.  --  ct
03-26-22: so here is my beef/problem/issue/complaint with politicians/policy-makers and the folks that many of them are networked with... they are supposed to be responsible big-boys and big-girls who do those jobs (not little children), but the obviously compromised one's typically exhibit over-powering/dominating aggression to others, or exhibit manipulative defensive measures when they are hit with truth/pushback... and that's how they have been training people/Americans to be/act/behave... they both exhibit/teach and celebrate human characteristics that schools and parents are supposed to teach their children to NOT be doing, and then every scumbag networked orwellian blackwhite parrots similar distortions of reality... distorting reality by creatively making excuses for fvck-ups, or selling shitty achievements/policies as beneficial are some of the biggest time-wasters and money-wasters of our generation... professional politicians and their networked hooligans who practice such douche-baggery require remedial therapy and i wouldn't rule out shock-therapy for some of them, they are to be corrected and not put into positions that influence/effect the livelihoods of hundreds of millions of man/woman/child in America and abroad... i don't like sneaky people that exhibit defensive-mechanisms when caught, it proves that they are not fit to serve... and i don't like when various branches of our government is politicized by networked deviants who also waste people's time by exploiting and manipulating information which is also deviations/distortions of reality... i think i stated that nicely, and made my point for the day, and is completely bi-partisan. -- ct
03-17-22: OK, i just had a good deep breath, i'm about grounded and relaxed as i can be, i'm not overly distracted by my noisy environment/vocation/point/home, all of the the things that have been bugging me are aside, thanks a bit in part from the bit of shamrock-sift that i just combusted-and-inhaled, so i'm pretty chill and not distracted by noise right now, so i can slow my thoughts down a bit and focus better... so let me explain a bit more about some of my writing and communicating and the words and language that i use (however harsh or reasonable that you might compute/assume/judge)... this blog is essentially an experiment, a relatively open and personal one... i was one of the millions of people that had some sort of hardship endured through the pandemic deaths/reactions/restrictions and excursion of power and control, i call it the 'covid era', but we weren't just going through the effects of a germ/pandemic, there were other factors and things leading-up to the expirement/pandemic/reactions, there were other things that stirred-up a bunch of people that noticed the coordinated efforts to remove trump, and not just the coordination of it, but the depths/lows/extremes that people and organizations and networks took a part in accomplishing objectives, i don't need to expand on that right now... but that was pretty eyeopening and very disappointing to me, i don't want to go too deep into theory/conspiracy/observations of 'who did what and why' right now (although i am very curious of those variables), nope... not right now, right now i'm chill and simply want to convey a few facts... when covid hit the USA i was living in a pretty unsustainable lifestyle, illogical employment for age/condition, drove for hours m-f in shitty traffic for long periods of time didn't earn nearly enough to warrant the exertion/stress/time... and i really didn't appropriate my time in a way that reflected my family responsibilities/values/priorities and creativity... so i simply lump those variables together to say that i was living an unsustainable lifestyle, and so when the pandemic began to be exploited for everything it was worth from various opportunists and i was recently unemployed from an unsustainable job and the pandemic was exploited by policy-makers and networked opportunists i just happened to be one of the folks that was both 'shaken and stirred' and hit some sort of existential crisis-- suppose that's what you could call it... i suppose i'm bit of the type of person that isn't the best kind of person to trigger, i'm on the right side of sanity/conviction to be exceedingly 'functional', but i have a bit too much of a warrior/sheepdog and capabilities to simply witness attacks and take it sitting down... however, i did take it sitting down... i took it sitting down as i was trying to learn to adapt to a semi-hostile and changing environment and loss of control of familiar lifestyle and resources--however unsustainable it all really was... i took it sitting down and consuming more media/news/information/manipulation of information, you probably get the idea what i mean... and so it seems that in itself isn't overly sustainable/logical, but the whole experience/time/season was pretty fruitful in the end... in the end i can say that the whole experience got me off of professional RXs that weren't really helping me, and it got me to face many of the illogical and unsustainable life/lifestyle that i was immersed-in, it helped me to address more natural methods of endocrine-control/manipulation which were really more of better health and nutrition and living in the present and not too fast or slow, i'll also say that it was a sort of re-connecting/re-affirming what i call a 'relationship' with God our Creater (there are lot's of names for God you know)... i think what sort of happens in respects to connecting with God/reality is that i/we can get pretty far out there and begin devolving into becoming our own gods and own logic that suggests and unsustainable/unrealistic life/lifestyle--in some respects anyways, so as far as some powers-that-be intended (World Order), i was effectively 'reset' (thanks a fvcking lot), whatever... i suppose it was for my own good, right?... so anyhow, when C Langan uses the term God is the Ultimate Reality then it makes a bit of sense to me, and i think his personal preference of presenting a 'meta religion' where he tries to illustrate good aspects about various religions and where there is commonality and logic in many religious organizations and principles, i'll say that he personally leans toward Christian perspectives, but he considers other things such as factual-logical-science too in describing such 'religious' concepts principles... so anyways, trying to get my head back on my shoulders after a bit of an agonizing sort of season, and adapting to a new/unexpected change of familiar and unstable environment, and essentially a grieving over loss of control and dealing with reality and evolving is all this bloggy webber-net app thing really is :-) ... so basically, i heard that writing could be a healthy way of 'healing' or 'grounding' or therapy and creative expression too, so i started doing that, or at least trying to do so, and that's all that the contents of this blog really is, it's just a creative expression/communication, and an open therapy-session of sorts for those that might benefit from it, so in some respects a bit of transparency with even too much information is all this website blog inter-web thing really is... i'm at an age where i ought to be useful to future generations now, and i do have kids, and so this website might a funny and embarrassing parental thing that they will have to deal with themselves, but they will get to know a deeper level of dad when they care to read this crappy blog web-site app thingy... so really, i write to my kids and anyone else that cares to read... i write a bunch about politics because that's one of the area's where there is such a manipulation of information/truth/reality, and i don't really like professional liars and sellers of bullshit, those sorts of folks really bug the crap out of me many times... and because i more closely identify with one political majority/group/party (therefore biased), it's easy for me to notice the deceptions/manipulations used by the other major political establishment/organization/party while being fully aware that there might be a spec/splinter/log in my own eye... and so i write with a bit of ferocity, which is essentially my perception of an equal but opposite reaction/force... and so anyways, i feel that i'm being challenged to write about more things that unite and not divide a larger audience, i don't pretend that professional sellers of shit-sandwiches are going to try to do the same thing, but i'm being challenged to focus more on uniting... fine... we'll see how that goes... it isn't too easy when you know/trust/appreciate your target audience, but we don't the more that we expand our audience beyond more than one operator... you get a bunch of so-called personality behind my writing style as well as opinions/perspectives, that's about it really, but there is more baby in the bathwater then the reader might assume, so i figure it's worth writing on the inter-blog thing-a-M'jig on the www app... and so lately i've been challenged to be a bit less hostile and a bit more considerate of a larger audience... i think that might be what folks are telling me, i appreciate the concept of peace and love more than i care to write about, really... so fine... OK... i'll try to be a bit more lovey and less hostile to other ideologies, possibly by focusing on reality and the things that unite us... fine, i'll do it... i'm just a bit grumpy about it for now, sometimes we like a good challenge, sometimes we resist, and sometimes changing is a pain in the ass... but i've accepted the challenge, and will offer a bit more of an olive branch then i have been... but it feels so good for a warrior to fight, fighting just feels natural, even with jibs-and-jibes and tit-for-tats on the inter-blog ww-web thing in a digital and somewhat 'virtual' reality... so i think now that i have found my voice (writing style), and learned how to shout a bit, maybe i can hone the volume/tempo and language to adapt to a large audience and be a bit more useful to society and humanity, and therefore, the one who created it all... right now i'm still feeling a bit stubborn and grumpy, but keep praying for me, it might be starting to work a bit... so here's my non-partisan offering for today, how about the concept of teaching morality and logic through religious principles like the ten commandments in education and public lands/places... can we start with that simple logical approach to working through our country's problems together, is that really so hard to ask of any normal person? -- ct
03-15-22: this post isn't thorough or exhaustive by any means, but i think it's about done for now... but this post offers some logical insight, and might help to clarify and set some faulty assumptions straight... i gotta level with you, i write pretty harshly and directly and occasionally ignorantly as well :-), but with that said, i don't really feel a need to explain my writing style or perspectives as harsh or as gentle as some folks may interpret it/them... but today is different... today i want to take a little time to explain a bit more about me, or maybe you'd prefer to call it 'explaining myself', or maybe it's just a temporary olive branch of sorts, or maybe i'm just taking-up some time just making some more noise in an already noisy world... anyhow, yesterday was a day that wasn't much different than most yesterdays typically go, it was just a 'normal monday' with normal monday routines... kids are off to school and work, and one is away, and the wife is currently working in her gifting at a local daycare at a big non-profit, but i'm a bit different in that most if not all of my routines have changed since the early days/onset of covid spread into the USA (you could call me 're-set'), i could go on to expand on some reasons as to why i have new routines now, but i'm adapting to a changing world, evolving in some respects, i certainly wasn't living a sustainable lifestyle with a sustainable job just prior to covid, so i was rocked and shaken like many other folks, and now i seem to have new routines with different and variable employment and making several other lifestyle changes (yep, i was re-set alright), but that's not the point of this post, this post is just explaining that part of my 'new routines' includes regular types of household chores and family priorities/responsibilities, and a bunch of reading and writing and even a bit of thinking in between all of that, i'm not much of a writer in any proper sense, and i'm not terribly interested in trying to write all proper-right anytime soon either, sometimes i do for certain projects/endeavors, but otherwise i'm just simple and plain-spoken and find it easier to express myself and communicate in my most natural and imperfect and improper language and wording and writing style that i have at my immediate disposal, but i'm learning to hone my new-found hobby/job/journaling/anaylizing some of the world from my perspective, i think that's all that a diary or journal or blog or communication really is (to one degree or another), but i'm writing enough to challenge myself to learn how to express and articulate my perception of the simple world around me based on the information that i consume and process, and then my out-put (words/shit/logic, you be the judge) is applied with an equal but opposite reaction/force to much of today's public communication... i suppose you could say that i write as a bit of antithesis/ballast to some of the communication/words/actions/deeds/behaviors of many of today's influencers and those who they influence... i don't much care for the words and actions of many professional politicians on both sides of the primary clubs, or some of their closely networked associates, it ought to be obvious to any previous reader as to which ideology and political institutions that i most closely align/identify with... it ought to be obvious because i'm always right ;-) ... i invite the reader to tell me otherwise and help me to grow and learn, just please formulate your ideas beyond a meme or fortune-cookie or campaign slogan or a re-post, please use your creativity and most natural vocabulary to persuade me if you don't care for my perspectives and opinions, most professional smart folks can formulate their criticisms and cases far better than you and i can, and they do, but i encourage the reader to persuade me with a bit more than an emotional reaction but to the best of your ability in your most comfortable writing language and style, you don't have to be fancy or as simple as me, just simply articulate/express yourself based on the information that you have consumed to tell me why i'm as much of an ass as i present myself sometimes, i write a bit harshly but i don't really bite unless you become an obvious threat... i promise... i'm more of sheep dog and less of a predator than some of my words might suggest, some readers know that and others don't, and i have thick-skin (usually), so i take your reasoning and push-back with a grain of salt and trust that you will help me face my ignorance so i can grow and learn like we are all expected to do in our lives... i have the task/responsibility to protect an immediate family, protection is part of a parent's job, some parents understand that, others clearly don't, it's not the only responsibility, but it's a primary one for parents... i also served in full-time military for one-point-three enlistments a bunch of years back (enlistment + stop-loss nine months for ODS and brief deployment), so the protector/sheepdog facet of my former employment has carried over to current responsibilities as far as parental requirements are concerned, the sheepdog mentality (in my own terms/words) goes something like this 'i am willing to protect others that might be too distracted or less capable of protecting themselves', it might be something like that, it's sort of like knowing about and having direct experience with some nasty deviant predators and being willing to protect some other normal people with the use of violence if/when necessary, and with enough violence to subdue or dispatch such critters as dictated/required by their deviant actions/behaviors, that's a bit of a difference from being a predator that operates on different instincts and lack of morality and self-control and can't help themselves from harming others, some people call the difference between sheepdogs and predators 'sanity', other people try to blur the line based on their motives/deception-methods/excuses... why do i mention that, because having a bit of a sheepdog instinct in combination with much of media/news/information that i've been consuming combined with an exertion of equal but opposite force all equate to much of the reasons as to 'why' i write 'what' i write and 'when' i write it, most of the words and actions that i detest is what some folks consider to be an 'art' or 'practice' of 'deception', i really have little respect for folks that knowingly deceive for a living, some people knowingly deceive others far more than just a cute or loving joke or cool trick, and then they hopefully regret it at some point as quickly as possible after blatant deception, but some folks do it for a living and it's pretty detestable as far as i'm concerned... the resulting emotional and persuasive reactions from many other people are sometimes an indicator as to the motivations and goals of predatory communicators, sometimes the truth hurts and you get strong reactions from some folks, but other times it's deception that gets strong reactions based on it's intended manipulation, some people know how to screw with the heads of other people and apply their knowledge to manipulate different people with proven and trusted efficacy/science, and psycho head-fvckery, and folks that practice that sort of thing really bug me to a big extent, i don't mind professional news or media folks that try their best to report facts in most truthful words without using emotional-triggering, and i don't mind folks with the audacity to think that they are capable of fairly representing a constituency and do so with integrity and conviction and logic as decent and useful policy-makers, but i have little respect for professional social-fraternity members that use government for parasitic manipulation and benefit, those folks bug me to no end sometimes... so i said all of that to make the case for why i direct much of my writing toward pointing out the manipulation and exploitation of many public communicators and 'influencers'... i lead with the above statements to simply try to explain something to the reader, something that might not be very obvious based on my writing style and content, there is a distinction that i hope to express to the reader, and that is based on some news that i got today... the news that i heard today was that of a death, the death of a man that i met on a few occasions, it turns-out that he lived not too far from me, he lived on the bend of the road... i heard that he passed-away last week and it just sort of surprised me to hear that... because death is not something that i take lightly or insignificantly, but with mass deaths in viruses and other wars and then the news of death hitting closer to home has got my thinking about the gift of life, and everyone's eventual death... i appreciate life, and i know that death is the only other natural guarantee if we think entirely on the physical/biological sense, life and death are as real as it get's, but i consider life to be a gift/endowment from our creator, not just a natural reaction/consequence of biological male/female intercourse... there are plenty of folks on the opposite side of the political aisle of Big Tony and i, many of them view life differently than i do, some of them believe in some type of God/Creator, others miss that aspect of reality completely, many consider creation as something to not just be appreciated and respected, but worshiped... rather than directing their energy and thoughts and priority to learning about God's nature and possible expectations... some folks admire creation without ever considering the creator, if you appreciate creation without acknowledging/considering the creator then you already have a missing variable from your equation of life... some folks are so 'complicated' that they could fill a room-sized chalkboard with fancy math and symbols and letters and earn fancy degrees and celebration from their peers, and many of those folks don't realize that 1 + 2 = 3... they are so busy making over-complicated equations to 'solve problems' without understanding that they don't know what true problems really are, they don't realize that they are missing the simple math of considering God when experiencing and reacting to our life/environments... some folks do the same thing with human deviancy and dysfunctions, they go out of their way to come up with fancy equations and excuses as to why right is wrong and wrong is right, some folks view excuse-making for dysfunction and devolution a profession and art... look, i'm not just making a distinction between theology or ideology or lifestyle or decision-making, but something stirred my gut when i checked the facebook page of the recently deceased, i read the words 'i hate liberals'... so the goal/nature of my current post is to let the reader know that you can be just as dysfunctional and depraved as you want to, but i don't actually 'hate' you, i hate deception and deviant influencers and communicators that justify and spread and incite it and other hurtful time-wasting words, some professional communicators and influencers have passed their 'usefulness dates' and could really use a time-out for some serious reflection... that's all i'm sort of complaining about, i guess... but i don't hate liberals or progressives or democrats or other folks that i disagree with, sometimes i might sort of for a second or two before i calm my ass down and collect my thoughts and sanity, but really, well, i really don't care for the inciters and deceivers and folks that use their intellect and gifts and talents for habitual deception, they come from all political affiliations, deviancy exists closer to home than most of us care to admit... but look, many liberals and progressives are aspiring or actual paradoxes between 'hippie freedom peace and love' and 'we need a totalitarianism government to guide us through life', and i know and love many liberals and progressives and democrats and i don't mind mentioning that fact from time to time and challenging them a bit here and there, you know, tough-love and helping each other remain grounded and such, i don't mind adding some conservative ballast to the progressive conversation from time to time... but i don't hate folks that label themselves or identify with the democrat network or liberalism or progressiveness, i think i sort of push-back with an equal and opposite force as i get a litmus on policy and political contributors and commentators and other communicators and influencers and professional smart people, but i certainly don't hate the folks that i disagree with... look, i could certainly read into some of the power and political posturing in recent history and was frustrated beyond belief by some of it, and i don't really like what i've been hearing/seeing/reading, political stuff may seem less frequent because folks aren't advertising for candidates and policies at the moment, but the banter and inciting language word-salad and manipulations are very active nonetheless, and the mid-term campaign spending spree and advertisements are right around the corner and the sh1t is getting deep... i'm still continuing to follow professional bull-shitters and policy-makers with interest and some passion, and will continue to write about them until the cows come home, so don't take this peace-offering or olive-branch sitting still if you don't care for my perspectives, but i certainly don't hate you, and i thought that it's important to make that distinction and clarification to the reader... the guy down the street that was on the same 'political team' as i happen to be on had some embedded hate going on, and that's not necessarily what's going on in my noggin and heart and soul, and i just wanted to make that clear to the reader... thanks for your time, and may God bless you, and may God bless America even if we don't necessarily deserve it... that last sentence was my state of the union in a nutshell, take it for what it's worth. -- ct
03-11-22: it will be interesting to hear some real stories from real russian military folks that pushed into ukraine, as well as ukranian survivors and fighters, i have some leading questions that i'd like to ask many of the russian fighters...

At what day and what time approximately did you know you were going to be engaging in real hostile conflict and not simply doing more boring training?
Were there rumors swirling around prior to that time/understanding, and if so what did some people suggest?
Do you feel that you were adequately prepared for this engagement?
Do you feel that you have been provided necessary supply/resupply of food, water, ammo, weaponry, medical items?
How challenging, or how much sleep have you been able to get?
 Have you had the time and ability to conduct basic hygiene on this mission?
Do you or does your team have vitamins and supplements to consume on this mission?
Do you feel that you and your immediate team are performing as expected and are capable of?
Is there anyone on your team that you have concerns for, or maybe some of your own concerns that haven't been addressed or mentioned yet?
Are you religious or ideological or philosophical... what system of beliefs?
Have you thought much about your core beliefs lately?
What do you know about your 'enemy'?
Are you on an offensive, defensive, or counter-engagement/mission?
Do you understand the overall strategy and goals/objectives of leaders, do you know what's really up?
What actions and aggression is your team currently limited too, rules of engagement?
What sorts of things keep you focused on your mission?
Besides my questions what sorts of things are distracting you from your current mission?  
What are your overall concerns with the mission/conflict?
What do you feel good/optimistic about?
Who do you want to hug first when you get home?
What is your favorite meal that you want when you get home?
Is there anything that this conflict has taught you yet, or that you are learning from it?
Is there anything that i can do for you right now, or would you like me to pray for/with you at all?

... i had some family members that were tasked with asking veterans some questions about their experiences, i think the one's above are good for future consideration... if i thought about it much longer i could probably add some other questions that might be insightful too.

... Good military leaders know how to take care of the folks that do much of the hard laborious difficult dirty work, leaders that don't take care of their troop's physiological needs should not lead, they should be removed from duty... leaders that outright lie to accomplish immoral and selfish actions involving death and destruction should not lead, they should be removed from duty, motivating subordinates is expected to some degree, but using outright deception when 'leading' is just fvcking stupid actions made by conniving fools... i can't speak for other countries and how they use their military, and it's not really my place to get involved, i only know what i only know and that's based on my experience and education and my ability to communicate the information that i've consumed... but you and i, us current armchair quarterbacks, we can make judgements and accusations at world and military leaders and executives all we want, and feel the need to... but right now i'm thinking about the regular people in military, and other folks that are tasked with difficult jobs, they are people too, and they all have their reasons to be doing the difficult jobs that they do, it's none of my business why they picked the jobs that they did (sometimes folks don't pick jobs or volunteer for them, it's a difficult concept for the last couple of generations of US citizens to comprehend since we don't have 'drafts' anymore)... anyhow, i'm more interested in the needs and concerns and understanding and health of the military folks that have hard jobs to do, everyone brings unique backgrounds and perspectives and strengths and weaknesses into team ventures, and they all have unique conditions and challenges 24/7... so as much as i want to condemn war and everyone involved with it there is always more than meets the eye, us armchair-quarterbacks only see conflict through certain lenses and assumptions and media reporting and information control... right now i'm more concerned with the folks at the front-line, and on both sides of the battlefield, both civilians and military/state assets too, most of them are just the regular people in the military... people approach and excel at their jobs when they are better prepared for it and are having physiological needs met... but it's also important for military and state assets to know why they are doing what they are doing, because education and truth also helps people perform differently... i'm somewhat 'proud' of my service during a small conflict a bunch of years back, but i didn't know what was really going about 98-percent of the time because information is limited, especially for the lowest folks on the totem-pole/rank-structure... i know that i performed well when i had to perform, but most of my time spent deployed was like a boring ride through a vast desert, and then a few times we were alert and present and in the zone and hyper-vigilant and had to perform very well because there was no ambiguity as to why we were doing what we were doing, riding in the back of a canvas covered dump truck with hundreds of pounds of ordnance for a few months in a war zone when information sharing is minimal is a strange/dangerous position to be in... but it was like an extension of the military philosophy of 'hurry up and wait'... my short time in the military was at a young and impressionable age, i try not to think too much about the military and conflicts when i don't 'have to', but wars and rumors of wars gets the papa-bear thinking about a young tough cub that is training to be a warrior of sorts, and so i'm interested in things like the questions listed above every bit as i am interested in the motivations and words and actions of world leaders... i'd invite the reader to pray for everyone in harm's way, both foreign and domestic, and that God grants a speedy resolution, personal safety, and insight, and personal growth, and healing for everyone who is directly in harms way... feel free to pray anyway you can for the leaders too, but my prayers haven't been effective in that endeavor, so pray as you are led, i'm sure that a young Marine that i know will really appreciate it, and so will his parents. -- ct
03-14-22 earliest:  here's another arm-chair quarterback law that i want in place, i want a law that makes 'voting day' a holiday, but only for US Citizens, everyone else can keep the country moving like they usually do while citizens have the opportunity to go vote during the day with plenty of time before polls close... there are enough non-citizens that live in the USA and contribute to daily operations that won't kill the economy, but it might be a little costly for some organizations/businesses, citizens enjoy a benefit that non-citizens might earn themselves someday, but non-citizens don't have anymore of a right to vote for government that the folks in federal prisons do, eventually both groups may do what they have to do to legally vote, but in the meantime let citizens take the day to celebrate and conduct their civic responsibility and go vote without complaining of why you cannot actually go through the voting routine... some folks might actually exercise their noggins and learn more about candidates when they are taking the time and responsibility to vote... i don't know what the right answers are, but how about voting day is a paid day off for citizens, some folks are in better positions or prioritize taking the time out of their day to vote, but it's more difficult for others that wish to do so, don't let knuckleheads tell you that voter-IDs are limiting, taking the time out of schedules for hard-working citizens is a big part of the problem, IDs are only trouble for most illegal aliens and those who wish to completely live outside of society and don't really want to vote or assimilate... i like the voting holiday, but only the paid day off guaranteed for citizens older than eighteen (or 21 maybe?)... you know that 'floating holiday' that some organizations offer, make it voting day, perhaps.  --  ct

03-14-22 later: OK, more arm-chair quarterbacking from an unqualified citizen of the USA... but before i touch on the non-partisan topic i am going to give in to low-hanging fruit and pick on the DNC-types a bit for some illustration... so the DNC-types just had a weekend-at-bernies play-date 'meeting of the influencers' sort of get together, and a bunch of the things that come out of such events is direction for the blackwhites and more narratives to push/sell to the voting (or illegally voting) Americans, it's a bit like this: how do we accomplish our goals, and what sort of language/word-fvckery do we use to accomplish/sell our goals, believe me, the RNC-types do it as well, they mask it differently, that's all... so far the noticeable narratives from the DNC's weekend-at-bernie's goes something like this 'you got what you voted for', or maybe it was something more like 'hey, we did what you wanted us to do' (accomplishments)... the DNC REALLY REALLY REALLY needs to figure out a way to try to sell their accomplishments to the american voter now that we are in mid-term hype... the reasoning behind that statement is low-approval ratings, a bunch of those 'ratings' are manipulated by how questions are framed (you should see what i can do with a 'survey') and which demographic is poled/asked/sampled, but most politicians pay attention to certain surveys and they either self-correct based on the reality/truth of survey results, or they don't... so when performance and approval ratings suggest things like 'only 30 percent of americans approve of brandon's fuel policies/handling', or 'only 30-percent of voters approve of brandon's afghanistan withdrawal execution/handling' then some reasonable self-correcting strategists rationalize that just-maybe they fvcked some things up, and that people are REALLY noticing that, but some won't/can't... so when you listen to the rhetoric vomiting from kamela the harris and nancy the pelosi's mouths that 'we are accomplishing the things that americans voted for', and then apply the equation that only 30 percent of folks approve of their words and actions/policies then you are stuck with the reality that only thirty-percent of Americans got what they voted for, only thirty percent of Americans are getting their money's worth out of their elected officials and powerful votes, that's about what i think of the fruits of the DNC's recent weekend at bernie's... but then, if we are to be normal and rational, we have to consider other factors in calculating how nonsensical of a narrative's equation that was produced by this weekend's DNC-endeavor then i should also mention that approval ratings align with my 'theory of thirds' (which is just a crude semi-educated person's definition), oh yeah, the theory of thirds, it's brilliant ;-)... the theory of thirds (in my own world) simply states that there are three sides to every story, there is your perspective and description, there is my perception and description, and there is the whole truth... the theory of thirds is just a silly way of saying that there are three sides to every story, but really there is more to every side than equal thirds, in American politics you have something more like 25 percent hard-leaning right, 25 percent hard-leaning left, and maybe about fifty percent 'normal' folks stuck in the middle that might appreciate on side or the other's perspectives about some matters, and then you also have to calculate in the factor that some of the same elite fvck-heads that are instigating stirring-up trouble for the twenty-five percent of hardcore leaning folks on both side's of the aisle... you probably know that some filthy collectors of resources use politics and politicians on both sides of the political aisle to stir-up emotions and division and trouble in American, when you are rich and smart you diversify your portfolio to 'weather the storm', come on now, don't tell me that i'm the first to mention this to you, it goes something like this: bottom dwelling scum sucking filthy parasite collectors of resources will buy or try to influence anyone and everyone they can, unless they repent they will continue parasitic-like behavior that drains the rest of us normal folks... i think the behavior is based on a couple of philosophies... one is this 'hey, i pay more taxes so i expect to get more out of my money', and the second is 'hey, i'm pretty smart and wicked rich, so i must be smart enough to use both to make the world into the painting that i want it to be'... somewhere sandwiched in between those philosophies you have the parasitic five-percent of resource collectors that feel that they are the best people in position to effect policy and manipulate and exploit the rest of the world, it sort of goes like that... so as a collective of non-partisan voters we should try to avoid allowing blood-sucking parasites to influence voting as much as they do, i don't mind boycotting the products sold by parasites and blackwhites, i can do without most of them... and then there are the opportunists, parasites aren't the only opportunists, there are other opportunists that are networked with most political systems, they are the folks that found mutual support/benefit from dealing with one party or another, you scratch my back and i'll scratch your's, you know those folks, it's hard to miss them, smiling buffoons that stand to make some decent money from partnering up with their political preference, i like to call many of them by their Orwell-labeled pronoun 'blackwhite', most blackwhites sell their souls for the mutual benefit of supporting and championing idols/influencers, their preferred politicians can do no wrong through the filtered eyes of a good little blackwhite or the people / herds / masses that they influence... political 'sponsors' aka 'campaign donors' and mutually-beneficial partners essentially effect public policy severely more than regular normal people, even though we are the super-majority, how does that reality set within your stomach, maybe you already know that much, and have simply comes to terms with it and are just going about your business trying to stay out of trouble and really hoping to not bring it up, no problem, you are in the majority too, i get it... anyways, the DNCers will parrot the narratives set forth by the participants of Bernie's Weekend Bender, but the problem with selling folks on the notion that the brandon administration delivered the winning voter's objectives and desires since last January is that seventy-percent of the poled already know better than that, but nice try fools, you are only fooling about thirty percent of americans, the other seventy percent are living in reality... maybe it's time to catch-up and smell the coffee? -- ct
02-20-22: that pee-wee herman/sheldon looking feller on fox news just posed the question 'what should democrats do next' in regards to their disastrous election forecasts... my advice for them... re-think everything... rethink your 'business as usual' because it sucks... re-think the way that you communicate, you must consider much more truth and transparency, enough controlled language and secretive info control/dissemination... re-think some of the nastier networks, and assets that you have partnered with... re-think the depths and the lows that you will resort to in order to enact shitty policies that have massive destabilizing and reckless effects... re-think philosophies that people can't handle the truth, and that people are too stupid to know what's good for them so they must be controlled, even for their own good, i really don't like either of those perspectives truth ALWAYS matters, just not to demons... my advice to the DNCer, re-think everything, and inject a little more common sense and moral-decency in the way that you conduct operations, learn some damn mutual respect... and re-think everything... more than likely you will have an opportunity for a much needed time-out to consider such things, and to re-think everything after the mid-terms, many people have awoken, so knock your shit off, and re-think everything, and this time consider the two most important commandments, re-think everything. -- ct
01-26-22 later: here's a non-partisan question to the reader, what do you think about term-limits with ZERO possibility of running again for public office at national-level for both the house and senate... i'm not suggesting that there ever really would be, but what would the appropriate number be--maybe two or three, or maybe two or three and an extra one if you end up as a 'speaker' level, and maybe allow one more in the future if you want to run for president after your contract/term is up... the problem with many politicians is that even if they start out humble and with great intentions with constituents best interests in mind, and using strong moral convictions as a litmus for the policies that they contribute-to... well, maintaining those qualities for the duration of your contract without allowing your ego to be enticed and your morals tested and compromised once you are exposed-to, and begin enjoying the perks of being in one of the world's biggest and most expensive and influential networks whether you are blue or red... because then the lobbyist and law firms and PACs that represent all kinds of characters and entities, oh yeah, those folks will come at you with everything they've got... and then you will have agents from foreign nations try to compromise your integrity and character if they think you are useful enough to manipulate/exploit, don't kid yourself into thinking that spy-craft/intelligence-gathering is only a concept of the entertainment industry, you might ask eric swalwell about the topic, he can explain how it works quite well, anyways, folks that have to attain certain security clearances are briefed on how those sorts of compromises usually go down... and then you will get tremendous peer-pressure from colleagues and other networked associates that really really really want to pass certain legislation even if no one on the other side will buy into it, peer pressure from colleagues and some of the shady folks that are networked to certain colleagues... and then every opportunist that thinks you are useful and could be valuable to their desires will find ways to try to compromise your convictions and core-values, if they ever had any... but my point is that the longer folks stay in public office the more likely they are to become compromised and to do just as much--if not more--harm than good with their respective jobs/power/responsibilities... so let me ask the reader again, what would you think about term limits, how long should they be... and while you are chewing on that let me ask you what you think about the qualification of security-clearance level background investigations for anyone that holds public office or is appointed to a government position, and then maybe undergoing a same scrutiny for subsequent terms/contracts, that concept is a good indicator as to how your public servants are serving, everyone does something stupid once or twice, or here or there, or takes different ages to mature into responsibilities, that's not what most background checks are concerned with, they look at severity and how long since your previous infractions were and what are you doing these days that indicate that you are responsible now... yes please... please let me ask you what you think of that too while you are contemplating term limits, because passing background investigations is a direct indicator if your public official has been compromised or is fit to serve anything but themselves... even the FBI who is responsible for conducting such investigations ought to be doing the same things to their own a bit more often too, they can become compromised and dangerous just as easy as any politician can, and more than twenty years of anything is too long for public servants, even if you are a fvcking general in the military, or a law enforcer official, there are plenty of other jobs in the public sector after you achieved your twenty years if you want/need to keep working... anyways, i just wanted to throw out a few non-partisan questions for the reader to chew on... here's a non-partisan tip for the reader, if you are a religious sort of person your moral integrity will be challenged for compromise for the rest of your life... BTW, i'm also a big fan of flat-taxes for individuals, and flat-taxes with certain expenditures for businesses... the heavier the tax burden is on the rich then the more the rich will try to compromise the policy-makers to change policies... but that's just a quick political sort of opinion of my own to offer the reader... anyways, i gotta run now -- ct
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