Destabilizing America - Who would do such a thing... i have three little letters... DNC

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I didn't write this to share on this particular website, i cleaned-up a bunch of blog posts and attempted to articulate the very fvcking thing that DNC leadership are doing right in front of everyone's eyes... sooo anyway i published this crummy little article to Linked In on the fourth of July 2021... here you go:

07-04-21: First, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the entire Democratic National Committee, if it weren’t for you I wouldn’t be writing today… so thank you for introducing me to my new career. If you haven’t read any of my blog posts on you might not understand what I mean, I’ll sum it up quickly by saying that the extraordinary effort that the dnc and its affiliates so brilliantly executed in labeling anyone who self-identifies with conservative principles as america’s biggest threat to democracy brought me from unemployed to self-employed... yes the 2020 presidential election was run in a brilliant effort to paint Trump and anyone that voted for him as racist fascist scumbags, and so they used the communist approach, one of which is to minimize the Christian and other peaceful teaching religions… so again, I’d like to thank the DNC for triggering me into my new found profession, for without you I might still be laboring for someone else right now.

For a guy that doesn’t sleep a whole lot and suffers from a few sporadic symptoms labeled as PTSD it doesn’t take a whole lot to trigger me on a bad day, in fact some days it only requires something like Jennifer Psaki standing in front of the world and utilizing her inner most role-acting efforts to state that republican law makers are actually the folks trying to defund the police… yes a woman well into her forties utilizing childhood schoolyard tactics such as ‘no I didn’t, you did’.  I’m sure she is attempting to fool someone somewhere but the compromised ego of a role-playing actress is not only painful to watch her insanity play out in real life, it’s particularly excruciating for a guy that’s loved America since before I can remember (7/9 do you see what i see)… yes, I still love this wonderful country imperfections and all, because it’s a lot like every human that was ever born anywhere on this earth, imperfect… yes you too, although your ego may not appreciate me telling you that obvious fact that America is just as imperfect as any human can be... but she’s a beauty indeed.

As an Army veteran who served in the late 80’s and early 90’s I can tell you that although we trained hard in the desert those years we always expected our biggest threat to come from communist/socialist countries… and although democrats are in denial of the actual real threat of communism the threat has never gone away, nope it hasn’t changed a bit. It seems that we spent some time trying to calm down the compromised dictatorship regimes in the middle east for a bit, and all the while China has become the international bully that the DNC seems to appreciate more than these united states, meanwhile don’t forget Russia and their steady attempts to destabilize America… two communist philosophies that can’t seem to spend enough time trying to deal any blow to America that they can, I’m sure that if Xi Jinping could leave a burning bag of dog crap at the door of the white house it would have been done by now, but instead he seems to have bought enough influence from members of the DNC and international business partners and plenty of other compromised influencers… it’s hard to watch really, but they all showed their hand during the covid out brake and how they used it to cause separation and divide in this country of ours, they gave folks that preach hate and violence every opportunity to do so as long as it was in a democrat run city, and they hated on white americans, or conservative americans, or anyone that really appreciates America not matter what your race is… and then really the rest of the year leading up to the 2020 presidential election showed hate fueled speech from every democrat attack dog and operative and the tools that they incited… and I am forever grateful that they did... it seems that I have a new career as fruit of their war on conservatives… i had forgotten that war is in my fvcking blood and so I speak their language loud and clear, and so now I am more than happy to call out their lunacy when I see it, they have been training me how to do that over the past two years now and now I’m privileged to return the favor now that socialism and communism and china has found it’s place back in the whitehouse… you could probably tell just how much they really missed it while a conservative republican lived there. But anger aside, I actually feel pretty good now that I’ve recognized their manipulations and distractions and watch their compromised game of chess play out. But the thing that gets under my skin more than a compromised spokeswoman speaking for a compromised president is the concerted effort they are going through to destabilize our country, they have been riding their destabilizing tactics from the onset of covid and have been picking up momentum ever since… the DNC must hate us more than I previously thought because they have been begging anyone and everyone to cross our boarders as illegally as possible, and letting thugs and big angry grown-up babies demanding to control Democrat run cities and anything else that they want with no actions for those consequences, what sort of silly little children do such things… all while trying to defund the police, trying to defund ICE and keeping border control agents distracted by becoming baby sitters and medics instead of being able to chase all of the smugglers and fentanyl and professional criminals… you don’t do those sorts of things if you aren’t actively trying to destabilize our country… and the communists are applauding all the way from Venezuela, Cuba, Russia, China, North Korea … yeah those guys love a good Democrat alright, they seem to hate democracy as much as any good communist does.

The second that the presidential election was over and democrats understood the best ways to get away with cheating they immediately tried to pass national legislation that will make it easier for them to keep cheating as easy as possible… brilliant, and then they completely lost their cookies when Georgia figured out what they were doing and made sure that people couldn’t cheat the same way any longer. Yes, they showed their cards long enough to wake me up from being a nice little boy that plays well with others… I don’t have to be nice and am more than happy to be the opposite when required to do so now, so thank you very much for helping me get back in touch with my warrior side, I forgot how much fun and freeing that can be.

Maybe it shouldn’t bother me a whole lot to hear a grown-ass woman using second grade manipulation tactics on national television as a presidential spokeswoman, but I’ve caught on to the poor acting that goes on amongst most of the DNC years ago fortunately, their acting guild is legendary in my own regards, they are clearly the party of the biggest fake smiles rarely seen outside of Hollywood and Broadway, and then those snake-like smiles turn into self-righteous drama the second they get called out for their self-serving agendas and the manipulation tactics they use to implement their self-serving policies, they most certainly are the party of ‘win at any cost and cheating is highly encouraged’, but man do they get nasty and noisy when they are proven wrong, the excuses get bigger and better and more sensational and moronic, and then you are stuck with a strong willed grown-up child trying ‘I know you are but what am I’ in front of real actual adults in the press room… I want to say ‘brilliant’ but can only offer the word ‘pathetic’ at the moment… their acting guild would like you to believe that they are the party for the working class and disenfranchised while most of them have abandoned humble lifestyles for the rich and famous, the DNC ought to pick up the series lifestyles of the rich and famous so they can all show you the types of homes that special interest groups have helped purchase for most of them… it seems that the DNC uses a philosophy of use politics to improve your lifestyle approach rather than to serve the people that they claim to represent… I get it, understood… it’s good to be tha king, I suppose, you love to reap the rewards for your prostitution to special interest groups funded by people who do not have America or its citizen’s best interest in mind, it couldn’t be more clearer or more obvious to me, I suppose they ‘woke’ me, I guess they like that sort of thing.

Well look, im not a typical republican or maybe even much of a conservative so I can’t really speak on their behalf, but I know what my own eyes see and what my own ears hear coming from the emboldened and ever arrogant dnc and none of has impressed me yet… show me that you actually love this country and resist the temptations that your self-serving communist friends continue to offer… you were chosen for such a time as this and you are inches away from fvcking blowing it, so maybe put your self-serving interests aside and work for the country as a whole, work with a heart that doesn’t need to deceive, work with a heart that’s not just for the people that live in your cities and are on your payroll but for the rest of it’s citizens too please and thank you.

I don’t want to be an angry fault-finding sort of a writer but I guess that’s the trial by fire that you have offered me and I am more than happy to fill that role when it’s required… and it’s clearly fvcking required right about now… I have much more pleasant things to write about most days but watching the overgrown children of the dnc and their compromised egos running our country into a sort of new communist regime is not the sort of thing that I appreciate witnessing… now I’m going to medicate and I should probably check my blood pressure too… but Happy Birthday America, you’ll never be perfect but I still fvcking love you. --  christopher

07-07-21 UPDATE: i call it an update but really it's just suggested reading... i suggest that you read some of the writings of Doctor Naomi Wolf... she's not the sort of author that i would typically recommend but she is straight out DNC and it's in her own words... she's either a pawn or complicit, i lean toward complicit because she's fvcking writing about the same types of things that the DNC and it's communist associates are clearly in the process of, and also because of the fear and hatred that she spewed right before the last presidential election... BUT if you would like to hear about what real professional people that have 'researched' the the sorts of things that dictators and other compromised leaders have done it the past to gain control of power of an entire nation just read her brilliant work, there is this one too... and keep in mind that she is one hundred percent DNC all the way while reading... i call her writing brilliant but really i utilized her as my mentor to begin my professional writing, she had inadvertently taught me how to manipulate through communication too... take a look around this website and let me know if i am writing anything as irresponsible as her blog entries suggesting that trump was going to do what her and her associates are clearly doing in front of your eyes.  --  chris

07-08-21 UPDATE: this compromised individual seems to forget that the united states of america is based on a constitution with a bill of rights that greatly frowns on this sort of thing, but OK, you keep going and on with your ignorant self and keep trying to cause division and divide in our country based on freedoms, we aren't one of those types of countries that are into government mandates... where the fvck was this fella born, and what was he not taught in elementary school that i am missing, please tell me because i really want to know.  --  ct

07-09-21 a bit more later: i appreciate fox news some days more than others, i appreciate that they go after compromised egos that are stuck fooling themselves and trying to fool others as well... today they are going hard after the teacher union lady, i'm sure she enjoys her position of power and influence just as much as any DNC leader, they thrive off of that stuff... i'm not into folks that won't just tell you the truth and what their demands are, instead they manipulate the truth to conform to the narrative and sins/desires of their selfish and foolish hearts... it's hard to miss it in folks that truly believe they are entitled to whatever their desires are... yes, i've met plenty of compromised egos... but then if your ego is only slightly off balance you are what some people refer to as 'normal regular people', regular normal people can get a bit wonky from time to time when they loose focus of what is really important and instead focus too much attention on ambitious endeavors and the obstacles that might prevent them from reaching their own futile goals... man i hate being out of control of a circumstance or situation when it seems like it's more than personal and i can't wrap my mind around why my way doesn't seem to work... people that require power and control to satisfy their putrid egos will do all sorts of nasty things and say all sorts of nasty things to distract from truth and why they are missing the obvious... i don't know that i've ever witnessed such conniving egos trying to change america into the thing that i learned and trained how to combat, communism... keep it up DNC and your associates... your conniving demanding arrogance is causing far too great of a problem for america to sit idly by and shut my ignorant little mouth as they would prefer, but maybe i humor them enough to keep them off my back for a bit longer, that would be a treat... but if i get one of my dream jobs that will be difficult to manage, i mean really if the folks from The View want me to be the token conservative i will dress my old white ass in drag to present myself more lady-like as the show seems to require... yes, it would be hard to keep haters off of my back if i were to end up with that gig... and then maybe that secretary of state thing, no one has asked me to do that gig yet either, but there are far too many conniving compromised nations that require a good fvcking poke or two in their chest and told that we see what you are doing and to knock it off now... ask mike pompeo how hard it is to keep haters from wanting to destroy you when your job is to speak truth to rogues that need to hear it... oh yes, and then there would be that position running the DNC, another dream job, yup, no one has asked me to do that yet either, that dream job would require telling the grown up children that people aren't as stupid as you assume and so knock off the distractions that you think are required to pass shitty legislation and just get fvcking real and honest with yourselves about how and why your feelings were hurt as youngsters and why you prioritize the pander to the emotional discomfort of self-centeredness... but who knows, i remain optimistic about that employment possibility, maybe someday they will like me, maybe they will really really like me... well really i could give a flaming pile of dog poop of what false teachers and compromised egos think of me because i am alive and free and i feel fine thank you very much... and what was that other dream job, well maybe i'd just like to start a small unicorn farm on a quiet homestead somewhere that my family and i can produce small artisan batches of unicorn yogurt... but really i have no place to store these unicorns until we get a homestead to properly house them... but really i think i found my dream job and you are currently taking part in it, thanks for reading because i rather enjoy this writing sort of thing, it makes me happy and that's all that the DNC really wants for everyone, so maybe we have more in common than i thought, i like writing because it makes me happy... and telling everyone that they know best how to make you happy is the DNC's preferred method of communication... so we need each other to a degree, i suppose... they are teaching me much as i observe their conniving sneaky communist distractions, lies, and blinding arrogance... keep it up because maybe we need each other DNC, and less not forget that maybe you want me to run your organization someday... someday, maybe... hah! ... But sorry, i have three kids of my own to help to grow up... anyway i appreciate fox news being the only media outlet to stand up to and expose the disgraced micheal avenetti, micheal was the exact messiah that angry DNCers had hoped and prayed for, well it was him or cuomo... and now avenetti is going to jail for screwing a bunch of people over and it's only a matter of time before cuomo is fully and appropriately disgraced despite having sneaky conniving friends in power... angry DNCers fvcking LOVED that compromised man but their false messiahs are flawed in such a way that only the pure in heart could discern, but compromised egos LOVED them... maybe our misses VP will help get avanetti out of jail for free as she and associates have been brilliantly doing with their professional rioters and angry mobs that keep going fvcking nuts in the DNC controlled cities injuring innocents and destroying property likes it's theirs to screw with... if you focused on the greater good and not your crummy self focused laws you wouldn't require angry incited mobs to do your dirty work, you could just tell americans the truth, that you hate america and prefer communism and her empty pathetic promises of a unicorn farm on the homestead and lots of delicious artisan unicorn yogurt, the type that mrs. pelosi would love... conniving @ssholes... but thanks again for triggering me into my new profession, i'm off to a bumpy start as i've been finding my voice but the future looks pretty great, and i'm still open to running your DNC organization if you change your mind... i rather enjoy working with all types of people not just my own favorites... anyways i think i'm pretty much awake now but i still want a cup of coffee, so pardon me as i go fetch a mug full. -- ct

07-09-21 a wee bit later: when folks that say that America is a 'Christian Country' they are partly correct, the principles of americas consitution encourages freedom and independance... similar to christianity's message to the world regarding freedom from sin, and independence from oppressors... well that's a bit different really... jesus taught his followers that man is flawed and that our freedom comes from dependency on the god of my religious preference while also offering independence from false teachers and prophets and their list of a zillion impossible laws... so maybe the label of a 'christian country' is partly true... the freedom and independence that america expects from her citizens is similar to the message of christianity to a degree, but there are some differences worth mentioning... DNC and it's communist associates also assume that man is flawed, however they do not ask us to seek the freedom that christianity and america quietly offers, instead they demand the dependency that parents should afford their children until such a day comes that they are prepared to enter the world without their parents home and money and imperfections... DNC and it's communist associates require and expect dependency at all costs, the control of money and food and water and other natural resources are tools to keep imperfect people from hurting each other too much... i sort of like their ideas to some degree but the difference between conservative legislature and DNC-communist legislature is that jesus and christianity softly and quietly ask those with ears to hear and eyes that see to follow the way the truth and the light and his teachings, but DNC-communism DEMANDS obedience, christ asked folks to examine the flaws of their heart and to understand why they need a savior and to follow his teachings where DNC-communism says that people are too damn flawed to know what's wrong with them and so instead of allowing the freedom to search for religion and purpose and direction they DEMAND that religion is a fools game and that their legislature is all that's required to maintain your 'dependence' and your forfeiture of freedom... jesus words and teachings expose the flaws that DNC-communism's angry rhetoric and refusal to acknowledge things like redemption and forgiveness and the freedom that conservatives realize and appreciate... DNC-communism is a religion for the confused that require help and assistance but aren't quite sure what they really need, DNC-communism will gladly TELL you that their freedom only exists with their never-ending hand-outs, they will TELL you that true freedom only exists in the dependencies that they control... they don't show you how to live a life where true freedom is in your heart, they won't tell you that true freedom exists in the circumcised heart... they will tell you to just continue circumcising our peckers in it's stead... i admire some of the goals of communism like sharing our possessions with those less fortunate... jesus taught that aspect of a caring heart... but DNC-communism DEMANDS it... fvck you and your demands... i have a few of my own... the freedom of religion and freedom of speach and the freedom to exist in a country whose constitution and bill of rights still applies today... and in some respects i appreciate some of the promises of the utopian communism, probably the same one's that the DNC appreciates, but the sneaky conniving hearts and behavior of the DNC exposes that their idea of freedom ONLY exists in the form of freedom that they have imagined... well once you find an example of a free country based on the lennin and marxism that the DNC has embraced tell me all about it please so i can go see for myself, and if the same division between elites and the poor exists in your purported utopia i will gladly go tell you to go try again, because the division between the elite-class and the working-class and the poverty-class exists clear as day in any country where they gave marxism a try... it doesn't fvcking work people, not sure if i can state that anymore clearly... i choose freedom and independence over deceitful promises... but i'm sure that there is a place for communism, just not in america thank you very much... now go find another philosophy to embrace please because i am supposed to defend our country from your conniving trickery, i took a damn oath you know... btw, i appreciate the warnings that some folks have given me and their loving intentions, you are probably one hundred percent correct in your assessment but it seems that i've got this affliction where i can't help but to speak-up now... i suppose it's a character flaw, maybe pray for me or something, clearly i require it. -- ct

07-09-21 not too much later: ... if i thought that our communist nations from around the world just wanted america so they could all come over for a big visit and just have a giant multi-national BBQ with us i would be content to sit down and shut up as the biden administration and it's leaders are demanding from opposition... if i thought that the people's republic of china--or whatever they are now--just wanted to come hang out with us and bring some of their delicious cuisine i would sit down and shut up as they demand of her citizens... if i thought they would bring a pu pu platter for a zillion and a half people i would bring a tasty deer to the party, and request that my share of the buffet not include those whole little octypus because they creep me out a bit... but maybe a little extra noodles on the side and i'm good thanks... i would love to come that party and i might be the first person to smile and start hugging total strangers that show up for that party... that particular bbq is my sort of jam, i really like the folks that come to that particular party... but i'm quite fearful that mao followers have other intentions... no, something more like expanding their overly ambitious territory and really wanting other folks' natural resources are the sorts of things that the communist regime in china wishes to gain from a different sort of cook out...
... and if it thought that the marxist folks in russia wanted to attend the pu pu platter and american BBQ that i spoke of i would gladly bring some bushels of corn to that party and kindly ask that my vodka is distilled at least seven times please... and by the way you've got to try the fresh salad that some of my other american friends brought to the buffet... it's all fresh and locally grown you know... well of course you know that... but i'm a tad fearful that putin and his associates are still a bit upset over the cold war and they don't necessarily want to come to that sort of bbq at all... no military strength and technological advantages might be the sort of party that they enjoy...
... and if i thought that bernie's associates from cuba just wanted to show up in the international buffet hosted at america with the finest cigars that their climate can produce, well i would show up to that party with the finest mountain water and the beer which is brewed from it and start hugging perfect strangers that show up to that sort of party, that's the sort of party that i appreciate... but i'm a bit fearful that the many lessons that they should have learned during the cold war hadn't quite sunk in yet, i guess that's my fear and so i confess my fears to the reader... i'm obviously quite a fearful sort of person and i'm sure that you can read that between my words... i am a simple and fearful man that refuses to sit down and shut up like the castros had demanded of their citizens in like forever and stuff...
... and don't think that i am strong enough to really hide my fears of the DNC's communist and dictatorship associates in venezuela and north korea and... well i'm sure that i've expressed the fearful weaknesses of my ego and exposed my obviously broken and warped mind to the world so i suppose i should just sit down and shut up about now because i'm obviously about dummer than a box of rocks... and also someone that understands that i am far from perfect so i require some good healthy dialog from time to time ... if you find the form at the bottom of some of my webpages, well the one that says 'comments and criticism', yeah that one, you can utilize that form right there to give me a good dose of your healthy dialog... go a head don't hold back... i'm a wee little person but a grown-ass man and i appreciate feedback that i see from time to time, my ego requires some help so please tell me what it is that i simply don't understand, i am teachable and humble believe it or not, and that's why i write. -- ct

07-11-21 later: i'd like to just sit down and write poetry or stories or something, and i'd like to sit and write about happy sorts of things, and i'd like to write about things to celebrate, and other things which are honorable and worthy of mention... but when you witness a communist revolution in the middle of your own country what's a guy to do... and NO, it's not sit on my old butt and do nothing and just write about good and pleasant things, there may be a day and a time for that, but not while the DNC leadership and it's communist associates and the people they are exploiting as mere tools to carry out their communist and marxist principles that they now embrace so tightly... yeah, now is not the time to sit on my ass and write pleasantries... maybe that time comes after the marxist/lenin revolution in america is over, and hopefully soon. the DNC leadership and the angry mobs and tools that they have incited are not resting in the middle of their revolution, so why are you still resting? maybe you aren't the type that cares for politics and chooses a more people-pleasing approach to life, that's fine, when you are no longer an individual and just a dumb cow in the middle of a herd with far less freedom than you've ever known please tell me how helpful it was to not bother doing anything during the revolution that the DNC leadership and it's communist associates are in the middle of... just send me a nice note maybe to say something like 'sorry i was completely ignorant and lazy and didn't pay attention to what is going on around me, maybe i should have stood for something during that terrible time'... i appreciate a note like that, it speaks to humility... it speaks to a humility that is completely absent from the DNC vocabulary, they know of no such thing... i'm cool with that, i understand that many people are like that... anyhow please enjoy the revolution that is going on in every democrat run city in the unites states, watch the angry and dismissive antics of the DNC and enjoy your entertainment... it seems that's all it is to many people, just a distracting and entertaining spectacle... enjoy communism america, it's failed everywhere that it's ever been attempted... but just trust bernie and nadler and boxer because they think they know how to do it right this time... just trust them as they DEMAND from everyone, after-all they are professional smart people you know. -- ct

07-12-21: if you think i'm completely out of line in my perception of the communist revolution that the DNC and their associates are in the midst of, well fine, i'm not very well educated you see... i have me one of those high school diploma's but not much else, so if you choose to dismiss any of the writings above as those of just a simple minimally educated human... well you're partly correct... but the only problem with your flaw is that even some actual intelligent professional smart people understand the same thing and can articulate it better than i... there are many compromised people which includes many dark-skinned folks who shamefully and ignorantly dismiss the words of one of the most intelligent people that they will ever look at, well i mean dr. ben carson... yes, that same brilliant mind that took on some of the most difficult types of surgeries that other surgeons would shake in their boots at the mere thought of, but since he is not of the same herd or mob mentality that so many DNC leaders expect everyone else to be in, it seems that exercising critical thinking ability is a nasty human problem that DNC leaders and their communist associates frown upon, and so the nasty manipulative behavior that they are so proud of has tried to make him irrelevant to the rest of the mobs and herds that they control... fine, but how about shutting your face and reading the words of an actual intelligent and professional smart person... enjoy.  --  ct

07-17-21: it's clear as day to many people in the USA and elsewhere how social media and liberal media aided and abetted democrat 'mis-information' (or out-right lies depending on how liberal you really are) during the months leading up to the presidential election of 2020 and then the following couple of months into this year, well liberal medial has aided and abetted democrat propaganda for years but social networking showed their hands by blocking information regarding the pathetic behavior and previous actions of hunter biden, time will prove that in case you already believe that those horrible accusations are russia mis-information as other powerful and compromised egos demanded that americans believe... and then powerful compromised people will make sure that hunter get's as little punishment as possible and he comes out of all of his legal and personal struggles looking just as good as possible... i'm so glad that i'm not important because public image is most important to powerful people and i could give a flaming pile of god crap what my public image so i just can't relate to that mentality... i understand it but i can't relate to it... anyhow if you don't think that the president and his immediate family were and are not making side money and enterprising from shady business dealings i feel a bit bad for you in some respects, i appreciate the liberal and DNC and socialists attacking the trump family and organization's finances so much because now we have the luxury of watching their preferred candidate proving himself just as shady as the next politician that's in public service for there public image and personal gain...
... i'm terribly sorry, i was doing so well most of the day not reflecting on current events and the hypocrites that are in charge of running our country for this season, i was busy most of the day reflecting on the things going on in my immediate life and the people around me... but then i read a couple of articles regarding current events and it seems that the joseph biden administration is partnering with facebook once again but this time they are admitting as much, and they are partnering once again this time to make sure that facebook will block information that they agree is mis-leading in regards to covid nineteen vaccination safety... it seems that some people might be guilty of spreading false information regarding adverse effects or anything else for that matter... and let it be known to the reader that i fvcking hate when people actually lie and and spread false information, in fact i would like to kick such instigators in their mouth a time or two, i really have no time for lies because life is too short to be dishonest with yourself and other people... i hope we are clear on that... and also let it be known to the reader that while joseph biden was explaining his and facebook's rationale for their second partnership joseph biden used the following misinformation as clear as day for the world to hear, continued ignorant scare tactic lies for the world to listen too or read or watch...

"The only pandemic we have is among the unvaccinated, and they’re killing people," -- joseph biden, current president of the usa
here are a couple of real actual facts despite whatever the president was attempting to articulate... many fully vaccinated people are still getting covid so something isn't quite as good as many hoped they drugs would be... many fully vaccinated people have experienced severe reactions to vaccines... many unvaccinated people have already had the nasty bug and have antibodies which help prevent them getting the same thing and many variations as well... and the biggest fvcking lie that prsident biden just said is that unvaccinated people or facebook or anyone else that he chooses to blame are not and is not killing people, the virus is killing some people whose body's aren't very well equipped to fight off such a nasty germ... germs are killing some people and that is scientific fact, one of many that the DNC strategists and their socialist and communist associates hope that folks will ignore, but causing fear and more division is the preferred communication style of the current administration and their socialist and communist associates... if it weren't so incredibly harmful and shameful it would almost be brilliant due to it's effectiveness but intelligence and intelligent strategies don't impress me anymore, it's how smart people use their intelligence that impresses me the most... the whole silly thing is that i'm not even an anti-vaccine type of person but FDA approval goes a long way with me, and not a rushed and forced approval but the real kind... but really when i see grown-ass adults just ouright lying and causing more division through scare tactics and blaming other americans for killing each other with germs... china is the responsible nation for allowing such a nasty germ into the international community, unvaccinated americans are not killing other americans, a germ is sort of doing that in people whose bodies are quite equipped to handle such a nasty germ... i've been coughing most of the day, i hope i don't have covid again and if so i hope i won't require hospitalization from it... please ask the biden administration how many people that he invited accross the border have been fully vaccinated prior to their release in the general public and who is responsible for tracking those super-spreading individuals/vessels, and then ask approximately how many other unvaccinated people are also sneaking through the border, not the one's that agents are processing... the fact is that over a million people have been processed by border control since the biden administration invited the world to enter through an open southern border and there certainly wasn't any possibility of administering a second dose to anyone that is released within a week and sent out into our general population... so who or what country might i possibly be spreading mis-information for, you might ask... well give the DNC enough time and they will pick a good one i'm sure... maybe these same same folks could pick the country, they seem to be wicked smart, and stuff...  i really hate folks that choose to destabilize our country and blame it on everyone else but themselves, it starts to get to me a bit, sometimes.  --  ct