Inter-workings of networked associates

A top-down network, good vs. evil, asset collectors/controllers - wealth royalty

A ‘fiction’ novel which considers human Motivators, and motivated Opportunists

A novel which considers human and resource assets, and ‘why’, ‘how’, and ‘who’ controls them

Variables of consideration are as follows:

Sports agents

Pro athletes

Sports organizations/teams

Corporate sponsors

Media conglomerates

News media

News/media personalities

Face book


Social activists

Community organizers

Organized crime/gangs


Entertainment agents


Information technology organizations

Information gathering

Information censorship/manipulation

Information dissemination

Local/county/state/federal/world government bodies

Government philosophies

policy makers


government branches/assets

lawyers and law firms

judicial activism

national and international allies and adversaries

starting, conducting/maintaining, ending international conflicts

economists and advisors

financial industries and authorities

public health advisors

health science professionals

pharmaceutical organizations/investors

energy producers

green energy producers

fossil fuel energy producers

transportation industry/suppliers

* other sectors significantly impacted


education reform

school boards and associations

* other manipulative strategies that triggered and benefited from crovid exploitation and strategies

* other social and activist organizations such as BLM, antifa, i'm pretty sure that LBGT-types are affiliated with racial demographics through the rainbow umbrella/network

... here's part of the first draft (i've change it a bunch offline already):


... anyways... that's a flavor for the way that i expect to tell the story... i probably won't add anymore sample content... i like the format and presentations of the jason bourn movies, the pace, the methods of transitioning between scenes, as well as a few other factors, so that's what i am imagining as i write... right now i'm trying to establish a time-line, i don't really have a decent handle of it in real-life, so the writing is a bit ignorant in that respect

02-19-22: so i think i'll take a crack at a 'stranger than life' sort of novel, maybe some action and suspense... i dunno... i'm still bouncing some ideas around, and organizing themes and variables and establishing some other facets... it seems like the more you know your target audience the better you can adjust the scope/depth of the story, you can adjust your various stories within the story for audience, you can structure each layer-depth and characters for various demographics and potential audiences... i haven't studied any of the professions within the media and communications and entertainment industries, but i've been trying to learn from movies over the past few years, and movies that my kids watch and like, and reading from professional communicators, and learning from the execution of their crafts... so i don't have a formula really, yet, for what elements and how to narrow or enlarge reader/viewership, but i've been learning some... i tend to write more literal than artistic/creatively, mostly due to communicating as efficiently as possible in office settings through email, i forget what term they coined for it, 'business cut to the chase', or something like that, and then i got a bit back more to platform function and customer customization and direct customer support, it was for a new and semi-complex sector GIS is what they called it... and then after that i had to communicate to, and train couriers/delivery-drivers, and most of them were english second language, so the communication and instructions for them had to be broken-down to mostly fourth-grade english, and then i did some MSM support and installations in between those jobs, and then i did some odd jobs as self-employed as well as working in some shooting-sports tools and accessories, and then for the small electrical contractor for a couple of years... so i don't really have a specialized target audience to figure out how to communicate to, which is partly why i write as simply as i do on this blog, many people hate it's simplicity and in-adherence to structured writing, i think that's hilarious, if you can't even tolerate it then fair-enough, but if you can't appreciate simple then there is nothing to appreciate here on my crummy website... so i try to write in a semi-creative style in a crude and simple and direct execution... so i mention all of that to say that taking a crack at a larger project and hoping for the opportunity to maybe profit a bit more from writing should be pretty cool... i think it would be more docu-drama, a story of our times based on recent history, i think that's what it is... now i might have to read a couple of decent novels to see how the pros did it, i mostly consumed movie entertainment and news and some other interests over the years, and more recently sciences of various sorts... anyhow, i'm looking forward to organizing certain aspects of the story over the next few days, the characters have already offered themselves/profiles for the world to see, so that part is pretty easy... i might try to take an online course real quick if i can find one we can afford, it might help the process a bit, wish me luck and pray for me, however you offer your well-wishes it's appreciated. -- ct

02-22-22: happy second amendment day, as some are calling it... so far 'soot' has schwab, xi, gates, queen, zuckerberg all in the opening, i don't know if that's too much too soon, because that's just in the first two pages, and there are plenty of other characters to introduce, i don't understand regulation control of the story opening and character introduction, the character introduction tells sub-stories all by themselves, and then when combined with obvious events in recent history, i don't think i want to go back much more than secretary clinton, there is precisely 'tons' of previous history/stories to consider that lead us today's current geo-political network, and the combined efforts of so many organizations that have the power to manipulate global resources and currencies and future leaders both foreign and domestic geographies, even the globe as the geography, hence 'global' networks, world bank, imf, many foundations with global interests, wef, ygl, all the way down to political action groups, and civic-action groups, and other tools... in many respects i think the soot is the great re-set being orchestrated by globalist networks and governing bodies, in many respects we are knee fvcking deep in it, so the story is really just regurgitating information and theory based on what other people have already researched and reported, and publicly available information... the more information and variables and other theories that i consider-- the more disturbing becomes the reality of certain words and actions and events, so the soot is really just the great reset and where it stands today, so that's all this novel and screen-write is really about, it's an interesting story that folks have already told, but i like to write, so i like to tell the story, some stories are worth telling, and some more interesting then others... the cast of characters will grow quickly, but i'm not sure how thorough the cast will include, i'll miss some i'm sure... and the list of organizations and networks will also be a bit crude and incomplete, there are waaay too many variables for that as well as the cast... and motivators and mutual interests of certain networked people... and the actions and re-actions of certain individuals and organizations, the coordinated narratives and methods used to change policy under the guise of a genetically-enhanced nasty cold, words, actions, and behaviors of networked people are shifting policies and manipulating global economies and resources, they are favoring some people and organizations and have destabilized the rest of the world, folks that have been mostly sheltered from covid impacts, and whose wealth either rose or slightly fluctuated from covid policies and reactions should be considered as the cast of characters for the 'soot'... different people describe what i simply call the 'covid-era' a bunch of different ways, but it seems to be the great reset 'gr' in full action, at least part of it, i'm sure there is more to come, but i'll have to read papers on the GR to see what details are available, i'm sure i already/probably have adequate links to get started... anyways, that's about where i stand right now... i had no idea that i wanted to write it until a few days ago, now it's off to the races with the novel/manuscript... some stories must be written and told. -- ct

03-01-22: thinking about putin's expansion efforts, and wondering where they are relevant in regards to the great re-set, are the ghouls in charge actually protecting/tolerating putin's actions for a reason, the current 'world order' could have contained him by now... i'm wondering how much the greenie zealots are encouraging fuel costs to rise while allowing putin to restore former boundaries... when you've seen what some of the puppets have already done then it's hard to eliminate the possibilities... i don't like all of the info that i've been able to consume and filter, and i really don't like what possibilities still exist... anyways, lives are being lost, and players are still playing games, and sometimes i think too much about what some of the players are really doing.  --  ct

03-08-22:  epstien's death is a trigger-point, it initiated a course of action, i'll have to weave that in, it's relevant, when i'm ready to search news stories and headlines released around the timing of his death i will find the connections, what a fun project this is turning out to be.  --  ct

03-13-22:  i'm going to do a visual exercise to help make connections, i'm literally going to print out pictures of people and organization representations to help with this project, sometimes i learn from visual/images and not just written/printed words,... i don't want to even look at the pictures of some of the critters involved, let alone spend hard-earned ink printing them, but i think it will help things along a bit.  --  ct