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 I think one of my gifts is teaching/educating, but -- despite the 2/3 of a college-semester that i experienced in an unrelated field -- have zero-credentials in this area; just experience in parenting my children, mentoring employees whom i managed, and some informative-presentations in church, training, trade-shows, and cont.-ed settings... seems like self-actualizing requires an individual to recognize their strengths and weaknesses, exercising and improving on them, as well as using them, and other resources logically, responsibly, and wisely, to help humanity in what-ever capacity we are capable of doing so... so... even though i have a knack to help explain some things, i have nothing that states that i know how to really do it, or, how to do it right... much of this web-site/blog-thing is an open-book journal... for the folks that actually study psychology, you could say that this is a historical documentation of an INTJ/T who is doing their best to find meaning after an ontological-shock, which was greatly exasperated by the douche-bags who weaponized a pathogen, and then exploited the shit out of the human-made 'disaster'... Yes, covid is all a huge multi-faceted conspiracy, actually, one instrumental step, of a much larger conspiracy... apparently one which many folks think is impossible for consideration, due to it's complexity, and the emboldened-audacity of evil presented by it's perpetrators, their useful-idiots, and brain-washed puppets... so few people seem capable of understanding such a concept, which is where IQ comes into play... it's recently come to my attention that i'm a bit smart, i understand concepts, methodology, and can connect a bunch of dots between the two pretty well... and/so/therefore, it's also my job to utilize that strength to help others too... my body and senses are breaking down, so i can't offer much help in a physical capacity -- which, used to be my primary strength -- so i'm trying to exercise some of the strengths that i ended up with, and pursuing many of the thoughts and ideas bouncing around the ole' noggin... seeing if i can explain some things that i understand to others who might benefit from my writing-style, and vocabulary... and that's all this crummy website-thing really is... it's just me trying to make sense of the traumatic act of terrorism that some exceedingly greedy and evil-people carried out upon humanity... it's just me trying to understand life a little better, and exercising what gifts i still have remaining... that's all this thing is... it's historical documentation/journaling, that's helping my mental-health, it ought to be cool for my off-spring to read through, and if it helps anyone else, great... glad to bless you if i did/can.

 I write simple, with some dyslexic word/sentence/paragraph structure--rules of grammar are for perfectionists, and i'm far from perfect... many readers won't appreciate my non-traditional use of words, or expletives -- fare-enough, but there is some baby in the bathwater, so if you judge me based on grammar you are probably the bigger idiot, no offense... i write with the most simple words that can keep up with my thoughts, it's mostly unpolished free-flow writing, sometimes i write while dealing with frustrations of insomnia (maybe 75-percent of this website is written when normal folks are sleeping), so sometimes i'm straight-up over-tired, and too impaired to make much sense, but other times that's when i write best or more creatively.  Occasionally i'll write a bit more technical, polished, or complete, but this web-site is simple and raw... much like me.

  You might notice that I don't offer comment sections, most comment sections become distractions and get over-trolled and exploited, so i just use a simple 'contact form' titled "Comments - Criticism", if you feel the need to write/communicate something about any or all articles please use that form to share your thoughts and opinions, if you write directly to me using that form you won't feel the need to perform for an audience, so you will probably say what you really mean… And, know that I read them all, because I think diverse people and perspectives are great opportunities for me to learn and change unhealthy assumptions.  I may not respond or reply back to everyone, especially when i see that folks are trying to waste my time just being a smart-ass, or another nasty troll.

 I also don't offer a subscriber or follower type of feature, i don't want 'followers', everything about that word is just plain creepy, and i also don't want to collect anyone's information either.  I appreciate some of the positive support and feedback, but save it, and use your energy to make a positive difference in our world.  I don't promote items, or use one of those cheesy pre-canned web-site platforms that flash distracting advertisements in the eyes of every reader, i hate those websites, period... no ads, period.  You can check out the 'Business' tab if you want to show financial support, this website is actually a small LLC, otherwise i ask supporters to just make a positive difference in our world, leave it better then we found it, and make a positive difference for future generations of God's children.

 This website is also a small business, and the only thing that i offer from this 'business' are my words, ideas and perspectives, i put a small 'copyright' thing at the bottom of the website, and the copyright thing is just so folks can't take over the website and call it their own, or to have folks take information from it and misquote to use against me, and so that's all really... if there is/are any content of this website that you appreciate and 'can use for good' somehow then please feel free to take it and run with it, it's you's for free, the entire contents of this website is simply opinion and commentary of a regular guy, so take any nuggets that you can use for good.  Most of my writing is just complaining, and--in that regard--i contribute to help with messaging for similar-minded influencers, so the political section is exceedingly harsh, and written in similar vocabulary, tactics, and methods that i saw observed in the 2020 political cycle, i understands words, and how they are used and abused, so i more or less use a 'this is what you look like' approach in my political complaints, and i make no apologies for contributing to messaging, none.

 If anyone really hates what i wrote, or--for any other reason--wishes me to remove/modify content please tell me the date/time stamp of the information that you would have me either change or remove, please just let me know those details, and why something that i wrote is factually incorrect, or is wrong in anyway--and then maybe i'll entertain your request; but i need to why it's wrong.  I need you to change my perspective, because i always require more information/education... 'hurt feelings' are just plain weak justification for removing or changing content, even the political opinions.


Chris Terlizzi  --  Chief Complaint Officer, Chief Opinion Officer, Chief Content Creator, and President of Grumpiness

The following 'Acknowledgments' were specifically written for a book, but they apply to life in general... feel free to read if you want  --  ct
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