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This website and its contents are technically a small business, I utilize the worse business plan/model/strategy conceivable, but it's the best one for me... support is not expected, it’s always appreciated, but depending on timing it might not be needed. The crappy payment service that I’m currently using (paypal) has $1.00 USD as the minimum allowed, which is my suggestion... feel free to go big if you have it to spend, but please don’t Expect anything in return, your money won't buy me... i refuse to be bought or manipulated by sponsorship. Support is appreciated from readers that understand that they let their ego and assumptions get a head of them a bit... sometimes... or A LOT... and maybe I helped you notice that about yourself, and maybe you have a better understanding of why you do what you do now, those are the folks that I really appreciate support from. Support is the only revenue generated by this website, advertisements are too distracting, and you are too important to learn about without distracting manipulative advertising in our way.

This isn’t a charitable giving 501 anything, crappy laws over complicate the things that people in those legal businesses can say publicly, and that's what bothers me about becoming an official 'charity'. Give a lot, a little, or none, it really doesn’t matter, but it’s actually a healthy self-confirming exercise to do after you finish contemplating how you had let your ego go un-managed and uncontrolled, knowing how that may have caused pain to yourself and/or anyone around you.  The support button below is the only one that works, the buttons on the other pages bring you here to read all of this before you give.  Since i clearly share some of my religious perspectives it's worth mentioning that the philosophy behind my business model sort of goes like this 'it's not your frickin money (sacrifice) that i desire, it's your heart'... that's sort of thought process behind my business plan... brilliant?... not so much.  It's also worth mentioning that the income generated by this website will be used for important things, not foolish things, and that a minimum of ten percent of revenue will be paid forward to a worthy cause.

If you don't want to support but have any questions about me, or if I can help you in any way don't hesitate to use the "Comments - Criticism" email form below the support button, or call me or write if you have my phone number or email... or we can try this new email out for a bit until it becomes another trolling or spam-generator ( this website is full of challenging topics and ideas, and even though i push a bit hard to challenge folks i actually really care more about people than my ideas and perspectives... it's just people that i really appreciate, more specifically people that are willing to challenge themselves to grow and mature... so how's your ego today?

... and lastly, the only thing that i offer from this 'business' are words, ideas, and perspectives... i put a small 'copyright' thing at the bottom of the website, and the copyright thing is just so folks can't take over the website and call it their own, or to have folks take information from it and misquote or misguide, and so that's all really... so if there is/are any contents of this website that you appreciate and can 'use for good' somehow, then please feel free to take it and run with it, it's you's for free, there is some sort of saying or something that says every thought under the sun has already been thought, so in my perspective anything that i write has already been written and better and more completely than i am capable of.  I exercise the best/worse business plan conceivable, which is the best one for me... BTW, i thought i made it clear already, but i will reiterate, NO PAID ADVERTISEMENTS anywhere on this website ever, it's not in my business model and advertisements are too fvcking distracting, thanks again.   --  christopher

12-02-21 UPDATE:  technically this crummy website is just a small private company, so i have no investors to disclose any financial info to, and the general public does not need to be notified of finances involved either... with that said, i am happy to report that 2021 support was adequate to keep this website in the black... year one is almost behind now, we were able to donate fifteen percent to a worthy cause, cover all operational costs and taxes, and a bit leftover to help with some rent... and that's perfect as far as i'm concerned...  so 'thank you'.  --  chris

01-24-22 UPDATE: 2022 operational costs have been covered already, thank you.  --  chris

04-28-22 UPDATE:  just FYI, for the time-being i'm using incoming support to help toward final expenses for a loved-one... all support received during the month of May will go toward final expenses for Janice Ann Terlizzi... any remaining funds will be split up and donated to a few groups that helped Mom over the years... thanks, and God bless.   --  chris

05-16-23:  2023 operational costs have been covered, thank you... also made something of a 'tithe' to these folks, my opinion is that their wellness program, while not super thorough, is spot-on, and full of truth, they also dig God and stuff.  --  ct

12-31-23:  operational/web-stuff costs have been covered for 2024, thank you, seems like it will help multiple ways paying it all at once, so 'thank you'

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