...if folks are curious enough about this website or about me as a person they might end up poking around and ending up here, reading some blog entries/posts, blog posts are where i write about most of the real things that are important to me, and about other things to, sometimes things that bother me for some reason, and i also write about other silly ego revealing things that nobody needs to waste their time reading... but mostly its where i write about things that i think are important somehow, i'm not a professional anything, so there will be ignorance written below, but i trust that the reader can discern the baby from the bathwater, i do hope to stimulate your noggin enough to do some of your own research using your own critical-reasoning... i write for my own health, and to my offspring/kids, and to anyone else that cares to read. --  ct
 July 2022
07-31-22:  july is a gonner, it's just about history... technically speaking so is the thought that we just had less then a second ago, but who cares... july was hot and humid in rockingham county, temps are forecast from gross thru danger-hot this week, good time to remember/practice hydration... looking forward to august, it's just a sleep away, i's starting off hot this year, a hundred or so mid-week which is pretty hot for our latitude, hopefully i remember to dink some water between the coffee and the ale... i've been busier than normal, and a whole lot of uncomfortable, so i haven't read or written much, and this is about the end of it, at least for this month.  --  ct
07-28-22: somewhere between five-to-ten minutes of holding my self-described 'leaking pointer dog' yoga type of pose, and i think my spine, ribs, shoulder, and a bunch of other body parts are back in place where they belong... it really doesn't take a whole lot of physical work nowa-days to strain muscles and pull parts outta place, some NSAIDs and yoga (really just my ignorant version of balance inducing core-strengthening floor exercise-thingy) really did me some justice tonight, i needed it after a good day's work, a shower and fresh set of clothes is always appreciated, i skipped dinner because i ate so much earlier today, and then a couple of decent IPAs to boot... i'm looking forward to a good night's sleep, there is so much to write about but so few hours to fit it in... i'll do some now on some platform or another, trying to balance a bunch of projects, most with some sort of obstacle from making progress... writing is a relatively new hobby of mine, and narrowing focus to one particular project until completion is challenging, i suspect that it'll improve with time, otherwise i'm totally screwed... on another note, i'm trying to keep away from writing about political/government/current-events, so far it's been one whole day, small steps mate, small steps.  -- ct
07-27-22:  nothing to post really, just a few topics that i want to explore in the near future, you know, thoughts that have been bouncing around me simple noggin lately...
... genealogy, understanding from whom/where you come from, why it's important in understanding ourselves better, and using that info/wisdom in relationship with God and others, personal evolution, and future generations... can't blame your genetics/parents/environment for ... tbc...
... why government socialism 'works' for metro and urban end even suburban geographies, nice places to visit or work maybe, but no places to live for long-term sustainable health (somewhat misleading statement, but i know what it means) ... tbc...
... like i said, nothing to post, just notes for future reference, i've been working my butt off lately, and it's catching-up to my gimpy middle-aged frame... it's nice to earn a little income and exercise some gifts, but holy-smokes does it catch up to me in a hurry... OK, enough complaining... almost done with a decent informative article on substack, i don't have an audience there, so the fact that i published the article in it's severely incomplete state is only mildly embarrassing/humbling... i'm not going to do much with substack, i'm fine doing my thing on this crummy little webby-blog thing, but taking someone's advice, and exploring a new interface... OK, going to bed, God bless.  --  ct
07-25-22: i was just listening to a clip from a joe rogan episode with shane dorian as his guest, a little ways into the clip they talk a bit about 'hope' versus 'preparedness'... listen, i'm telling you guys that one doesn't negate the need for other, they are both necessary for sustainability and evolution... i look at the word 'hope' to be similar to a religiousy sort of word/concept/pillar 'prayer', so in some respects i see the word hope as what someone that doesn't know what prayerful communication with God is categorized in religion... but, prayer without the knowledge/preparedness of how to survive in your environment/venue/county etc. should only be reserved for disabled, elderly, or young children... preparing to survive includes eating and drinking and sleeping and some level of movement and resistance in order to adapt/evolve, so i think both hope and preparedness/fitness are important/necessary for long-term survival, hope gives you the humility and understanding that you are imperfect and need some form of help and assistance for a decent outcome in unfamiliar or uncertain seasons and circumstances, and that 'something' is hearing you and might give you your desired outcome... being prepared from an overall healthy perspective and education about what you'll probably encounter in life/reality is really smart, but hope and prep are both important factors for long-term sustainable survival/future/evolution, hope without any prep or physical action is reserved for intercessors and those incapable of physical movement or very limited in physical capabilities... we all need hope/prayer (positive and humble and observant perspectives and communication with God) as well as being prepped/realistic about human physiological needs and how to stay healthy and useful and live a fulfilling life expecting to be challenged along the way, and sometimes severely challenged... i dunno why listening to that podcast snippet triggered me to write, but it did... different religions and philosophies and traditions and tribes will describe some sort of similar statements/theories such as 'living healthy in your environment and being mutually respectful to those around us while acknowledging and communicating with our creator through prayer, and evident through words and deeds, that's just simple sustainable concepts'... making excuses for why you should be able to do what you 'feel like doing' at other people/generation's expense is just a flaming asshole no matter what culture or heritage you come from, it's a self-evident truth of why teaching the concepts of the ten commandments to everyone that set's foot in America, let's just make sure that they can understand the concepts behind ten simple rules, it's the most simple way to benefit america, spread the concepts of the ten commandments as ten actual 'commandments', and not some ancient culture's optional good ideas... my dad will call me a bible-thumper for such a statement, and some of my liberal relatives will decry a 'separation of church and state' infraction, and some of my 'heady and educated' connections will still try to disprove the self-evidence of God, and what He has communicated to mankind as to how to live a long and sustainable life given the natural resources that He has provided, and to pass along such valuable knowledge and understanding to future generations if our species is to evolve in an ever changing environment, maybe your immediate environment/geography doesn't seem to change much, it does... respecting one another, respecting out natural resources and the rest of creation is part of the golden rule, they all fit together in appreciating a realistic and sustainable life, we are all part of some creation and it's a fool's errand to think that we will be able to abandon earth for other venues, so it's self-evident that we need to take care of our environment as much as we need to take care of each other for continued evolution/survival in an ever changing world... people know when others aren't treating the environment or animals or other people with appreciation and respect, it's the other 33 percent that really do the most harm to creation as a whole... it's folks that over-indulge and over-consume and take more than what's realistic at other people's/generation's expenses that pisses everyone off... but if you refuse to teach the concepts behind the ten commandments and expect better results from assholes then you might be due for a head-check, or just start considering it as a logical variable... hope, health, education, empathy, knowledge of environment and necessary physiological resources, plus action/movement are just smart for anyone in any culture for long-term survival, and for all of creation, not just us... quit dismissing 'hope' and making it a dirty word, some of it is prayer for folks that don't know that they are praying, it's sort of like that in a way. -- ct
07-23-22:  terrible night's sleep, i got a few hours before i woke, not expecting much productivity between the ass-dragging today... it's supposed to get gross hot again today, and tomorrow is expected to be worse, the electric bill is going to be as gross as the weather, it will hurt for sure... dog-days of summer...
... frustrated by liberal ignorance, they want a world of love and peace and freedom without the ever important ingredient of God... you're love, peace, and freedom, and the ability to discern right from wrong, good from bad requires the creator to be recognized and somewhat understood... otherwise you are living in an imaginary world, a world where there is no God, and we know that's nonesense... we are literally engulfed inside God, unless you think the earth is the extent of creation, that's where the greenies check their brains at the door... the earth is like a mere proton within the universe, God is as real as the air that we breathe, and having some understanding of the two most important commandments are essential for human survival and to navigate through life... progressives/liberals are cute, but running on a hampster-wheel until the plague is removed from the most important of human sensors/senses... folks that are mad at God and giving Him the 'silent treatment' is like a child hiding behind a sapling giggling and saying 'you can't see me', like i said 'cute'.  --  ct

07-23-22 later:  i made some good progress on the substack article about 3-gun guns, i finished most of the AR info that i wanted to share, just need to fit in pistols and shotguns to feel good about it. -- ct
07-22-22:  i have to finish an article that was auto-published this morning via. substack, i forgot that substack has a publishing snooze-button that i used to buy some time, and i've been busy doing some sub-contract work lately, and i didn't finish the article before it distributed to some folks, my bad... hey man, it's free content so you get what you pay for, to some extent... ok, enough joking, maybe i'll give it some priority over the weekend, i can edit the post at any time, but the updated post won't trigger a new round of email to folks that 'subscribe'... i don't think i'll ever try to use that platform to generate income, maybe just as a nominal one-time fee to access publications, i dunno, but i wanted to give a good apologetic for the e. stoner ar-15 platform, and i wanted to double check-mate the anti-gunners by encouraging folks to buy pistols and shotguns too... i'm updating it here too, not just on substack... i plan on peppering (a shotgun term) the last month or so leading to mid-terms with a bunch of articles that i've been thinking about for awhile, it seems like voting season is the most beneficial time to do so.  --  ct
07-21-22:  today is another day to get outside and sweat, this morning's shower will seem like a dim/distant memory, or an impossible occurrence/dream, but i had one and smell good enough to prove it, but the proof won't last long, and i'll require another one in an impossibly fast follow-up... i might go full doo-rag/bandana for the outside work too, a man's gotta see what he's doing... anyways, it looks to be another swampy/tropical day in the northeast, looking forward to accomplishing some goals/tasks, and hope that recovery time isn't too long, i woke-up sore and don't want to finish the day the same... i hope the reader can get outside and enjoy some of the summer weather today, get yourself some free vitamin-D for twenty minutes or so around 13:00 with some direct sun exposure, you need some of that stuff you know, just not a ton of it.  --  ct
(UPDATE): yesterday was hard, i took a two hour nap when i got back home
07-20-22:  listening to a recorded teleconference/course 'intro to quantum metamechanics', the author is Christopher Michael Langan, whose theory of everything (TOE) is the CTMU (Cognitive Theoretic Model of the Universe)... i'm not a professional smart person and have had little interest in many of the fields that Chris incorporates and uses to support his TOE, so reading any of his major papers can be challenging/slow-going, but hearing the 'master-class' is great/helpful... in this paper he seems to bridge the gap between the measurable and the unseen, most of his papers do that very thing but from various angles/examples, when self-evident yet intangible actions occur smart people look foolish when their theories and models can't explain the simple things that they refuse to consider, so smart people require very smart people to help explain certain aspects of reality that they are missing (as we all do sometimes, and some of us more than others)... i'm more interested about the meta than i am of the quantum-mechanics, but it's all cool/insightful and awesome for continuing education, and it all fits together nicely for the time/space folks that are interested in hearing how ctmu categorizes and labels certain things of interest... sometimes a guy (me) is more curious about the creator than creation, and some folks need to learn about creation to conceptualize the creator... either way it's a good class if you pay to subscribe on substack, and it expands on topics/contents/subjects that he included in a major paper that he wrote a bunch of years back... anyways, it was a specific paper on 'meta-religion' that was the concept that i appreciate the most (so far) from some of Chris's publications, i look at it this simple paraphrased way 'looking at similar teachings/concepts from major world 'religions' and look-for/identify similar concepts to see what they all generally consider self-evident truths and common decency'... like i said, all paraphrased... i think it's an important concept because the greater of the world's population believe in a supreme-being/creator/God, and/or some variation of an after life, and some agreement of acceptable and/or unacceptable actions/behaviors of individuals...
... today is a recovery day, i did a bunch of physical/labor the past two days, now today i can rest a bit and be reminded of my age, old enough to be a bit gimpy and need more recovery days than i used to require... it's pretty gross outside so i appreciate being in the air-conditioned living room today... the old volvo's a/c is showing some promise after adding the fourth can of expensive chemicals to the should-be 'sealed system', i added the stuff with the sealer a few days ago and it seemed to hold and even blow some cooler than regular air, then i added a small can when i got back from an errand today, and it was blowing almost cold... heading back out now, this will be the real test of the old a/c. -- ct
07-19-22:  put in a good five hours of labor today, it got hot enough that i had to slow down few times, slow and steady accomplished some goals... tomorrow is an indoor day but for the rides that i'm providing, it's supposed to be between 'sticky' and 'gross' on the temp gauge in merrimack valley, it's july so it's about what'yd expect, the a/c will be appreciated... want to finish a fun post on substack... i tied together Luke 22:36 and a modern day sword being a firearm, and then apologetics to buying at least three guns... anyways, i'll offer it to a blog sort of group that i appreciate, and then post it to free substack, i think it will be a decent primer for the usefulness and versatility of ar-fifteens, you'll see, if you want to.  --  ct
07-18-22: frustrated a bit about a situation that i can't control, i know right, that's whats frustrating... you get it... anyways, concerned for a loved one, and glad that i didn't have to drive down DC to re-establish comms...rainy day in rockingham county, it's cooled-off a bit, but tropical nonetheless, essex county was muggy today, but still pretty nice... i'm trying to stay away from news/media/politics for another season, frustrating because you can't control what you think is wrong, such is life, the more that you are exposed to the more frustrating too many things become--and the next thing you know the VA want's you to check your blood-pressure a couple of times everyday... so i'm fasting from my favorite subjects, there are too many moving pieces and too many rabbit holes to explore, fortunately my blood pressure is good-to-go, so it's a preventative maintenance/measure/step... i've got too many open-projects that i don't have time or resources to resolve in and around the home, and had a business opportunity for a few days to sprinkle-in... lot's of folks and things to pray for, doing that as i write... folks suffer, and empathetic folks that believe in prayer do so... there are lots of ways to help with practical assistance, but prayer is good for needs far and near, so praying for a bunch of folks both near and far, mostly for folks that i know.  --  ct
07-17-22:  Biden didn't look so good in NH yesterday, i hope he's just a bit exhausted from his travel and meetings in the middle east, hoping it's just exhaustion and not another wave of cognitive malfunctioning... i cal tell you with brutal honesty that i could not function at a high level for a long sustained period in a job where i was exposed to so much constant stimuli, never mind cameras flashing away and people bombarding you with zillions of various questions the second that you're in public... no thank you... that's a torture test if you ask me... I'm hard on the president, if he were my next door neighbor i'd be trying to help him, but as someone that's confident/arrogant enough to think that they should be leading the free world i take issues with some of his physical-weaknesses and degenerative ailments... not everyone can bring their A-game to the table every minute of every day, it's never fare to assume such a burden on anyone, but what's the unacceptable point on the other end of that meter when considering leaders and representatives, and how do you lovingly explain to someone who has declined to a certain point that they have earned their retirement already, and that they should take some time to relax and breathe in some fresh air and surround yourself with loved-ones as often as possible... if your acuity is failing then so is judgement and discernment, their are too many predators-like opportunists in and around government that will take advantage of any weaknesses that they can figure out how to exploit... OK, look... Christians are called to pray for our leaders, my prayer for today is for no further decline for Joseph Biden, and that he will enjoy a long and peaceful retirement after he finishes his term as president, i pray for good health for him, and that his discernment will be sharp for the rest of his term, especially when dealing with outside countries and states, i pray that he won't be afraid to fire folks that need to be fired, and will have the discernment as to who to hire as their replacements, and i pray that as commander in chief that he is given all factual and relevant intel before making any decisions, i pray that intel/info isn't censored or sensationalized when given to him, and i pray that he can shut out the distractions of noisy self-serving trouble-makers so that he can concentrate on important matters that actually warrant attention... I give the guy a ton of written criticism, but really, we are all humans, and so I pray for him to have good health, strength, mental sharpness, and integrity as the commander in chief, may he serve his nation honorably for the remaining days of this term, and may he enjoy a long and peaceful and pleasant retirement after he finishes his four year commitment... God bless all three branches of our nation's government, the men and woman that make-up those offices, may they operate under the principles and spirit of the ten commandments and for our country's citizens best interests while being good global neighbors too, with one never cancelling out the other... anyways, i've been hard/critical on Biden, but i do wish him the best of health and cognitive acuity for his remaining days, i pray the same for you too, to oppose and criticize isn't--and shouldn't be about hate... and pointing-out obvious decline isn't hate speech, it's self-evident... can we all join in prayer for the commander in chief that he will suffer no further decline, and have good health for the rest of his term, and i sincerely want him to actually enjoy some time in retirement while he still has his health... God bless the USA. -- ct

07-17-22 later: i should be working-on/prioritizing a paying project, but finishing an AR-15 apologetic on substack free, i don't think that i want to pursue that platform, but want to support an author that transitioned over there... i don't appreciate folks hating on America's Rifle, so i'm just writing a better article than the fun one's that i have in past, because black rifles matter, and it's the most versatile platform in history given the calibers and configurations that are available today... think of this, the same rifle that shoots the 5.56mm nato rounds can also swap upper receivers and shoot a wide variety of hunting-class cartridges, even the tiny and lowly .22 LR for backyard fun or harvesting very small game... you can buy magazine limiters so you can carry are few rounds as local laws allow for hunting, and they are easy to repair or upgrade, better than a swiss-army knife if you ask me... anyways, i understand that folks that live in cities and suburbs don't have a healthy respect for guns as they have the greatest concentration of violent crime in their jurisdictions, but there is a whole different life beyond fear and ignorance, sharp-shooting is a sport worth encouraging, it builds confidence and teaches healthy firearm respect and safety rules/measures... so just doing my little part to inform and educate anyone that cares to read, don't be afraid of black rifles, embrace them... and don't forget about the value of the AR-10 platform, same versatility as the AR-15, but for larger caliber rounds/bullets, don't hate on America's Rifles, they are genius and versatile and easy to shoot... keeping them completely out of the hands of some bad guys is impossible, evil coexists in the same world as good, and will exploit every opportunity that it can get, people drown victims but we won't outlaw water... hardening soft targets with brave people and competent leaders is more practical than stripping freedoms. -- ct
07-16-22: i ended up with an unexpected half-day employment opportunity yesterday, so i never finished my thoughts/writing the post below... one of the most appreciated aspects of the funeral and burial the other day was spending time with my 'beach bro', Ronnie. The small and relatively quiet beach in MA where i had spend a portion of most of my k-12 summers was on a very small parcel of land (sand actually), and side-by-side were three 'cottages' filled to the brim with descendants of my great-grandparents on Mom's side of the family, everywhere you turned there was an uncle and aunt or a cousin. The families were very large by today's standards, and you never knew who you'd see when you went 'down to the beach', i think everyone that stayed down there had cousins of similar age that they connected well with (you know, like a friend), and you'd spend more time with them than some of your other cousins, that was Ron for me, and it was his 'Nana' that had passed about a week ago, and he was fresh in from Canada to pay his respects and celebrate her life the other day. I hadn't seen him in a decade or so, and we sat for 30-60 minutes or so catching-up, what a great demeanor and character he seems to have... he was my beach-bro from decades ago in that we both had parents whose first marriage didn't turn out as planned, and were raised for years by single Moms (who were probably something like beach-sisters, but really cousins), and we were similar age, and appreciated hanging with each other when summer schedules permitted... anyways, it was great to see my cousin, and to hear how about his family (who are away on a trip on the other side of the world with his in-laws), he still has a calming, grounded, observant, witty, humble personality which was refreshing... there is something about learning/seeing that old loved-ones/family members are doing well--and haven't turned into toxic wrecking-balls--that make makes your face and soul smile, so catching up with him was a great 'take-away' despite the circumstances for the reunion... Ron's mom Kathleen had some great words of wisdom as i departed, she said 'be good to yourself chris'... i'd love to take her words of advice, but now i have to figure out what being good to myself entails; for entirely too many years i did things that made me happy, but i don't even know what that is anymore, now i'm more or less a seasoned professional at supporting the weight of the world on my gimpy shoulder, and that get's old sometimes, too... in many respects socializing with spiritually healthy people in a relaxing setting is a large part of being good to myself, it's the antithesis to isolation and depression which i had gotten pretty good at... i'm taking my 'Auntie-Cousin's' advice and vowing to understand more about what being good to myself really means, and how to do it, i think that when you are a partner and a parent of folks that you really love you can do this thing where you empathize to a point where you sort of live your life through others as we understand more about their challenges and adversities, most humans want to help loved-ones, it helps you understand more about Love, and you sort of become self-sacrificial to an extent, and you'd rather put effort into helping them rather than helping yourself/myself, there is a deep Godly/Christian foundation in helping others, and psychologically speaking it's a very healthy thing to do for folks that get trapped into depressive seasons, but being good to oneself is probably the most healthy thing a person can do for long-term survival... i read an article from the Mega Foundation a week or two ago about 'putting on your own oxygen mask before you start helping others', the analogy was based on what to do if the plane looses cabin-pressure and the oxygen masks are dangling in front of you, similar to military training too, you put on your own gas-mask first before you start helping others, the article was focused on earning income and becoming more financially independent, but like any decent theory it must be applicable in many other facets of life too... i offered my time, life and soul to the giver of life, and the Messiah that He sent to show-and-tell us about God and Life, much of Jesus's example was thinking/helping/caring for others (it was sort of His 'mission'), to sacrifice is to love, it moves an observing and understanding person from paying hypocritical self-serving lip-service to being a 'doer' of good works/deeds, but if we want to live another day we need to be good to ourselves too, it seems... we all have to eat/drink/sleep/love, lest we transition to the next phase of life sooner than later... Thank You Kathleen for reminding me that there is a balance that i'm shy-of/missing, she noticed, and it reaffirms the article that i read a week or two ago... folks with very high IQs might see/read/hear something and understand it the first time, folks like me might need to read, re-read, and then have multiple sources basically telling us the same thing until it starts to sink in, i'm certainly not an idiot, but i can be a pretty slow learner sometimes, many times... looking forward to taking Kathleen's advice... anyways, it was a great day seeing so many familiar and new faces down the beach on Thursday, although i wrote mostly about Ron and his Mom i was surrounded by loved-ones from the second that i exited my car in Winthrop, Bob Sully even blocked me a bit while i got out of my shorts and into a suit in the funeral home's parking lot, that's love man... Uncle Tom had some great gifts that he brought from FL, Uncle Billy and Aunt Maria were great hosts (you should see Bill work the stove, he'll fatten you up if you don't know when to say no-thank-you), and everyone offered some decent conversation, smiles, and some form of love, never underestimate the power and benefit of some socialization, especially with loved ones... OK, the family is awakening, and i require some java, so i'm signing off for now. -- ct
07-15-22:  perfect morning/weather today, yesterday's rain was followed by cooler air, it's too cool to be humid, yet... yesterday was about perfect too, the weather was nice and all, but a large gathering of relatives that i don't see very often made it priceless... the passing/transition of an admirable woman brought us together, it was another gift from her to the folks who gathered, a blessing of a reunion and to share memories... gotta go, tbc...  --  ct
07-13-22:  it's full-blown summer in rockingham county, heat and humidity rule the day... lot's to do, and so little time, energy, and resources to get it all done... writing has taken a backseat as the big physical repairs and chores have taken over... i have a couple of days off from blogging as the monthly website editor is due later today and i'm broke until friday, i'll probably try to finish a piece for substack during the brief blog-break... i posted a few things here-and-there on various platforms and will continue to do the same... family funeral to attend this week, also a visit out of town family that's back in MA, taking care of Dakota the dog for a few more days, and keeping an eye on the dnc-types that continue to vomit inciting lies every second they get in front of a camera, in case you didn't know dnc stands for 'demoniac national cult', they are a crafty bunch of demons indeed... anyhow, life is good despite it's hardships, praise our creator for sharing the ultimate gift of life, to those who feel it's a burdon, know that hope is right around the corner, embrace it when it reveals itself to you, grab it like a koala.  --  ct
07-08-22:  part of me want's to tear into more political leaders and their faulty decisions/actions/reactions, i especially like to do that on friday's too, in my ego 'political friday' is better than spaghetti wednesdays and taco-tuesdays combined... but i'm exhausted really... since SCOTUS resolved some of the most meaningful arguments of a generation i've been listening/watching/reading every liberal-communist-dnc manipulative-grief and absurd reasoning and protesting and meltdowns that i can stomach, one can only listen to so many cry-babies holding their breath 'til they turn blue', so i'm taking a bit of a holiday...
... i'm still processing the week that i had just spent at the beach, i didn't write much, but i read a full boat-load, met with some loved-one's that i hadn't seen in too long, and thought a lot about the recent passing of my Mother Janice... the place that i stayed at is a humble, rustic, strong, and sturdy 'cottage' that was built by her Dad (my Grampa), and some others in his generation, and it's located on a small beach in a MA township, the week there brought back a zillion memories, and it was one of the more meaningful trips/vacations that i've had in quite awhile... i still haven't planned-out the rest of mom's 'arrangements', but i don't think she minds, i was hoping to do that while i was the beach, but it didn't happen, but an 'uncle-cousin' had some good ideas and offered some resources/generosity as well... i also hoped to write a shit-ton, didn't happen, it was minimal, and without going back to see what i did write i'm sure that it wasn't very good either... instead i kept myself busy trying to do a few repairs and keeping the sand-magnet floor clean... i also sat and did nothing for a little while too, it's not my forte... i did read quite a bit in between all of that, and i walked a whole bunch too, barefooted about the whole time... but breathing aside, i think the thing that i did the most was remembering Mom, as well as spending some very impressionable years/summers/weeks/days down at the beach, we didn't have much growing-up, but we had family and food and plenty of sea-air to breath way back in the day... i've been so dang busy for so many years that spending some time alone to actually recall some of those memories was great nostalgia and maybe even therapy... but i haven't processed enough of the week to really wrte much about it, maybe the week itself is part of an essay, i've got a story/something that i've been working on that sort of fit's, actually... i'm still juggling a few writings that are more 'story' than i'm used to writing (writing directions and policies is what my most recent professional jobs entailed, not story-telling)... one of my daughters gave me the stephen king memoir 'On Writing' the sunday that i was there (father's day 2022), and in the book he share's some great insight for creative writers, so i don't want to jump back in to any one of my open projects until i finish reading the last third of his... i'm not a fan of stephen king's works because i hate the jump-scares and feeling's of terror that the movies triggered, but i've been mostly a fan of film and not reading for entirely too long, so shame on me for not reading the books like an adult, and just settling for the films... but with all of that said, i love this book, i appreciate his vocabulary and his communication/writing style, and transparency about his flaws, he's pretty humble and that's a great quality for anyone that was/is celebrated in society, i have a very low tolerance/threshold for unbalanced egos that let their talents go to their heads... sooo, i'm writing about writing to help get me motivated to do so, i'm not trained or studied much on the matter, and it's for that reason that i wanted the book in the first place, plus it's much more affordable to pick-up a twenty dollar book than take a course, i appreciate education from multiple sources... i'm not applying much of the tips/do's/don'ts that he offered/begged/implored yet, but i might apply some of them to this crummy blog thingy soon enough, time will tell...
... so long-story-short, i'm taking another little break from political criticism, i think i've vented enough over the past week or two, at least that's my goal, unless triggered to do so :-)
oh, i'm setting-up a substack thing-a-ma-bob too, i did a quick anti-communist test post, but will probably use the platform for more complete writings, not just simple bloggy stuff-- ct

07-08-22 later:  let's just say that you're a Luke 22:36* kind of person, you've sold your tunic/cloak/crap and now you're shopping around for your very own sword, except sword's are sooo five-thousand years ago, so you are looking for a gun/firearm/mechanical-tool to keep up with times... well don't go and buy just one multi-purpose tool, consider at least three of them, because there is no such thing as one single perfect gun to handle all of your tasks/needs... when shopping for a gun of your very own consider the 3-gun competition...
A three-gun competition tests participants proficiency and accuracy with three different classifications of firearms... Pistols, Rifles, and Shotguns, and each type has their own strengths and weaknesses depending on the task at hand, the official ATF form 4473 differentiates those three types of firearms from many others in Section A, column 4**; it's worth noting that most Americans with limited firearm exposure and education/training assume that guns are either pistols or machine guns, their ignorance spectrum teeters between the 'cute' to 'straight-up dangerous' markers depending on whether or not they spew their emotional opinions in the public arena and how much false information they parrot to others about them, but most folks with some exposure and decent training will understand the difference, and be able to use all tree types safely once panic and fear turns into respect and appropriate situational-awareness/cognition.

... i'll try to finish-up an article that i started a month ago, but the leader above says most of it. -- ct

* Luke 22:36 - He (Jesus) said to them, “But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one.
** Types of firearms include, but are not limited to: pistol, revolver, rifle, shotgun, receiver, frame, and firearms that are neither handguns nor long guns (rifles or shotguns), such as firearms having a pistol grip that expel a shotgun shell (pistol grip firearm) or NFA firearms (machinegun, silencer, short-barreled shotgun, short barreled rifle, destructive device, or “any other weapon”)  tbc...  --  ct
07-06-22: wet start to the day, it's probably going to be a humid one in rockingham county... the rain reminds me that i have a bunch of indoor projects and chores that i could shift my attention to, things other than read or write or pray... financial resources are the anxiety of the day (the past couple of them actually), i still haven't found an appropriate opportunity and there are far too many resource burdens whose priorities become static based on deadlines, i'm thankful for a patient and reasonable landlord... it's already the middle of the workweek for you monday thru friday types, i used to either love or hate the short workweek, they were detriments/obstacles to projects, but other times they were the extra day of recovery necessary to keep on keeping on; not sure where you stand with this particular short week, but i hope it was a help for you... i'm spending too much of my attention on political strategy and messaging used by dnc-instigators, the dnc-communist party in america really had become the party of mob violence and intimidation, but what do you expect from madam speaker, it's in her genes/blood, they really are doing a great job stirring up trouble and dissent and outrage and hate, what a nasty group of communists... i'm not quite healthy enough to help bridge any gaps right now, i have too many other responsibilities to focus much on, but i'm still trying to exercise my communication style's until the point where i can be of service once again, and paying attention to techniques utilized by the hate-america camp all the while, someday i'll be a bit more useful to society, but today i need a job and some money to pay some bills, let me know if you have any leads for a gimpy fifty-something who refuses to take the experimental jabs, remote position would be best as i don't have transportation and can't afford the gas even if i had a car, flexible hours are best too, as i have parental responsibilities and actually love my family. -- ct
07-04-22: july the fourth, it's sort of a big deal in america, maybe not so much anywhere else but england (but for entirely different reasons), and all of the countries that were inspired by the usa... so i didn't have much planned for tonight, i sat around a last-minute campfire and contemplated entirely too many things, but here are a couple of them...
... social media responses... yeah man, how about that faceybook matrix... so look, there are probably several variables that trigger me to react to a 'social media' post/meme/publication... and then there are several different conditions that may trigger me to react to facts, opinions, or fiction... and i'll probably address some of the variables after a good night's sleep... some of the thoughts that i pondered around tonight's campfire haven't fully developed, perhaps they never will... OK, happy independence day for you fellow americans, and a good fourth of july to the rest of you... it's midnight now, well past my typical bedtime, i pray to God that i see tomorrow that i might finish my thoughts, i'll post them on this page when i have at it.  -- ct
07-03-22: up at entirely-too-early o'clock this morning, and the early birds are already singing like it's happy-hour, maybe the neighbor's fireworks knocked their circadian birdie clocks off kilter? ... i dunno, the owls are the only one's that could see any worms that are out this early though anyhow... so i hung-out with an old friend for a bit yesterday, and probably meeting-up with another old friend in five or six hours or so, love seeing old friends, no offense to my newer friends, sometimes we're a bit fvcked-up and going through our own unique shit that we express to one another, and sometimes we all seem to be pretty healthy and strong, but more the former really... i'm writing hard in the politics section lately, the deranged baby-killers are going fvcking nuts having been triggered by the regular cast of DNC-communist leadership/hypnotists, so i'm happy to return the favor a bit... i typically write with an equal and opposite reaction to dnc-communist words and actions, but i can't quite get my head into the life-long acid trip that most liberals and progressives and social-marxists live in, so it's challenging to push back when you're dealing with a hypnotized herd who have been taught that wrong is right and right is wrong, but i try... i didn't read or write very much yesterday, and not sure if i'll be able to do much today either, it sort of screws with my equilibrium, it's like an unexpected/unforced detox to some extent, or maybe it's the other way around, maybe it's more like someone slipping something into your drink and an hour later your wondering why you feel loopy and out of sorts... anyways, i hope to pick up a book or two before the long weekend ends, i'm thinking of jumping back in to a chris langan book again when i finish the stephen king book, i need the stimulation and challenge that langan's writings offer, i'll read the Intro to Mathematical Metaphysics next (update, it's not a book, it's an eighteen page pdf that you can view yourself in this issue of Cosmos and History), a buddy has asked me to read it a couple of times already, so i trust that it's good, but the title intimidates me, i try to stay clear of mathematics as much as possible, so i might have to polish-up on some of the symbols again before i open the book, i'm a better word-guy than i am math-guy, that much i do know... i'd reccomend any of C. Langan's essays/papers/books to the reader, he writes a bunch about subject matters that i've sort of ignored for most of my life as i settled for being an under-acheiving simpleton that focused on social distractions, so i appreciate the stimulation and introduction to many fields that i had little interest in until recently, the rich/dense vocabulary on top of somewhat foreign subject matter is an exercise for me ole' noggin, i'm pretty sure that steam has come out of both ears a time or two about twenty-five percent of the way through most of his papers, that's when the gentle intro transitions into PhD, so for a guy that lasted all but two-thirds of a semester in secondary education you might understand why i say that reading some of his published works are an intellectual exercise, but here's a tip for the potential reader, when you're reading his publications remember that he is a very smart man that writes to very smart audiences about some awfully heady subject-matter which always seem to point to the reality of the God of creation, pretty much the God of the bible, and one more tip for the reader, remember that Logos never dies...
... as much as i want to read and write this weekend i really want to finish making the desk that i'm working on, it's been a challenge because of some of the tools that i purged last year, but my buddy made some cuts for me yesterday in a couple pieces of oak, as well as the foot extenders, so now it's just sanding and drilling and screwing left, assembly required... part of the desk is an old bed frame that i started years ago, and the other part is the top of an old coffee table, it'll be an oak and glass something or other when it's done, i could be typing off of it pretty soon... OK, enough for now, my stomach is begging for food, me innards are churning like the dickens mate. -- ct
07-02-22:  rainy morning in rockingham county... woke up too darn early, and not feeling very well, last night's beer had much to do with it, the beer was extra delicious and went down like water after a bit, that's when alcohol becomes dangerous... the poison ivy is starting to show on one of my arms so far, it's a miracle that my ankles aren't covered with it, the boat-shoes were pretty deep in the beautiful green and shiny ground crawler for the better part of a half-hour the other day after the car accident, yet it's my arm that itches like nobody's business, and that's just from collecting the plastic car parts from the ivy patch...
... i've got this theme bouncing around the old noggin lately, i've isolated myself pretty well for the past few years, accept for close family, and the theme is pretty much just this 'why we need other people in our lives'... for a guy that isolates myself pretty often you could say that i'm preaching to myself as i'm continuing to climb out of the cave of self-criticism, self-doubt, and various levels of depression... preaching to myself is a positive thing, it show's me that i'm beginning to understand something... i started to write about it last-night, it was pretty good until i was angered when an old wound resurfaced, and then this platform timed-out while i was gnawing on a type of grief for a while, when it times-out i lose everything that i typed unless i do a few pain in the ass steps, perhaps it was the abundance of delicious beer that prevented me from remembering to do the pain in the ass steps, possibly, maybe, probably, most definitely... so today i hope to rattle the rest of my thoughts loose from the melon in which they are currently trapped, and hopefully organize those thoughts in a format that makes some sense to someone else other than me alone, once i get a few more neurons fired-up i'll get cracking on it... hermits be warned... i'll probably stick it under the 'religion and philosophy' section... blessings to you as you start your saturday.  -- ct
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