Took me one of them personality-tests, sonnava-bitch said i'm weird... i want my money back

02-04-24:  thought i'd start off with a joke... i had forgotten about Myers-Briggs long ago, the wife and i got them done as part of preparation for marriage, yeah, maybe that sounds weird, we called it 'pre-marital counseling', conducted by two pastors, one of which must have been a licensed something-or-other to consider these sorts of tests to help equip us... i clocked-in at an 'intj', although, looking at the brief description for each letter i'd say that my J is awfully close to a P, but that's my unprofessional quick-thought [update, i'm intj-t actually]... anyhow... i read some stuff on some stupid website called quora, and started getting peppered with psychology stuff, and then the MBTI... here's a quick brief written from a psych-dude, but unfortunately the credit goes to quora (because quora is stupid):

"every MBTI type is comprised of 8 cognitive functions (but we only use mainly our 4), arranged in a 
specific way that identifies the way we think or the thought-process we take in a certain order."

 After reading a bunch of horse-crap written by folks that assume too much--on quora--regarding INTJ thought-process i thought i'd set the record straight, i'll also say that i deal with a bunch of symptoms that you could easily group, and designate as manic-depressive/bi-polar, so take everything said with an appropriately-sized grain of salt... cool?  ... cool.

  First, this is a well articulated Q/A:
What is the reason that most INTJs are male? And why is it so rare to meet them in real life? Do they tend to stay behind their computer screens and not come out much, or what could be the reason for this?

Nobody knows for sure, but it’s likely something to do with how the male brain tends to process/compartmentalize emotions and logic versus how the female one tends to. Yes, there are observable differences in the size and distribution of brain structures on average between male/female. But so far we don’t know much information about what MBTI obervances truly represent as a phenomenon, or how it’s accurately distributed among the human population.

Most people’s brains appear to be wired for more social interaction, for more emotional processing and signalling than an INTJ is. INTJ brains are especially sensitive to certain stimuli - in a sense they can be hypersensitive to social stimulation whilst also being undersensitive to the nuances of it, probably because of their hyper-awareness to things like threat and situational awareness, on average. As such they divert from social situations and wire themselves for information-seeking and self-care instead. They have a tendency to desire thorough and absolute solutions to problems, if any exist, and these behaviors are also a means to that end. But the INTJ mind is plastic enough that they can learn social interaction, emotionality and just about anything else other types do, if they want to. What they can’t do is remove their core nature as independent-thinkers and actors, and their introverted needs on the psychological level.

INTJs will do whatever it is they are comfortable doing. For some it is being behind a computer screen, for some it might be being out in nature. But they will probably not be a big fan of socially-overstimulating places. It’s probably rare to meet them because they won’t be out looking to meet you - they will be doing whatever their interest is instead.

===  that was spot-on, but when i get unhealthy and out of whack i don't want to move at all ===

 ... these were someone's answers to a question 'what screams i'm an intj':

* You’re distant and serious until you get to know someone better. Much better
    Maybe, but when i'm in a better mind-space i might be light-hearted and friendly

* You hate small talk and wasting your valuable time with social pleasantries
    sometimes, but see my comment from their last answer

* You’re blunt. You may learn to curb that with time, but only with strangers; With the people close to you, you don’t go to that trouble
    shit-yeah i'm blunt... but, when i'm present and not exhausted i still extend nice-ness to loved-ones too

* You have intense focus. When you care about a subject or come upon a problem at work, you tune everything out and don’t come up for air until you’re satisfied that you’ve mastered it to some degree. That for me, is what astonishes people the most, what causes them to take notice of me when they’d so far dismissed me as unimportant
    Yeah, probably me too sometimes, but that sounds more like a manic-episode, which might be curiosity-driven, or maybe hormones; but when something get's my attention it's hard to shake

* You see patterns everywhere and like to test your theories against them. At the same time, you’re not afraid to adjust your patterns if you discover that something doesn’t fit
    I 'see' patterns, true, but i'm not always distracted by them all, otherwise, i'd got completely nuts.

* You have no respect for people who make important decisions based on their feelings, those who act without planning and those who fail to keep their promises
      you're damn straight, emotional-driven folks are like aliens to me, i don't get it... but i don't 'have to' get it, either.

* You’d rather spend time alone than with boring company. If in said company, you’ll either stand up and leave, if you can do it without attracting too much attention, or retreat into your inner world which is always fascinating
      i usually disassociate, and do the 'retreat to your inner-world' thing, like they said... but sometimes i escape

* You like to find the reason WHY behind everything. And I mean everything. When something doesn’t make sense you can become obsessed and have trouble moving over it
    Well of course... but you can't stop there, there's also WHAT, and HOW, i'm big on them too... but i'll give this response an Amen, and a Hallelujah... 'cause and affect' should be applied to every facet of life, unless you prefer to live on a hamster-wheel

* Your word is your vow. Which is why you usually take some time to answer since you want to be sure of what you’re gonna say
  I suppose, i typically mean what i say, unless i think you're fvcking with me, then it's a big/fat 'good luck' to ya.

 ... this guy's response was a bit more realistic than the last one... he is answering the qustion, 'which mental-illness is an intj likely to develope':

 "INTJs need time to grow into their personalities and allow them to fully develop. Many variables conspire to create who we are as individuals.

Being an INTJ is really tough on the brain. Thinking is hard work! All that analytical crunching as we absorb the complexities of everything tends to cause some issues.

This is especially true when we are faced with having to rationalize illogical things.. Like emotions. We have a very strong tendency to react poorly to stress whenever it is tied to feelings. Especially when it is a sudden, unexpected thing!

This commonly provokes occorances of many of the same threshold criteria for the schizoid-related afflictions. Psychosis. This might even be confused with a manic episode of bipolar.

But, here’s the interesting part.. when our brains have the time they need to just relax and crunch though all that plotting, planning, and rationalization that we are internally hardwired to do.. well.. All returns to normal and we just learned a lesson and went from an immature INTJ to a smarter version. How? We developed a defense mechanism!

At times, INTJs are very demanding of their environments. But, what goes in their heads is absolute insanity. Talking to a therapist and saying things like.. “I just want my brain to shut up”? Hmmm. Anywhere in that big scary psychiatric diagnostic manual where you see the term ‘racing thoughts'.. that is the answer to the question.

We are not anti-social. Quiet time alone is our medicine. Extraverts don't easily comprehend that reality. Confidence and intelligence is not narcissistic traits. Our goal is to efficiently make things better, not trample peoples feelings for the fun of it. All of the rumors linking the personality to psychopathic related disorders? No. We are good people who want to make things better. Yes, we can be kind of abrasive.

Somewhere in my research, I remember reading about how the personality traits overlap significantly with Autism/Asperger Syndrome. And, lastly.. INTJs have a weakness for temptation in times of stress. Alcoholism and drug use is common.

Schizoid. Bipolar mania. (Our normal quiet time is not depression)."

... and then there's this one:

Their resting bitch face — it keeps INTJs from unwarranted social interactions and it keeps the bullies away
 yeah, i got me one of them, maybe i use it for other subconscious things--such as the author suggested--but i think it's usually when i'm just thinking about some things, and a little detached, maybe... the funny thing is, my facey-book picture is straight-up RBF, and i even mention it in my profile, got me there

Open-mind and willingness to see more than one side to situations before (harshly) judging said situations
 yep, we are constantly 'attempting to reconcile' people, environment, God, and our selves... the brain is seldom quiet

Love of learning, good speed of learning, and good retention of information
 i dunno, sort of, but i also deal with some brain/dam... you know, when things are clogged-up, and not flowing very well... there are some things that i have a little bit of difficulty trying to learn, but mostly because i don't have a great memory, i don't memorize things very well... they say that INTPs can be slower learners, maybe that's me, or maybe i'm just not functioning close to where my expected baseline is... i dunno

Ability to entertain themselves, especially because a certain group of INTJs get bored easily
 yeah man, i keep myself entertained pretty well, it used to be more physical things like sports, but now it's more neuro-stimulating things

Analytical mind and sharp intuition — INTJs can instinctively tell whether or not a person is bad news in the first few seconds of meeting them
 usually, but we get burned too, but it's not just people's 'character', intuitiveness spans many areas, not just 'people', and it can be frustrating when you 'know something', but not completely sure how/why you know it (like i said, i deal with memory issues)

Ability to emotionally detach themselves from situations, which helps them think clearly and handle things in an organised manner during emergencies
 this is where the resting bitch-face comes into play, people can get all kinds of emotional, and i look stoic, probably because i'm trying to reconcile/understand what the problems are.

Quick wit, which makes for instant comebacks and sarcasm
 sometimes, i do appreciate humor, it might be the emotion that i'm most comfortable with

Genuinity, or ability to fake genuinity with self-training
 yeah, i can 'act', but i prefer reality

Ability and love to stay low-key, and INTJs can keep private what they absolutely want to stay unknown to other people
 damn-straight, i require zero lime-light

Strong will — INTJs rage against the dying of the light
 is this what people meant when they called me a stubborn-fool ;-)

 ... this one is pretty good, i go through seasons where nothing seems right, and i have little purpose, i'm just taking up other people's air:
What does a broken INTJ look like?

One that has lost faith in their internal abilities to predict, adapt and overcome. Withdrawn, exceptionally so, no faith in interacting with people any more, little faith in themselves. They may even begin to find everything a giant joke and treat it as such.

Luckily, the INTJ is like one of those self-righting robot toys, even with low batteries. They will right themselves, one way or another, usually by cutting off the dead limbs of the tree and moving forward with even more severe purpose (survival). They will find something else to focus on, though they may leave all people behind. They may become hermits or aesetics, they may undertake a hobo journey to find meaning again. They typically aren’t the suicidal type, in my experience, even though they may speak about being “eternally close to death” or familiar with death. This is probably due to the INTJs propensity for seeing existence as a net positive, even when it contains suffering - for to arise from nothing, live and return to nothing is still an experience otherwise unhad.

 ... this Gal nailed the answer to this one...Are INTJs quick/fast learners?:

Yes and no. Let me explain…

As an INTJ myself, I would say yes; in general, we pick up on new information quickly and have in uncanny ability to make connections between seemingly irrelevant pieces of information. This makes it easier to later recall information, helping us to skip the “repetition” component of standard learning.

HOWEVER, this comes with a warning label!! Our compulsive need to understand the WHY behind everything can get us in over our heads. Often, if an INTJ does not understand the reasoning behind a statement, the mind will “block” it as a survival mechanism. If one would choose to disregard this impulse and focus on it, it will eat at them until they finally 100% understand it. An INTJ’s single-goal-oriented perspective will make it nearly impossible for them to function with anything else during this time. This becomes less manageable the more specialized and advanced a topic becomes, often causing INTJ students immense amounts of distress.

  'compulsive need to understand WHY', and the 'block' parts... holy-smokes... it's like she knows me.. and then the 'make connections between seemingly irrelevant pieces of information', which i didn't realize until recently, is my best learning-style... for me the narrative goes something like this 'ohhh, this is sort of like that'... understanding concepts/principles (like cause and affect), not trying to remember specific details, is probably my natural way of learning... details come later, after i understand the mechanics.  --  ct

 ... this one is spot-on, i don't necessarily 'process info quickly', but we are subconsciously analyzing continually:

Can you explain how INTJs process information so quickly?

Not necessarily quickly, just constantly, non-stop.

INTJs gather information on anything at all times. Not just “relevant” information, but all sorts.

INTJs are very good at pattern recognition, and tend to see what's there, not what they wish were there, which is what most people do. People tend to not realize that they project what they want to see onto Reality, rather than simply look at what's truly there.

INTJs are always quietly & honestly observing the world, trends, and people.

Therefore, when INTJs need to analyze anything, all the observations, stored patterns, and random stored information come together.

 ... the one below is a great example... showing my math is probably the worse thing you could ask me to do... when a brain is constantly working, and consuming information that's intentional, or not, and then have to explain each step involved to reach a conclusion, i can easily forget to mention a few variables considered along the way... people don't appreciate the hasty/detached words 'i just know'... 33% of the population will demand a full detailed explanation (typically lower IQ, or Dunning-Kruger type of folks), and be suspicious or jealous of you (wasted energy, also, despite some processing capabilities, i'm the last guy you want to be jealous about, my life is seldom 'easy')... 33% don't care how you arrived at your answer, they just wanted someone to figure it out for them, and may come back to you if they get stuck along the way... and the other 33% are usually trusting of your answer because i may have explained just enough to fill in the parts they maybe didn't consider, but usually can piece most of the parts together themselves pretty well... also, it's worth noting that i'm very capable of fvcking something up... my 'solutions' to 'problems' are only as good as the information processed, and known variables and factors... i DON'T, and never will know everything, sometimes i know just enough about certain things that i start getting hit with emotions (see the beginning of Ecclesiastes for help understanding this phenomena), which becomes another factor for consideration... i usually 'can' explain all of my logic, step-by-step, if i'm not engaged in so many other projects that i can do so without getting frustrated... if i'm stressed and already trying to figure-out a bunch of other challenges, i might get bitchy or even combative, especially if i'm tired, hungry, thirsty, or aching/hurting... then i can be a world-class A-hole... at which point it might be wise to let me go along my way, and then actually re-evaluate/consider what i already said after i leave... sometimes i just need to say the truth/answer, get it off my chest and be done; it's up to the untrusting, or cognitively-challenged folks to use my opinion or not... i'm learning to be OK with that too, i'm trying to learn from Jesus' example regarding this trait... He actually expected it... anyways, here's the Q, and their A:

What will an INTJ never tell you that you will just need to know?

Remember when you were in school, and the math teacher told you to “show your work”? Yeah…INTJs don't do that.

In real life, this extrapolates down to coming up with the answer to a problem, thinking 12 steps ahead, and announcing that something needs to be done, but the “something” ends up sounding like a non-sequeter.

Example: my mom was in the hospital. She was told she could only be released if we had access to a wheelchair.

My first comment after hearing this: “ We’ll need to move the table in the foyer.”

My mom and husband looked at me like I had three heads. Why would the table matter? She's sick and can't walk.

But in my brain, the solution went like this: rent a wheelchair, get her to the car, park in handicap space, get her in the wheelchair, wheel her to the front door. Foyer has a side table, and the amount of space left between the table and the opposite wall isn't wide enough for the wheelchair to pass. We have to move it before we try to get her in the door. That was the only part of the solution that involved doing something other than getting my mom and her wheelchair in the house, so that was the one part of the plan that needed to be attended first.

Thus I only announced that part of the plan out loud.

I forget that other people won't necessarily follow my logic train. I forget to tell people how I reached my conclusions.

INTJs are problem solvers. But, we often forget to tell people how we reached our conclusions. We won't tell you how we reached our conclusions because to us, it's too obvious to say out loud.

You'll have to put up with seemingly random comments and just accept that we're not crazy and that we do, in fact, have a plan.

 ... just realized that i can be a bit intense when the sheep-dog red-flag goes off:

  ... this one is pretty good too, the original question was 'What are some things that INTJs do not like to discuss':

  1. Emotions: You'd be hard-pressed to find an INTJ ready (and willing) to discuss how they feel. There are exceptions to this, however: When an INTJ does open up to another soul, said person should consider themselves an INTJ’s probable favorite human. You don't get to hear that every day.
  2. Things they know little to nothing about: This is interesting, because while INTJs love to learn more (and master things new to them), one might find it unusual to see an INTJ not contributing much to the discussion other than listening and taking in information. They get animated discussing something they're passionate about, but prefer to take the backseat and just listen when discussions center around things they're not knowledgeable of.
  3. Gossip: Yes, INTJs also enjoy talking about other people. But there's a definitive line that's drawn when discussions devolve into gossips. You might notice an INTJ slowly or immediately disengaging from the conversation once this happens.
  4. Conversations that don't add value at all: Also known as small talks, these discussions just wear an INTJ off like a [expletive]. Discussions must have an objective. Ooh, INTJs LOVE reason. So any conversation that doesn't have a defined purpose shouldn't be pursued. (look for the patented INTJ face that seems to ask, “…aaaaand you're telling me this why?”)
... most of that seems true, from my perspective, the first one stands alone, the first-part of the second question is spot-on, and then the rest moosh together with some cause and affect reality

What are some weaknesses INTJs should focus on strengthening?

While leveraging strengths is crucial for success, INTJs can benefit from addressing certain areas of growth:

1. Social Independence: INTJs can be excessively independent, especially socially. Engaging in collaborative projects requires teamwork. Overcoming our natural inclination towards isolation and viewing social interactions as skill-building opportunities can be beneficial.

2. Emotional Processing: Historically, I would bypass my emotions, either suppressing or ignoring them. However, with maturity, I've realized the importance of understanding and managing emotions. INTJs can sometimes overlook their feelings, but these emotions can offer valuable insights.

3. Communication Approach: Although many INTJs, including myself, appreciate direct and blunt communication, it's essential to recognize that not everyone feels the same way. There's room to soften our communication style to avoid inadvertently offending others with our straightforwardness.

 ... everyone has weaknesses to work on, which is why the post above is great... I'll add some of my own input in time.

  ... tbc ...

 ... i have an idea for a podcast, it would be based on conversations between intj-types... have some meaningful conversations about the guest's interests... and then have some fun at the end, maybe get competitive and bicker about stuff in stero-typical intj-fashion, sort of play-fight for some entertainment and viral-value ... something like that... it could be quite simple, or well-produced... but, it would definitely be informative (as most intj-types like to deep-dive into interesting things for fun when we are healthy in the head, and always thinking about a bunch of different things), and, i can find humor in anything, it helps to ground me in reality... sarcasm, human-nature, making-up my own--or--pointing out other hypocrisies... i like to be silly, and light-hearted when i'm comfortable, BUT, the down-side is that i also use humor sometimes as a defense-mechanism, it's so silly really... anyhow, this would probably be a means to do something that i like to do, talk to people beyond small-talk, have them tell you some of their story, share some of their wisdom, teach you something, and pitch any projects they produced, or might be involved with...
 ... interviews would probably be my 'jam', if i were to be on the scary-side of a lens... but most folks who dwell close to reality are really interesting, so are the others too, but it might be difficult to have a meaningful conversation with someone who spends most of their time on the outer-edges of reality, those types of conversations would probably be really challenging... anyways, i don't make it a point to chase after money, but this would probably be a money-maker if i do it well, and other gifted folks want to collaborate in the way that they know how, too... but i'm no good with money, so i don't know how to make it profitable without advertising... i'm growing old, and deteriorating to the degree that i can't use my previous physical-gifts to earn money anymore... i've got a decent noggin, but zero credentials to go with it... i have the ability to do some work, but not the stability to work like most of society... i won't suffer psychopathic businesses/cults, distracted and street-rod drivers, or ass-holes... and, refuse to comply with any medical-mandates that are demanded/suggested by anyone... those folks have too much soul-searching to be good citizens in my environment... my blood-pressure literally goes through the roof... maybe that's why i'm done pretending that i'm not an introvert, it takes a toll on my body, mind, and soul... i dunno... those are some ideas on how to possibly make some money, but i suck with money. -- ct

... after cooking supper:  no No NO... the point of a decent pod-cast/conversation isn't inclusion, it would be far more beneficial to maybe know various guests mbpi, and then talk about various issues and passions, and what our thought-process is to conclude those perspectives... most folks have a decent perspective of reality, how we use our noggins to derive to those conclusions are what's unique... so the limitation of intj vs. intj is moot... however, it would make for some entertainment when you get two intj's to discuss different topics, and then see who different 'like-minded' individuals can be... i think you'd have some props made, something along the lines of a pool-noodle, that would have some logo on it, the fun would be differing perspectives beating each other a little bit after sparring over differences... like a pillow-fight sort of thing, there is your entertainment... factor, everything else leading up to it would be meaningful... maybe that's the idea to get conversations rolling... maybe some episodes devoted to intj's just having at it would be extra funny... i don't even want to do this, it's just an idea, i like to have meaningful conversations with people, but i'm the epitome of stage-freight, i'd rather be a writer, but you simply Cannot write/script that which an organic conversation holds in potential... you just can't... i think i've been limiting myself to just reading-processing-writing, seems like life is much more than that... i need to quit limiting my expectations, reasoning, and potential... assuming is just stupid on so many levels... anyway... supper was pretty good, gonna grab a beer, and converse with the family, now that everyone is home... this might just be a stupid idea, or maybe one worth pursuing... cheers.  --  ct
 CT: I'm what most folks would call a Christian, and have been for a few decades or so, although I've expanded and contracted many times during that part of my life... that's just some back-story to say that I don't really pay much attention to dreams, especially since I don't remember any of them when taking Rx ambien... but every now and then I will have a dream, one that is quite moving. Since many CTMU folks come from various religious-systems, some which may be more dream-centric than my limited background and understanding offers... here's a quick post from my blog that describes the dream, can anyone help with insight?

 03-22-24: just to piggy-back on the afternoon dream that i had during a well-needed nap the other day... who or what ever it was in the dream I approached, it was like they had something to offer me, and I approached with a calm humility of a seeker of truth, love, wisdom, purpose, discernment... the closer I approached their face shifted, and morphed into something of a clay, or a cave-carving or painting... it's head looked like a cyclops potato-head looking fella, with just one big 2-dimensional eye lacking detail, all like a clay carving entity that could move... and it had a slightly larger mouth... as I drew closer it took me gently by the head, gently with it hands to my ears, and pulled me in closer, and as if touching foreheads, or maybe some kiss on my forehead (actually, mine is like a 5 or 6 head these days)... the slow-gentle inertia of the touch on my head felt like an expansion of some magical kind of something... something that was powerful enough to leave me in awe, see things that i've never seen or could imagine, and woke me from slumber.


 M: The symbolism, between imagery and events, appears to be highly telling to a spiritual renewal, or rebirth. Certainly upon the account of the sense-perceptions that you describe taking place within the dream itself, and, perhaps a bit less obviously of that in conjunction with the imagery of the dream. The shifting appearances as you approached closer to the lifeform reminds me of the gestation phases of pregnancy-- reflecting the gratuity of biological form-shifts from zygote, to embryo, to fetus, and the fetal stages of in-utero development. While, the occurrence of it, as it may pertain to the meaning of the dream-- perhaps is indicative of an active catalyzation of internal spiritual transformation taking place. Shifting from one form of your identity, to a renewed creation, and renewed embodiment of it altogether. That of it being a rather arbitrary, dare I say even silly visual depiction of some kind of lifeform that you'd encountered in the dream-- I believe is telling of a great deal of things... But, more notably-- the fact of it being perhaps slightly weird, or unremarkable, and how you interacted with it; reflecting the ultimate essence of God's creation that generatively gives rise to the physical universe. It's like He's saying that the way things look on the surface does not always reflect what the spirit truly contains, and that your ultimate essence is what is most vital to the fulfillment and evolution of your spirit. Perhaps that is how you and God together, are actively putting the pieces in place that lead you to even greater standings in truth with Him? Actually putting some experiences and images to those things of reality, and how He works that otherwise could not be imagined, or seen?

 CT:  i'm a bit of a comedian at heart, so part of me was hoping that someone from the group would say that some ancient entity of hair restoration had blessed me with a therapy... but jokes aside... it kind of feels like God hit me with dose of Masow's 'self-actualization'... activated, to some degree... i've been unchurched for maybe a decade or so, soured over our last two experiences, went through a figurative hell for a few years after the covid-attack, been getting healthier in all aspects of H:3, and then after the dream I feel like i'm the intj-t that's been hibernating far too long... I don't know exactly what happened the other day, but I feel great after that, and been writing with more purpose now. I wasn't sure if any of you folks were aware of any symbolism of the Mayan/aztechy clay-mation thing that seemed to embrace me, blessed me to some degree... however, your reply is greatly appreciated Max... I'll have to check out Marko's episode/suggestion as well... may you all get to experience what i did in the dream... you'll love it -- ct

 M:  I can definitely relate to where you're coming from. Not as familiar with the South Native American symbolism(s), no. That would definitely be interesting to look into though. I'm very glad to hear that everything is improving for you though:) My prayers go out to you as well
 P.S. -- I know we could share in some state of the art dream stories as well The Lord is ever so gracious as He is close


 A:  Don't know if it is related to your dream, as dreams need to be interpreted within the specific context of the person and their present life situation, the best interpreter of this dream is you, and the symbolic meanings need to be intrepreted within your own personal experience, Jordan Peterson writes in his books about the eye of Horus, as a symbol of knowledge, bringing order out of chaos, and such, a single all watching eye, it's a strong archetype coming from Egyptian mythology, this could probably help:


  A:  In his book he expands on the idea of Horus, I don't remember the exact details, but the gist being that a stale society or civilization can be renewed by the power of attention. So renewal, regaining wisdow could be part of the meaning of your dream. Being more aware. Also, the character in your story holds your ears, another sense and brings them forward to him, and by touching his forehead with you, is sharing thoughts almost in telepathic way. Who does this character represent for you, is it yourself, or is it a spiritual being. Someone or something is in my opinion telling you to be open to receive wisdom and pay attention. Something important could be happening at your present life that mandates more attention?