Manipulation 101.1

03-21-2021: I think that democrats only retain their popularity and power because they know how to easily manipulate the city know, the people that focus their lives on busy distractions and prioritize social acceptance and live mostly in cities and suburbs. The city dweller has no clue what it takes to survive and live anywhere except where they live. A city dweller thinks that eggs come from a grocery store… they have no clue that living chickens produced those eggs and those chickens were nurtured by other real people who had to do manual labor to care for those chickens because they know their work is important to life’s basic needs ‘food’, so those people learned what is involved in understanding nature/biology/climate and other smart things… and chickens… those people know that what they are doing is important to basic human essentials so they take the time to learn about those things and are also willing to work in physically demanding environments despite the diverse education they have, and they also have to have some business smarts because they are involved in the mass distribution of basic human essential/necessity, so its ‘all important’… And then there is the city dweller… that purchases their eggs at a grocery store/convenient store… those eggs that might not be all that fresh either… eggs that aren’t fresh but they don’t know any better, city dwellers think they are eating fresh eggs that are weeks old because they don’t know any better, because a sign somewhere says they are fresh eggs, but their ignorance is irrelevant to the purchase of those eggs because they don’t know what they don’t know so they purchase eggs that they think are great and fresh because some sign or someone told them their crummy old eggs are fresh. Eggs can be preserved longer if they are refrigerated, so the further away from actual chickens that you live the more likely you are to buy old eggs that require refrigeration… but you don’t have to travel far beyond your city limits to purchase hard-earned fresh eggs layed by humanely treated chickens that don’t get anymore organic than you can imagine and all for cheap money too… Most city dwellers never take the time to dwell on the idea that eggs come from places that they seldom travel to, and many city dwellers are sickened at the thought of traveling beyond their city and visiting a full-blown farm where unpleasant/unfamiliar smells dwell, well maybe they know farms exist because they visited one on a field trip in school once or twice… who knows for sure, but a city dweller has an understanding that eggs come from stores and they belong in the refrigerator, they belong in the refrigerator because that’s how they bought them at a store. Most city dwellers never think about animals or farmers and when they do they assume that farming is simple and easy, they think that because it’s all part of nature/biology that everything happens on a farm is just simple destiny, you plant a seed and you grow food, but a city dweller is ignorant of the many variables that all have to go right in order to produce healthy crops.. ‘what, you just plant a seed, right’ … says the guy that can’t live without the mini computer/smart phone in their pocket and want to die if they don’t have a wireless connection to the internet. City dwellers are ignorant about a lot of simple things in life, the simple things that actually equate to being the really important things in life that humans need/require to live, city dwellers think that they need their corner stores, media and the cheap promises by strong leaders to live a meaningful life… city dwellers require their leaders to tell them what should be important in their life… city dwellers require manipulation by politicians in order to survive. City dwellers forget that the only thing that people need to live is food, water, shelter and other humans to survive but that simple idea doesn’t fit in with their ‘complicated’ and ignorant lives. City dwellers do not think about living simple lives instead they enjoy lives full of distractions, filled with busy businesses, social acceptance, and the search/quest for new experiences, and something more than what they have… most city dwellers never realize that the ‘more than what they have’ is the simple life that they don’t know exists, they don’t know how much of their time they spend looking at, listening too, and witnessing things that are distracting them from understanding what is actually important in life, like good safe decent food, clean safe and healthy fluids/water, they think that safe shelter requires every product advertised on t.v. that tells them/promises them an easier and more fulfilling life, and that their shelter should be larger than appropriate and filled with everything that’s ever been marketed to them or that their neighbors have filled their apartments with. City dwellers have been constantly manipulated into keeping their busy distracting and shallow lifestyles, lifestyles that have no clue about what’s really important in life, they search for or demand social acceptance despite their own deviances, they don’t know that they are equals to everyone they encounter, they think they are either less important (and require manipulation), or more important than everyone else, if you think you are more important than others you think that the less important people require manipulation to keep everyone just as ‘complicated’ and busy and shallow as you. People that think they are smarter and more important than you and me think they have every right to manipulate and distract other people that aren’t as smart and important than them… But the city dwellers that think they are less important than everyone else have difficulty making ends meet, they require public assistance, they live frustrating lives knowing that they are ‘stuck’, they don’t know that there is anything more to life than what they are told and what they have experienced… they don’t know that they could simply move to a different place where different kinds of people focus their lives on more meaningful things, not distracting things… and they may have even given up on anything else other than the shallow busy things that are constantly moving around them … similar to abusive relationships, they stay where they are because they think they deserve it, they don’t know that there are other options because they don’t know what they don’t know and feel trapped and numb… years, a lifetime, and even multiple generations of manipulated people stay in abusive relationships, and in cities that feel right, but are so wrong, they know there is something wrong about it all but they feel like they are where they deserve to be because they aren’t important and, OK, OK, OK….

… Was that nice?... did I write that opening paragraph in an interesting/creative way to manipulate you into considering my perspectives… well, it was kind of nicely written if you enjoy creative writing/art… creative writing is an effective way of expressing your opinions/beliefs/perspectives by people that have difficulty communicating with simple straight forward words so ‘story-telling’ using emotional tugs is the art, and its an incredibly effective ‘tool for manipulation’.

When I write in a style labeled as ‘creative-writing’ I can be less manipulative then some of the more ‘in your face’ and ‘obvious’ attempts to initiate forms of manipulation, but it is an effective tool just as well. I have made some obvious and some less than obvious attempts to manipulate readers… the ‘obvious’ will turn-off opposition immediately, most will quit reading and find another source for information, others  will sick web trolls on me depending on the health of their ego and how ‘close to home’ I can hit… but the ‘obvious’ will also ignite an emotional response from like-minded people, who will give me an ‘amen’, a ‘shit yeah’ or something else that raises their blood-pressure and makes them want to pound their fist on the table… or worse… but definitely causing further divide between like-minded ‘followers’ and all democratic urban and suburban americans.  Other ‘obvious’ manipulative wording that I chose could possibly ‘pull-in’, tickle the ear, strike a chord… basically use words or ideas that will resonate with readers that haven’t committed to voting for a republican presidential candidate, or a democrat presidential candidate, or the occasional third-party candidate… if I can write in a way that can manipulate a favorable response/trigger/emotion from completely undecided voters I have an opportunity to influence them… if the rest of the readers that pick-up on my ‘in your face’ obvious manipulative words are democrat leaning, or republican leaning but not hard-core left or right, well they might be the most centrist audience that I can try to influence because they are the only people that I have a real shot at influencing their potential vote, they are probably going to vote already, they aren’t people that ‘might vote’, they are probable voters so they are a great potential audience for that one reason alone, not only are they probably going to vote, but because they aren’t hardcore leaning dem or rep it means that they might be open to considering more than one point of view based on party-line alone, they might be reasonable enough to attempt to sway their opinion, and if my goal were to attract ‘followers’ it wouldn’t take much more effort than the obvious in your face words or scare-tactics and phrases that I used for those ‘reasonable’ people to come back for more manipulation (notice that I do not set up the functionality to encourage people to ‘follow’ me or ‘subscribe’).

There are obvious ‘in your face’ manipulative phrases and then there are the ‘less than obvious’ attempts of manipulation, the less than obvious are the most effective because readers that haven’t picked-up on them are now open to further persuasion, those are the ‘reasonable voters’, if I really want to manipulate the people that are my greatest priority I have to start backing-up my in your face statements with details/facts, something more than just obvious attempts to cause division or name-calling, or poor acting with decent comedic timing, I have to go a little deeper than that now, I have to back-up my opinionated words with actual reasoning, with facts, or half-truths, or reasonably sounding lies, I just have to be a bit more reasonable than calling half of the voters in the country ‘city dwellers’, you know, like instead of labeling everyone in America that voted for trump in 2016 or 2020 as menacing/threatening white-supremacists, you don’t do that unless you are trying to incite division and conflict and further manipulation because otherwise you are just a ranting racist, you have to go deeper and back up those shallow accusations with real-life facts that prove your words are not just shallow ignorant opinions… otherwise you lose the credibility/opportunity to manipulate more people than just your like-minded nincompoops/audience that your inciteful words fall victim to, your group of little minions who thrive off of your hateful egotistical manipulation, but when more and more and more shallow egos keep repeating the same inciteful/hateful accusations but are reporting those accusations as ‘obvious facts’ not as ‘their opinions’ the manipulation begins to look more like mass-incitement to some more normal people, but more ‘emotional and awesome’ and about as necessary as a delicious dinner to herd/mob-mentality manipulated followers, to manipulated members of a following herd of ignorant animals emotional incitement is not just as great as a tasty dinner, it includes a great tasting desert too… when you get me emotionally incited I love to do things that I know are so wrong but being in the herd of like-minded people who are manipulated to the point of incitement it doesn’t matter to me or the people around me if I am doing things that I know are wrong but have been manipulated into thinking that the things that are bothering me are more important/relevant than the wrong things that I do, it’s one big blissful street-party of angry rebellion when master manipulators incite a crowd of angry individuals… it’s a one big college fraternity party when upper-classman gives the command that everyone needs to take a drink when master manipulators incite mobs/crowds/followers/gangs/herds of dangerous animals or people, it’s all one big blissful frat-house party command to take a shot of vodka when smart people with bad intentions know how to incite a mob and have the compromised ego to carry it out… ‘I said drink, now drink you fools… I mean, my brothers’. Inciting mob-mentality violence has been displayed/practiced by an organization that calls themselves ‘antifa’… those folks know how to incite a mob as good as anyone, they are so good at it that some socialist u.s. lawmakers denied their very existence even though they were video filmed multiple times per day every day for over a whole summer and they also happen to be in several nations around the world trying to instigate civil unrest in attempt to manipulate/sway people’s thinking, they are not just an ‘American problem’… I tend to think that socialist u.s. law-makers and socialist antifa are funded by the same bad-intentioned manipulators, but that’s my observation/opinion

 You should not take my words as solid truth because I am unimportant and not very smart or educated … But, I could find an institution of higher education that appreciates my perspectives to the point where I could acquire a special sounding degree/credential and now I have the ‘authoritive perspective’ on any bullcrap I choose to peddle to earn my living, I am now a credentialed ‘professional’ who is given a platform to spew my ‘professional opinion’, and any other platform or media outlet that is willing to acknowledge how smart I am to their followers and pay me a fee for a few minutes of shallow manipulative ‘narrative’ that will help peddle the sales of ‘my book’, or my ‘latest book’, NY Gov Andrew Cuomo figured it out pretty well didn’t he, you know a book and some awards etc. Depending on the state/health of my ego I can use those opportunities to sell/incite/divide/make a living, or publish words worthy of mass distribution, words that do not hit the ego of enough like-minded followers to sell some books an earn some money power and respect, or use my new special ego/platform to manipulate as many people as possible… egos are a funny thing… almost no one has a healthy realistic opinion of how important/special they are… I say it again, almost no one… so even professional smart people are prone to sloppy childish manipulation tactics whether they want to call it that or not, they don’t realize how vulnerable they are because they don’t like to think that they can be wrong and they don’t know what they don’t know so they let their egos get largely unhealthy through social validation and financial gain… but with enough social/financial validation and social connections/network and the goal to sell someone else’s narrative I could make a decent living making rounds on the news channels and podcasts and anyone else that will give me the opportunity to sound smart and make more money, let’s take Dr. Naomi Wolf ( as an example. I didn’t know much about that nice lady until I viewed a segment on Tucker Carlson Tonight which gave her a platform to speak for a few moments, good for her, maybe, because during that segment the nice Doctor lady displayed her ignorance by just now realizing how much America is set up to become a dictatorship/socialist society with special thanks to the big important money makers on her side of the political aisle, except that she says that it was Bush 43’s fault and everyone else after him just made it worse, well that’s what I eventually ‘opined’ when she had peddled an old book that she wrote, while making the rounds on cable networks to peddle her newest book, she referenced many previous dictatorship regimes and the different tactics that they used to set up their eventual control of a nation, cute. Well that part wasn’t ‘cute’ but what was cute was her pathetic goal of division and manipulation of her many followers through childish scare tactics by suggesting that Donald trump had set himself up as a dictator to seize control over USA two months before the 2020 presidential election… yes, the nice doctor lady that appeared to be somewhat logical in her theory that America is becoming closer to a ‘Fascism State’, but appeared to direct most of her attention to what republican administrations had done to get us to the current fascism state of statehood, or whatever she is currently peddling to her minions and anyone that will pay to purchase her doctorish/PhD books and conspiracies… she is actual a left wing propaganda conspiracy machine, nice work girl, she has utilized her collegiate degrees to make about as much money as she can handle by peddling conspiracies to sway voters/minions as close to voting season as possible… you go girl! Dr Naomi is so cute in that respect. It appears that she has written some literary classics that are more geared toward ‘woman’s issues’, some strong selling books that may have been beneficial to many of her readers, maybe, hopefully, you got to get SOMETHING out of your money from your book purchase, but I can honestly and ignorantly say that I haven’t read any of those pieces of art, but she seems nice and smiles a lot so I’m assuming that the image in which she portrays herself and the fact that she appears to have done well from her book sales that she has some wisdom to share, maybe. But I can say without a maybe that she did an adequate job of raising anxiety and fear to anyone that reads her ‘art’ just prior to the 2020 presidential election, so well done/played young lady…. I wrote ‘young lady’ a few minutes ago because I thought she was actually younger than me, she ain’t, we are both getting old girl. Nice job writing this pathetic manipulative flaming bag of dog-poop two months prior to the election ( … you might notice that she was corrected because of poor research and that of the comments posted there were still some people that hold the disillusion that antifa is an idea not an organized group of socialist thugs (keep drinking the kool-aid morons), but back to the nice Dr… Nice job not following back up and writing the two follow-up articles that she promised her minions because she was completely wrong, or she spent more time and energy on her money machine, I mean marketing her new book, or maybe because she is a complete political hack that drops garbage to stir-up America to get her networked champions in office… maybe all of the above, but I’m often wrong, so she deliberately did not follow-up to how much nonsensical bullcrap she previously spewed because of some other reason that I am completely unaware of… either way, good luck on your next book young lady, you keep doing you, but maybe question if your motives are based on monetary and ego validity or because you actually have some wisdom to share with the world, some actual real wisdom beyond your opined ego, after all you are a doctor… or something.

Please don’t confuse the ink to the article that I posted above with this one: Updating the “Ten Steps to Fascism:” Authoritarianism in a Pandemic - Naomi Wolf (, it’s similar but uses slightly different language to reiterate her one-sided perspective. Notice how quickly she persuades readers to auto-assume that Donald trump is a fascist and authoritarian dictator because of the way that he exercised his presidential authority in handling some aspects of china’s biological warfare COVID-19 pandemic, I’m sure there is some worthy insight somewhere in her essay however she dissolved most of her credibility in opening arguments buy automatically declaring that our president fits her opinionated description of a fascist and authoritarian, she makes the same claim for ‘W’ Bush—who was president when America was attacked by a hostile religion/regime/philosophy… Anyhow, please read the nice Dr’s article and let me know how many times she backs up her conspiracies with factual scientific references (that’s something that actual smart real doctors know they should be doing), and the couple of times that she does reference actual quotes of frustrated republicans, well hold on, here:

“Increasingly, Republican lawmakers will make statements endorsing violence: Louisiana Representative Clay Higgins, for instance, stated on Facebook on Sept 2, 2020: “Look, fair warning. If this shows up [a black militia] we’ll consider the armed presence a real threat. We being, We, the people of Louisiana […] I wouldn’t even spill my beer. I’d drop any 10 of you where you stand. Because some of we, like me…We, are SWAT. Nothing personal. We just eliminate the threat.” Expect a shower of such statements, then a torrent, till the airwaves are so thick with them that the atmosphere of threat becomes overwhelming.”

Please don’t mind the colors above, I had taken on a project to break down the various types of manipulation that she used in both posts… it had grown quickly and exponentially so I had to stop for now… But in this case the BLUE can simply be modified to suggest “Democrat lawmakers” that anyone can post to their own website. The GREEN can be replaced with several democrat lawmaker quotes from the summer and fall:

“If you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd and you push back on them and you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere,” -- Cali Rep. Maxine Waters … she began instigating mob-intimidation and inciting an insurrection before most of America heard of the term and before trump was accused of such, good job girl, you are so smart.. and pathetically warped yet people still vote for you, good grief… but she was one of the first socialists ‘lawmakers’ that pushed for trump’s second failed impeachment screaming about how he led and insurrection of blah blah blah, pathetic.

But there is the part in RED text which is 100% opinionated filth that never came to fruition. So if I weren’t a smart doctor I could just steal her doctorish paragraph and replace it with my own similarly worded/themed manipulative paragraph, if I think I understand the nice doctor’s approach I would write something like this:

Democratic lawmakers will increasingly fuel hatred and division in America, which was on full-display at a rally in Los Angeles on June 23 when the divisive democratic representative from the blue state of California urged her followers to use mob-intimidation to force the removal of political opponents. “If you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd and you push back on them and you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere,” -- Cali Rep. Maxine Waters. America should expect continuing calls for violent political war until they flood our airwaves to unite criminal behavior until a civil war begins which will follow with the socialist take-over of America.

… was that nice, did I write something kind of similar, but way less smartererer than the nice Dr? Thanks, I tried. Please don't quote me on my colorful paragraph because I only think that some of it is true.

Political manipulation works well when so called doctors resort to scare tactics… if you eliminate those two important doctor type of things (peer reviewed and source notes) from an actual doctors published articles (if they are on a website they are published unless you go back and erase it later), I mean to say that if you eliminate sources that support your conspiracy theories you are nothing more than a conspiracy theorist, you kind of loose your ‘doctor’ credibility with me and probably some other reasonable people, and when you fail to mention that there is severely inflamed rhetoric on your side of the political aisle and not just the aggravated quote of a frustrated political opponent you play your hand and show your manipulative dysfunction, but she’s a rich doctor so maybe its all ok and that’s what people are supposed to do with their education and efforts?!!! Maybe I’m just jealous because I don’t have the credentialed education that Dr Naomi has and cannot make as much money as she does because of my inadequate education. Maybe that’s all I’m frustrated about, maybe its all about me and my insecurities… no, nope, no it is not, she’s a hack with potential, if the nice Dr Naomi could release some of her ego she might be brilliant someday, but certainly not now, now she is just an opinionated smart sounding person, but she does seem nice.

… Lately I've been subjecting myself to some news outlets that i'm not so fond of to get a better perspective on some things, although my ego hates it I find that I can turn to many opposing news outlets and not vomit at all of their egos because every respectable news outlet has some reporters/anchors that do not have compromised egos and speak in a language that does not get my blood-pressure up even though I don’t agree with their perspectives… and in watching opposing perspectives report on things that they think are important I begin to listen to some of their guests with impressive professional resumes/credentials and I find that I am capable of producing more effective means of manipulative division if that’s what my intentions were, I see that people that most other reasonable people think were subject-matter specialists are really just regular-ol people that are just as prone to making enough compromises to their own integrity that they are capable of producing/writing complete nonsensical garbage with the intent to sell a narrative and feed their ego, smart people manipulate their followers by using irresponsible inciteful manipulative tactics that uneducated strong-willed young children use against their parents every day… smart people should fascinate me with their brilliant perspectives but far too many are just regular and imperfect people that are subject to the same deviant manipulative egos that every other human is subject to… many ‘smart people’ are becoming increasingly less fascinating, average yet opportunistic people… I’ve read ‘fascinating’ books that I could throw together in a weekend, and with proper credentials and connections can make a boatload of money and look really really smart, if that’s what my ego required… I’m more happy being broke and free rather than well-off and enslaved to my own ego, greed, and control… I am broke by choice because I refuse to make many of the compromises that most people are willing to make to earn a ‘better living’ and I am broke by choice because I grew up poor and learned from an early age that people really don’t need a whole lot in life, and I am broke by choice because even though I formally sought a life of abundant comfort and possessions I’m not about that anymore, its illogical and distracting to shape your life around self-serving egotistical goals but many so-called ‘experts’ are nothing more than self-serving egotistical manipulators, but be careful, people don’t like to be called that because it could be perceived as hurtful language to the person that has been inciting thousands through their hateful self-serving words… I expected to be blinded with brilliance listening and reading more and more smart people but the second half of that saying… the second half of the saying that goes ‘if you can’t blind them with brilliance then baffle them with bullshit’ and the more smart people with opposing views that I expose myself to I feel that I’m being baffled with bullshit and that a lot of many other people have also been baffled with ‘BS’ and the bs is continuing a narrative that demonizes Donald trump, any other ‘conservative’ and has escalated to demonizing anyone that voted for him, you know the ‘trump supporters’ that some bogus compromised egos are also trying to demonize. The people that have been inciting have become so emboldened by their success they are now going after people that voted of trump, they are going after what equates to half of the country with their emboldened audacity and that is exceedingly irresponsible of people that should know that it is wrong, I’m so glad that the smart people that have been inciting mob-violence have become so validated and emboldened by their huge success they are moving beyond politics and are concerting efforts against civilian opposition… why did I use the word ‘glad’ to describe my opinion, because it is horrifying enough that it has triggered my sheep-dog instincts and now I have to write about it, today I am your huckleberry… but those are the people setting up your ‘fascist state’ Dr Wolf.… the concerted effort by china’s socialist perspectives and the money made by organizations that have made huge amounts of money by expanding their market to china which includes ‘hollywood’, I also lump professional sports into this category because it’s nothing more than ‘entertainment’ unless you are the one that is exercising, I mean playing those sports… as well as media/news outlets  that also favor social acceptance and the need to control people instead of reporting facts… as well as any company that relies on ‘technology’ and gadgets… as well as colleges/universities that promote socialist agendas, the ‘smart’ professors at some of these colleges are great at manipulating anger and mob mentality and telling students to be young ignorant activists and socialists instead of young ignorant students… as well as the democratic leaders that are more interested in feeding their own ego with an abundance of wealth and celebrity rather than how to keep china from worming it’s way into a full control of america’s resources and laws… there are a large population of the world that do not like conservatism/individualism, instead they prefer having ‘controlling leaders’ who tell them everything that they should or shouldn’t do through controlling communication and tough policing and tonnnnnnns of corruption… the 45th president of the usa donald trump ran his campaigns as ‘america first’ and conservatism principles which is actually the complete opposite as socialist/liberal principles, president 45 disrupted the socialist money-making machine that has become ‘Washington DC’ to the point where everyone that is making money from china’s consumers or china’s military or is a self-serving democrat (hint: not all democrats are self-serving), president donald trump effectively disrupted enough money-flow from people who make a great deal of money in either politics or china’s economy that there was a HUGE concerted effort to make sure that trump did not win a second term… this concerted effort to replace the duly elected 45th president of the united states not only included entertainment, technology, media/news, academia, opposing politicians, and monetary/socialist influences of china (and other socialist nations)… not only did those six industries help join together to replace trump but most of them did so by utilizing pathetic yet effective mass manipulation by becoming the main ‘influencers’ of the 2020 ‘election cycle’. Influencers are people that are making money (or just feeding their ego) with the whole entire purpose/goal to change the perspective of other people… influencers are sales people, they are ‘leaders’ to a degree, they are people that tell you why they like something or dislike something else and sometimes even present a case with logic and facts as to why you should like or dislike the same things that they tell you about, sometimes influencers have ‘credentials’ that prove that they should know what they are talking about, and many times they have zero credentials but are effective communicators, and other times they just over-opinionated people that are feeding their own ego trying to change someone else’s perspectives and lives… how many American people were ‘triggered’ by the manipulation carried out by influencers and one-sided news outlets during the year of 2020… ‘triggered’ is a common word used today to describe the point where a person with ‘anxiety’ shuts down or looses control, it’s the point where someone that doesn’t fully understand something and is so ‘shooken-up’ that they cannot communicate effectively because they are too emotional, they might realize that they were just manipulated but are still too emotional to fully understand what just happened to them, all they know is that something isn’t right and they are upset about it and cannot fully articulate what was wrong or right they just feel there is ‘injustice’ and they have been effectively triggered/manipulated into what the influencer ‘told them’. I have worked as an effective sales-person and I understand the need for sales folks to do what they do so when I say that influencers and most politicians are just sales professionals that won’t describe themselves as such it shouldn’t seem/feel derogatory toward sales people, but the fact that influencers forget to tell their followers that they are actually sales people trying to change your mind in order to make more money is what bothers me, it bothers me that technology companies, entertainment professionals, politicians, and media companies that pose as ‘news’ outlets won’t tell you that they are paid sales professionals that will unite to overthrow any opposition, especially political opposition… if there is something between a sales person and the money that they expect to earn, well an effective sales person will learn how to work around or remove the obstacle, and many times even find another job. My point is that there are plenty of people who are motivated by money and ego that have teamed-up with the sole purpose of removing one president who was an obstacle with another president who is compromised enough that he intends to be everything to everyone as socialist whores always do, the 46th president of the united states isn’t much of an obstacle to the money-making machine that has become ‘inside politics’, you know, the money and ‘persuasion’ of ‘special interest groups’, and ‘international business partners’. I understand the obstacle that Donald trump had become to rich and smart people that thrive off of the sneaky self-serving interests of ‘washington insiders’, the good old boys and girls, privileged and networked, they crave/need more money/fame/power so remove the obstacle and life goes back to normal… Maybe the origin of the political manipulation stems from disagreement in values… perception that your opponent’s ideas and logic, and the reasons for those ideas are based on bad values that the other person has. You don’t like them or what they ‘stand for’ so you feel that you have to remove them at any cost, you rationalize the lengths that you are about to go through to defeat your opponent, but it just has to happen, you got to beat them no matter what. It validates your reasoning for the manipulation you are about to conduct even stronger if your opponent has obvious ego/personality flaws that you can exploit/take advantage of, and then point out those flaws to the people you are trying to manipulate… it makes your case even stronger if that opponent has a big enough ego (trump) that they honestly thought they could beat you at your own game of ‘politicking’, to the point that he basically declared war on you and the people who agree with socialist values and getting rich from politics and not really being helpful to its citizens … it shouldn’t have been a difficult task for democrats and other socialists to pull together enough various influencers to overthrow trumps ego and presidency, it’s too easy to get to a guy with a personality that’s bigger than life, right?

I want to apologize for picking on the nice Dr Naomi Wolf, I despise folks that ‘troll’ others so it’s me, it’s not her, she is smart and influential and I am not… the problem that I see in her is a big problem of mine… the real problem is that I can see through most people’s dysfunction and manipulative words and behavior and im not even trying, it’s a bit of a curse, I have come to grips with many facets of anxiety and manipulative/deviant behavior and am making efforts to put them behind me but similar behaviors/actions are apparent in most people, most people are secure in who they are and healthy in most of their actions but most people display deviant behavior eventually… and some people more than others, and some other people are deviant and manipulative entirely too much and should not be in public office or any position of leadership no matter how ‘confident’ they sound (I just want to give a big shout-out to the ever confident Andrew Cuomo right about now). Most people struggle with stress that exasperates/triggers their ‘character flaws’ that I call deviant or manipulate behavior, most people have occasional stressful periods where they may exhibit behavior or actions that people close to them might recognize as ‘not typical’ of their usual selves, maybe someone doesn’t quite ‘seem themselves’, most people have difficulty at times expressing themselves and their concerns during stressful times and begin to show possibly unattractive behavior that maybe their best friend/spouse/partner/momma could probably bring to their attention … but some of those people that exhibit out of the ordinary behavior allow themselves more validation and audacity to continue/compound their dysfunction if they are not corrected or stopped… eventually some people thrive off of how awesome they made their life and how easy it is to control others and how powerful they have become and how influential they are and, and…. And I could puke in my mouth when I see people that should know better exposing/showing their hand and their filthy dysfunction attempting to manipulate the masses with putrid words and actions and hatred to further their greater good, to further their cause, to further their ambitions… and its entirely too easy for me to call-out democrats for such behavior even though I know that republicans are faulty of the same ‘human nature’, it’s easy for me because I support the conservative side and I can see how liberal socialists manipulate what my side values, how those values are twisted into the socialist talking points, so its easy for me to call-out, or pick on, or expose deviant human nature when it is directed at me or someone else that is being victimized by actions usually contributed to strong-willed children, spoiled brats is also another name that comes to mind. Generational dysfunction where parents refuse to help their children break terrible behavior so that bad behavior is passed along to the next generation of untamed human nature/deviant personalities… the same behavioral issues that some parents have helped their children tame or break in order for them to become more accepting and decent members of society can also be ignored and passed to multiple generations of selfish/self-seeking yet ignorant people. I see your dysfunction even though you may not think you have any, I can see your dysfunction and manipulative actions and words not because I am trying to judge you negatively, I just see it and notice it and on a good day I will still be friendly and kind to you and help you and maybe become friends despite our differences… on a bad day for me your actions have become so predictable that I get sick of your crap and now I’m your huckleberry, now I have to call you out because you are still ignorant arrogant and predictable and will hurt yourself or others if you haven’t already done so. I don’t study/research deviant dysfunction to where I can say that I am some sort of an authority on the matter, but I can’t help but notice it… usually it begins with someone explaining something and then they may stumble on their wording so I now have to pay attention to ‘what they are trying to say’, they tried to say something but it was wrong so I have to make sure that I am following what they are trying to say, and when people do not know how to communicate what they are trying to say with correct/appropriate words they are either young kids, dyslexic, too busy to slow down their thought process, completely wrong/ignorant, or they have learned how to be lazy and communicate through manipulative tactics, I’m sure there are other indicators as well… but when I say that I am trying to not judge you but I can clearly see through your dysfunction that’s all I mean… keep up your over inflated ego and manipulative lazy tactics long enough and now I am your huckleberry. There was this old-timer, a guy that lived and died a ton of years ago, his name was Jesus, Jesus of Nazareth called out the religious hypocrites and teachers of his generation and I kind of understand why now, because a hypocrite that is in any position of leadership is dangerous/caustic and will influence other people to be just as hideous as themselves.

I think I’ve written far too much already, but if we go back to re-thinking my ‘creative writing’ opening paragraph where I try draw a distinct difference between city-folks and country folks, democrats and republicans, socialists and conservatists… actually I just gave it to you right there, the distinction between socialism and conservatism. I’m totally and completely over simplifying this for now, but if you are a person that needs to be around a bunch of other people almost all of the time so you live in a very populated area you are the kind of person that is most sensitive to what other people call ‘social issues’ and concerns, and the kinds of problems that happen when too many opposing perspectives are forced to deal with each other on a regular basis and are more prone to notice types of injustice and victimization and suffering, you desire and require tons of laws to teach people what is acceptable behavior because the higher the population the greater the number and more organized deviant people are present to take advantage of others and you witness that all too much, so you are more prone to appreciate socialist values as a whole because when they eliminate individual freedoms, or strip out people’s individuality out of concern for victimizing or offending others it seems to make sense because in a densely populated geography crime is a big thing… I’m sure there are many other appeals to socialism and socialist and progressive values but don’t be fooled into thinking that hypocritical and conspiring/corrupted leaders simply go away and are no longer problems under socialism, they just find more enterprising ways of maintaining power and wealth… power and control trump all in a socialist and communist communities yet they were the very things that america’s socialists accused president trump of exercising, and they showed their hand/hypocrisy in labeling their opponent as the very thing they have been trying to complete for generations… well played you bunch of mini dictators… control the free flow of information, incite the masses, and demonize your opposition because your values are terrible enough that you require dishonesty and mass manipulation to sneak your new laws into existence, well played players… If it seems that I should be ‘over this’ by now because the 2020 election is over and what’s done is done I appreciate your naive opinion, now understand that the hideous inciteful behavior exhibited by socialist democrats are one of the primary reasons that I write, so it’s your own damn fault, well played, now I’m calling your bluff, and now I’m your huckleberry (… not because I hate you, it’s just your ego… but also because I write to teach my kids about what types of deviant manipulative personalities to be cautious of, and to know why they should be cautious of them. -- christopher

UPDATE 03-29-2021: What was I thinking, I had criticized Dr. Naomi Wolf in the middle of this post while being foolish/forgetful to the degree where I forgot to mention an endeavor of hers that I appreciate, check out this link: , if you are interested in 'lawmaking' at it's core this is a pretty neat product, they can describe it better themselves, but the way that i understand the tool is a database that tracks current 'state and federal bills' and what stage in the process the bills are at... the tool adds functionality for you to share the information provided in their database to social media platforms and to share relevant links and your opinion on the bill, it's a decent grassroots platform to cut through the biased opinions of our preferred news outlets narrative and read for yourself what the bills actually say. I would opine with some confidence that the product they offer at a reasonable monthly fee are designed to help their own cause but it seems to be an equally beneficial tool for all individuals that are interested in current bills that under consideration, especially if you are of the opinion that social media seems to be a very effective way of communicating important laws that actual people are actually trying to push on everyone else. There may be a similar product/tool offered by folks on my side of the political aisle that I haven't spent the time to research yet, but I cannot fairly critique the nice Dr. without mentioning the cool product that she is also involved with, I will try the cheapest version of the product when I can keep my anxiety in-check long enough to actually follow some interesting pieces of legislation without blowing a gasket because I am wicked good at blowing a gasket from time to time... anyhow, I criticize but I still appreciate humans at our core, and I will not just hate on another human because I can... 'because I can' is always a terrible justification for anything in life, it's lazy and arrogant to say the least.