I used to have an entirely too long 'forward' to this section, here's a link to it if you want to read it... but it's waaay too long to hog-up this space.  The page that you landed on is just the latest list of my political complaints and opinions, it's not always 'political', it also includes current events... everyone, and everything in the news is fair-game in this section...so many paradoxes and non-sense are pushed by compromised policy-makers, and their media team-mates, i'm just helping to resolve some of them... cheers  --  chris
05-11-24:  i just deleted a ton of old political posts... this crappy web-editting service really sucks lately, and their support is suggesting that my web-site is getting big enough that it's causing performance-issues... deleting a bunch of offensive stuff is probably a good thing to do (from time to time), but i like the transparency of just leaving it up so folks can analyze my evolving-perspective over the years, and remain blatantly/brutally honest about my 'cancel-worthy' statements and opinions... i'm sure that there will probably be more to come... i get pissed-off when bad-actors/wolves/predators lie/incite/deceive/divide/enslave, i'm prone to stick up for their victims, but ultimately on the side of reality... but since the political section is one with the most images (size), and since a bunch of it is offensive anyways, it became the first victim of purge... the archives are gone, but someone will be able to dig them up again if i ever become influential enough to attack... i make no apologies for any current or previous statements and opinions, i call things like i see them, so i'm opinionated and judgemental, and can be plenty wrong/mis-informed/ignorant as well... and if this purge doesn't positively effect the shitty web-editing thing then i'm probably going to elevate my displeasure with the vendor, send them some written dope-slap, tell them to kick the pimply-faced teenager in charge of maintaining the server in lazy-his ass, whack the server a few times like an old Coke-machine, maybe update some failing hardware already... there is a chance that they just modified some settings, i don't seem to time-out as much as i used to, but a little communication of upgrades, and changes would be helpful; and honest support isn't the business-model for those who won't admit to their mistakes/blind-spots/weaknesses... those are qualities that are important for Christianity and embracing reality, but not important to the psychopathy of business, just like the worst of our politicians... and now that i've been messing around with the interface for an hour or so, i'm telling you that it's actually performing better... i'll be a son-uva gun.  --  ct

05-11-24 later:  as much as i despise many of the unethical studies and programs sponsored by DARPA, i gotta tell you that i'm crazy-impressed by the manta-drone... they are making under-water alien-vehicles, UFOs to some degree... it's shape screams of low-drag, can sustain crazy-long periods operating under the sea, and can carry a payload--and who knows what else it's capable of... OK, i don't mind my tax-money paying toward that sucker; i'm a US-taxpayer, therefore, one of the involuntary crowd-funders, but i'm OK with the fruits/results, this time... the manta looks sick, in the 1980's Boston sort of way, which means cool from the same period, which is the same as wicked, and all are the same thing as pissah... as far as i'm concerned, the Manta is wicked-pissah. -- ct

What do these folks have in common?

no No NO ... i mean besides being pretty... one allegedly sh1t on their former-spouse's bed as a 'birthday-present' of sorts, and sometimes could keep a straight-face in court... the other totally kept a straight-face as she seemingly sh1t out of her mouth, several times, while under oath... Was that also a 'present' -- for her 'former lovers/handlers', aka 'the entire Jan 6 committee' aka 'holly-weird' aka 'federal Intel-agencies' aka 'deep-state demons'?  I don't know either, just asking the questions... also wondering if they have the same acting-coaches, and maybe the same doctors who prescribe various molecules for reality-compromised individuals to hide their possession, while trying to hide most of the truth:

Cause and Affect of demonic policy

i don't love fox news anymore, so i won't link to the article... but it's certainly a sign of our times... times when tax-payers are flipping the bill for financial and social-theorists to have their way with the good ole' US of A, because that's what this administration does... they stress-test the shit out of regular-normal people's lives, and influence/usher a 'new normal'... don't get angry with them, they can't help themselves, it's just what they do  --  ct
03-27-24:  feel free to read my free and un-emotional opinion of maryland's latest man-made crisis below (remember, this whole web-site blog-thing is just unprofessional opinions of an adult American Citizen)... the problem with the stages of war that we under right now is that today's sadducees and pharisees don't mind a 'little bit of collateral damage' to deploy another man-made crisis/disaster (not to be confused with the way they exploit natural-disasters as well) in order to achieve their pre-determined goals/objectives... for those who don't have the ability to adjust their periphery to consider geo-political world-government cause/affect based on human-nature and desires, and either don't poses IQs within a couple-two-three deviations of most folks, or don't wish to dwell on harsh aspects of reality, or are just too busy, or distracted, or many involved with other interests/things to really notice current things like geo-political world-government cause/affect based on human-nature and desires combined with today's sadducees (money and power-hungry conspirators, shot-callers... the dark-triade of mental-illnesses) and pharisees (tools and useful-idiots drones/zombies/puppets that idolize the sadducees and crave the power and resources accumulated by elite-class)... for those who don't have the capacity to understand conspiratorial chess executed/played-out by rich fvck-heads who leave a wake of destruction that regular-normal people have to clean-up after, and pay for in ways that our income-taxes were not meant to be utilized and exploited by rich douche-bags... well, please allow me to explain how wars/reconstruction, disasters/reconstruction are typically exploited by and other larger elites that play chess with the lower-level sadducees... mentioning high-IQ isn't a belittling thing, or a boastful thing, it just means that folks with higher-IQs can generally string together multiple aspects of reality, and apply and scale those principles over multiple-fields and disciplines... since effective conspiracies require many moving parts (mechanical cause/affect-effect), i will do my best to explain a few things to the reader, in the best way that i can at the moment... the ship fvck-up below serves multiple purposes for networked sadducees (with networked resources), and their useful-idiot pharisees, and triggered unhealthy people:

the bridge will cost a shit-ton of money to replace; there is a shit-ton of cargo that is ruined or will be lost which require a shit-ton of money to replace; fuel lost or spilled will cost a shit-ton of money to replace, and a shit-ton of money in clean-up damages... unfortunately tax-payers, and insurance-paying people will pay a huge price for this man-made disaster/crisis/sabotage, exerpience the burden of it while sadducees who have 'diversified their portfolios' seem to do remarkebly well while the broke and sick folks pay the price for the sabotage/crisis

the fuel being wasted and/or conveniently 'spilled/leaked' will cause damage aquatic and avian wild-life, ad further polluting our environment, and other critters and fish and birds that we have to eat (see 'economic-sabotage') ; the fuel-consumed in this man-made crisis will put further stress on our limited supply of fuel (see 'economic-sabotage')... unfortunately tax-payers, gov't-employees, non-profits, for-profits will have to fund AND clean-up after this man-made crisis (covid-19 was another good example of a man-made crisis, a 'naturally derived pathogen which escaped from a wet-market', maybe a 3-iron from an NIH-funded bio-weapons lab that weaponizes naturally derived pathogens--which we aren't supposed to be doing anymore)

you ever heard the term 'emergency use authorization'... well what the fvck did you think got exploited during the covid-assault, when different networked states used their newly-endowed executive-privileges to temporarily change policies to do things like 'defund the police during man-made crisises', change the way people are encouraged to vote using 'remote' unverified means to authenticate voters using systems which are easily exploited/manipulated, emplored ever bit of 'networked' media and influencers to sell the objectives of the networked sadducees and pharisees, and their whores and puppets and tools and deceived and unhealthy people... all while regular-normal people were left distracted and exhausted by the chaos that filled some of our streets, but all of the air-waves

 ... look, i'm just some opinionated self-proclaimed preacher of good-health... the opinions and health that i preach are what i call H:3, body, mind, and soul... and so i'm preaching to folks that we all need to get more healthy in any aspect of H:3 that we can give more attention to, and to reconcile time/reality to be remain strong in the days of the war that will present in the near future... if you don't know anything about psychological-warfare, and spiritual-warfare, and strategies of war... well... don't be a lazy-idiot/coward, it's time top catch-up a bit, you might be pretty healthy already, but you got to reconcile human-nature/instincts with current-times/reality... God bless  --  ct

never say 'squirrel' when Chris is driving

 ... if you ever wondered what it'd be like for me to pilot/captain a several-ton vessel -- with a bunch of pretty lights and scenery to distract me at given second... well, it shouldn't be too hard to imagine if you had just the right word-picture... anyways, if any of you assholes yell 'squirrel' the next time i'm driving, someone's gonna be spittn' chicklets as i go oink Oink OINK all the way home... sons-o-bitches... you know who you are...
 ... BTW, this wasn't an accident... mechanical-failure, industrial-sabotage, setting-up a naive and somewhat near-sighted person to cause a distraction of another man-made disaster... maybe... but NOT an accident... or, you can assume that it was just a terrible accident of some sorts... pray for the survivors, and the other folks who are the pittied 'collateral-damage', but his is one of the ways that evil-people conduct sabotage, and exploit the shit out of the 'disaster'... you destroy something, cause a huge emotional distraction, change policies, exploit insurance, and get connected contractors using government and insurance provided income to "build back bett'r"... that's the crude-overview of the business model of psychos... for those of you who pray, you should probably do so... i'm getting angry... let's see what new policies and drama this wreck leads to, what outrage it triggers... time will tell  --  ct

always wondered

I always wondered if parents of exceptionally beautiful people warned their children about their genetic-gifts, to help prepare them for all of the extra attention that most other folks don't have to contemplate too much about.  Just reading the headline on the webber-net / inter-blog thing about this young lady, and my long-time question is answered -- at least in her case.  i'm one of those introvert-types, and i don't really like too much attention, it weirds me out.  Parent's have to prepare their children for the future the best way that we know how... i don't know if it's better for folks to figure out their own gifts in their own time, or if you just let them know in advance.  i remember getting some extra attention during the summer when i'd take the shirt off, that's as close as i got to having her problem.  Gentlemen, just because someone is exceptionally beautiful and you happen to notice the obvious, doesn't mean that you should attach yourself to them, God created lot's of beautiful things, people included, and most folks notice the obvious... but i also hear about exceptionally beautiful girls that never get invited to the dance, or whatever... anyways... I didn't have to deal with the curse that comes with her particular gift, and maybe that's why i'm wondering about weird things like this... glad she is over her identity-crisis, hopefully she is healthy in all facets of H3.  --  ct
03-13-24:  watched/listened to a couple of podcasts yesterday... Tucker with Chris Cuomo... Rogan with Riley Gaines.
i despised Chris when he was hosting the biggest show on CNN -- which he got 'shit-canned' from (his own hilarious words), now i like that guy a lot, he's incredibly funny, and i love that he's 'confessing' weaknesses, previous words and actions, and admits to getting duped, and temporarily infected by the insane 'mind virus' which he was fed, and reacted to... seems like a guy you want to hang around with, sipping a beer, maybe some chicken-parm, and just yuckin' it up with the big 'meat-puppet', i have a new found respect and appreciation of him, and that he freely speaks about talking with a therapist to help sort a bunch of stuff out... good on you Chris, good on you mate.
 And Riley... omg... i knew that she was thrust into the insane-asylum's 'boys can girls, and girls can be boys' delusional sales-pitch of the day, but never listened to her speak much before... the long-format podcast with Rogan was great to see what she actually has to say (not what her insane enemies opine), she's a gal who was born for such a time as this, embracing reality, intelligent, and speaks/articulates her thoughts very well.  She was robbed by the insane-asylum's 'war against reality' (chaos, confusion, and nonsense sowed by marxists), losing to a man that's exceedingly confused, and found a way to cheat/compete in woman's sports, the only place he could get his mitts on some trophies, and then still managed to smile on top of his podium... not sure if it was the smile of someone that actually thought he 'won' something, smiled because some folks supported him (esteem desire), or if it was the smile of someone that knew he pulled a huge successful prank on everyone, and won a top prize to prove that his prank worked... #no-buldge #war-against-reality #repent.
 The current War Against Reality, which is served-up by everything spewed from this administration's lips, and their meat-puppets (thanks Chris for introducing me to that phrase), is interesting to say the least.  it's like they were the people that lost a stupid-bet -- or, hazed by their team-mates -- like the big hairy football-players that had to wear little girls clothes and a wig coming off the team bus while sucking their thumbs; or a team's super-fan that had to wear the other team's uniform in public for a week after the loss... i think that's what black-mail is... 'we got compromising photos, recordings, videos of you on Epstien's Island, so this is what you're going to do, squeal like a pig for a bit, so everyone can see how stupid you are' ... i think that's how black-mail works; you can judge my theory for yourself... helloooo marxism... sowing insanity to confuse and distract while 'the network' does a bunch of very sneaky self-serving things, like changing rules/policies, and plundering America's resources... the current 'passive-aggressive world war 3' sees America's 'frenemies' plundering freedom and resources, wile the triggered clowns and antifa-thugs keep normal-people from doing anything about it, using insane words and behaviors, threats, and the DOJ/legal-system against normal-people that are trying to stop America's Frenemies invasion and plunder... it's something like that... 
 Call me an ass-face for bringing this up, again, but the emboldened aggressors have been very successful, and things are going to get much worse, before it ever gets better... so you might as well understand what's happening, so you will know what to look out for... none of us want to be as unprepared as we were for the covid-attack... the laboratory-enhanced and weaponized-pathogen is just one tool in the war that we seem to be surrendering to, as the distractions, invasion, and plunder continue... the folks that are making a ton of money during the covid assault might be some of the officers in today's war (helloooo black rock, moderna, green-energy cult members), but you probably already know that... cheers  --  ct
03-08-24:  Trump to Biden, during their next 'debate':

'Joe, Joe, Joe... you sent Feds to rummage through Melania's undies-drawer searching for something that everyone knows doesn't exist, and they gleefully obeyed because they are tools, and, because she's hot, both obvious reasons... 
And look, there could be a pound of coke in Jill's undies-drawer, and the same Feds wouldn't go near it with a ten-foot pole... for all the obvious reasons'... followed with a mike-drop.

 ... i know, i know, it's a little harsh... i love watching elites 'duking it out' for a prized-position, roasting each other, it's top-notch entertainment, as far as i'm concerned... i might watch the fantastical/delusional SOTU-address, presented by a fading actor who is compromised in body, mind, spirit, ego... but, only after i finish a couple of meaningful projects... however, politics is still my favorite form of entertainment, it's reduced to a spectator-sport, where the game is fixed long before it even begins, figuring it all out is where the real fun exists.  --  ct
03-06-24:  i think the jury reached a solid decision... Alec Baldwin would certainly my choice of the villain/fault/cause in this screen-play/script, but that's based on ideological/philosophical differences/biases, and how he uses his platform... but, an armorer is the specialist, and it was her responsibility to control arms and ammunition, and it was her discretion/decision to allow or deny an imbecile to handle dangerous tools, or not... you could judge a person for being an ass-hole all day long, but you can't judge an ass-hole for murder if they are just a manic idiot who presents high scores for Dunning-Kruger syndrome.  Good call by the jury, Alec seems to be a pompous egotistical simpleton who spent far too long in luxurious insulated environments surrounded by ass-kissers, but i wouldn't call him a murderer based on a yes-woman's poor discretion/discernment.  The armorer can--and SHOULD--observe the state of mind of the person they are handing potentially deadly arms to... don't give guns and ammo to someone that presents a manic-state, they aren't thinking clearly... i think Alec's an intelligent/grumpy-guy that's in need of calibration, but i wouldn't try to hang him on an emotional-based opinion... good luck Alec, come see me if you want to get healthy, i might be able to help a little bit, just BYOB, or, whatever :-)  --  ct
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