Manipulation 101.2

02-17-22: mind-hacking and persuasion... folks that choose to fvck with other people's heads/thoughts/actions through hypnotic processes can be as creative as motivated deviants are capable of, and implore various tactics which most humans have exhibited at least once or twice (or more) as we grow and mature and learn... to consider typical human behavior we can look no further then to children on their quest to explore/express/communicate, and the various stages of growth and development, and their/our own evolving perception/cognition and intelligence... one of the things/behaviors/actions/expression/communication that some kids exhibit/do is to utilize a technique of repetition, many folks learn through repetition, keep doing the same thing over and over again and you might get pretty good at it... young humans repeat/remind us of what they desire (all i want for Christmas is a red-rider bee-bee gun with a compass in the stock and this thing which tells time), they find creative ways of repeatedly/repetitiously reminding us of their desires/goals/preferences of other things too, such as how to remove the crust from their sandwiches and cut it just right to align/present the food to their perceptual satisfaction, and to remind us which american doll is their ideal, which new video game is the best and why it is so, maybe which car is perfect as they/we self-identify with features and characteristics and options and colors and the logical beneficial-attributes of the transportation device/machine... some kids protest and turn blue in the face while making the point that they expected to get what they wanted and when they wanted it... if i don't get a pony for my next birthday then so help me god, i will exhibit some self-destructive behavior that you won't want to have to deal-with and clean-up after... folks that never had children and grew-up as an only-child may not be accustomed to much of the manipulative words and actions implored by very young children, but intelligence, expression, communication and behavior are on full display when you take the time and attention and priority and responsibility that young-ones require, and as adults we try to figure out what/how/why kids express themselves the way that they do... there is a phenomenon which is witnessed/evident in many folks through maturity and stages of life, i simply call this phenomenon 'extended adolescence'... i don't know what smart/learnered people call this specific condition, but it is often times manifested from individuals that otherwise appear as 'adults', however, their words and actions/behaviors are more typically represented in early childhood development extending into adolescence... this condition limits an adult to communicative expression that's typically exhibited in kids, wee-one's, toddlers and the like... this particular condition relies on the manipulative tactics implored by young children that do not posses the ability to express themselves through vocal-logic... when we consider things such as communication/exploitation/manipulation/persuasion/acting then we must look back in time, a time when we were little wee-one's learning about the world and how to express ourselves and communicate how we feel and what we want... now-a-days i can typically tell someone that my physiological eco-system is beginning to show signs of malnutrition, so i just say something like 'i'm hungry and would like that sandwich', or 'i'm thirsty and would like that drink', or 'i'm over tired and need some rest'... at my ripe old age i have learned to communicate, or, mostly learned how to recognize and communicate the needs of my fragile eco-system/body... but sometimes i get 'creative', and i choose to communicate through different means/words, and i might say something like 'man, what i wouldn't give for a hot steak and cheese bomb right about now', and perhaps the response from the person that i'm speaking with might be something like 'same here, Acio's Family Restaurant is close-by, they make an awesome sub, they are open, and we've got the money and transportation to make it all happen, so let's go get some.' ... if you consider a similar scenario you could find more creative expression and communication to express desire/motivation and consider 'cause and effect'... the unfortunate state of policy-makers/politicians and the professional-communicators/media and professional-persuaders/actors that work along-side many of those policy-makers/politicians is that they often opt to use manipulative expression and persuasion to communicate their perceptions, desires, motivations and their only acceptable outcome, some use manipulative tactics typically reserved for children that are learning to communicate... there are also hypnotic mind-hacks implored/used by many professional persuaders as well, the commercial/sponsored entertainment industry is brilliant for making people 'feel' differently after consuming an audio-visual experience such as a movie, or a sit-com, or an action-adventure, or a thriller, or a drama, etc... but when we consider political tactics used to influence and persuade legal voters we can find manipulative example after example, some of it is easier to pick-up on than others, some we notice, some we don't quite pay attention to, but controlled vocabulary through specified/per-determined words/themes/topics which political strategists have decided is best to communicate their position is an exceedingly popularized method of manipulation... some analysts called it 'setting the narrative', or 'controlling the language', or 'what's the best slogan for today'... it doesn't take very long to establish the narrative/language/vocabulary used by policy-makers and their communication-professionals, every campaign has a catchy slogan to adhere to a hat, a shirt, a button, a sign, etc... together we can, make America great again, build back better, etc... and then the same strategists/marketers/advertisers utilize the same philosophy of creating and communicating catchy slogans to maintain new communication/policy-campaigns all of the time, like calling people things like racists, insurrectionists, privileged, haters, etc... strategists counsel their networked associates/candidates to start saying/spreading/repeating certain words or phrases... when certain words or phrases or topics or themes or conspiracies are repeated exponentially by more/additional networked communicators and influencers, well then you end up with propaganda which is repeated often enough, and from many different networked-sources and broadcasters you have what some smart people refer to as 'mass-hypnosis'... mass-hypnosis, herd-control, deception, whatever you want to call feel free to do so, but it's as real as the screen that you are reading this from, exponential repetition of controlled-language, or 'narrative', is just one simple and relevant example of mind-hacking and persuasion... between you and i, i prefer people that communicate more openly and honestly and transparently then trying to screw with my head, i really don't dig folks that are too stupid to know how to communicate simple things like their needs/desires/perceptions and preferred outcomes, i really don't like when folks are too fvcking dumb that they have to resort to word-salad mind-fvckery and repetitive hypnotic-suggestion to exploit cause and effect and choose to communicate like an unlearened yet motivated/determined child, but many folks do that as second nature and just a part of everyday normal life, and it's quite shameful behavior... extended adolescence and controlled-repetitive language/words/narrative conducted by performance actors and actresses is brilliantly articulated by Tucker Carlson in yesterday's opening monologue... it's only about ten minutes, he uses humor as a way to counter the drama that the strategists and policy-makers exude, enjoy. -- ct