Stop Doing That
  --  We stopped being idiots and ass-holes, now you need to quit it, too  -- 

07-08-23:  There is this thing that some people do, in fact, i did it after a religious conversion of sorts back in the late 1990s--and probably a bunch of other times to--when we become aware of our short-comings/screw-ups/sins we not only try to change our behavior (self-correct), but then we let folks know why we 'stopped doing this, or why we 'started doing that', we try to 'save the world' by preaching/warning them of repeating our previous mistakes, and the dangers involved... not going to write anymore about this topic, it's just a place-holder and/or a note for me to finish some thoughts, hopefully tomorrow when i'm not so tired, it's only 21:44 and i'm spent, kaput, toast, poke-me-with-a-fork done... selling our repentance to the world, i think that's one way of saying it, just not very completely though