Trial Subject Education and Consent Form

The following information should have been provided to everyone who consented to, and received vaccinations against a laboratory-enhanced virus that was only in nature due to human collection, manipulation/weaponization and dispersion, none of this ever should have happened, but in a year’s time we ended up with a virus that never should have been created, and a sketchy test vaccine that should never have been necessary/required/mandated, but now we have both of them, how convenient…

Alrighty then subject/participant, hurry up and read this education and consent form:

First, our investors and board of directors wish to thank you for your consent in being a test subject/participant via. ‘warp-speed created’ injections using mRNA LNP theoretic technology, or you might just get a saline/placebo instead of the trial/test vaccination, you’ll never really know what you got... we want you to know that you are subjecting yourself to uncertainty, and possibly irreparable damage to some of your body's systems, organs, and tissue... and our investors really appreciate your participation in this study, and since our government has released us from liability and is paying for the trial with your tax-revenues… well… our investors and sponsors want to let the government know how much we really appreciate them too.

As a trial-participant we want you to understand and consider all of the information contained in this form before any/every shot that you receive of this experimental trial-serum for the current carona-virus… You are a test subject on a new delivery system and ‘hopefully’ a beneficial type of gene-therapy which also isn't proven safe yet, in fact, it’s been proven as troublesome in causing severe auto-immune responses, so please understand that the product that you will be inoculated with has minimal and abbreviated/halted human trial, and they have Zero long-term health study despite pressuring (shameful sales tactics) two-thirds of the population into participation, but we are aware of some significant injuries reported in an unfortunately large population of other trial participants and we sort of want you to know about it. But, since the biggest proponents of this experimental serum have put so much hopeful optimism outcome/image/legacy into this ‘modern miracle’ they have done some pretty nasty things in hiding vaccine ‘injuries’ (injuries that no one seems to be legally liable for).

So, no matter what information you were given (propaganda), and how that information was presented to you (sales/manipulation tactic), and no matter how many times that information was repeated to you (by state-sponsored media outlets and various/diverse sales-staff/spokes-people) and no matter how many ‘influencers’ repeated similar information (repetition-based suggestion and manipulation) regarding the ASSUMED safety and effectiveness of this experimental serum that is only authorized for distribution/use under the virus-emergency (because otherwise it would still require much more rigorous and scientific safety testing before we could push something like this out to so many people, in fact, it has so many reported injuries that the trial would have been halted already, but we are still doing it anyway, by-passing important safety measures/studies… no matter how many times and from how many different people and sources that influenced/convinced you to receive this experimental shot and become a trial participant, we still want to make sure that you understand perfectly well that this is really one very huge experiment based on a lot of hope/faith in a positive outcome in the study/trial that you will be partaking in, with outcomes no one can possibly/accurately speculate/model/imagine at the moment... your leap of faith in a positive outcome for such a quickly contrived experimental technology and delivery system serum might/possibly be appreciated by future generations, however, we can only 'hope' for such an outcome because you are their proverbial ‘Guinea pig’... and, again, our investors and board-members really want to thank you for that. And--speaking of 'future generations'--we think it's only responsible to let you know that concentrations of the trial vaccine have not only expanded outside of deltoid, but also found in reproductive systems, so hopefully we aren't actually injuring/preventing future generations as a negative consequence...

In fact, our lawyers also want you to understand some of the reported injuries (besides death-rate increase of young healthy populations) that have been documented on multiple people/subjects/participants, (even though we have no liability we still want to give you some of the 'fine-print'... the multi-reported negative effects/consequences that other 'default participants' suffered, they include—but not limited to:

  • myocarditis

  • blood clots

  • neurological problems

  • menstrual changes

Now look, if you still really Really REALLY want to be a trial subject and receive something else that you have no clue what it really is injected into your shoulder, then please sign and date below, and good luck to ya mate... and look, we aren't warning trial participants/subjects of these risks and considerations because we are nice, and are doing the right thing all of a sudden, but the fact is that some unfortunately nosey/pesky people that we tried to gas-light and silence and 'cancel', yes--some of 'those folks' pressured us into releasing this information through congressional and legal channels, so don't think we are telling you all of this because we are being nice, or because we have some new moral/ethical come-to-Jesus-moment all of a sudden, we are telling you all of this because we sort of 'have to now', we can't keep hiding adverse reactions to the trial-serums, so don't mistake new admissions and data-dumps and leaks as being completely transparent and straight-up with everyone now, we still are hiding more then you might every possibly know.

So, with all of that said, if you still want to participate in this human trial and take the injection from the person who handed this form to you, and who can intelligently answer your questions or concerns regarding any of the information listed above, and has to make sure that you read all of this, if you are going to actually carry out your participation and becoming a trial-subject, and will wait until you sign and date this form, assuming that you are twenty-one years of age and of reasonable intelligence… and if you are 21 or older and of reasonable health you really don't need this, if you have some serious under-lying health issues/compromises then maybe you should consider it, it might make your situation worse though, but otherwise you have every bit of a chance of having adverse reactions to this experimental vaccine technology as you would of having serious reactions to whichever strain of the corona-bug you were--or might have been--exposed to... there is a good chance that this is a case of the medicine being worse then the ailment, so don't give it to your kids who don't even need it, you are putting them in unnecessary harm/risk.

Look, it’s a fact that some good people died from their body's response to certain virus-variants, and some good people had bad enough reactions that they wish it was all just a nightmare, and some good folks had mild and slightly irritating reactions, and others didn't even notice they had it, but we selling our expiremental serum to everyone on the premise that everyone who get’s the virus will die or be severly impacted by it even though it’s less then one percent... please keep this all in mind, and if you still really want an experimental technology/serum that doesn't stop the spread of a virus, and has been associated with many short-term and longer-term health problems/injuries then legally you are going to have to sign and date below, and remember, our investors/sponsors and board members and other vested member of our network really appreciate you being a willing subject/participant... as stated above, good luck to ya mate, now sign this already so we can make more money… wait, we mean 'please and thank you'... now hurry up and sign because the person sitting there with the syringe is busy and has other things to do:


... i want to get appointed to the CDC so i can help market their 'theories/ideas' and 'sponsored products', just tell me what you are trying to say, and then i will write the truth for you... i've updated and cleaned up this form a little, and added a few of the more severe reactions/injuries... i'll go back and add more of the major symptoms/injuries/adverse-effects of the experimental serum... be as compliant as you WANT to, but please DON'T get your children vaccinated... if you want to take a gamble with your own health on a sketchy unproven experimental drug that's one thing, but for your child's safety don't let anyone give them emergency-ONLY authorized experimental serums, make the manufacturers pay for and complete their 10-year study first, find another school/district/state if you have to... more than likely the EUA faulty drugs will get pulled off the shelves before the ten-year safety trials are complete... if you are pregnant you don't need to--and SHOULDN'T be--vaccinated with experimental emergency-only unknown serums that don't come with any ingredients and whose pregnancy trials were deemed too risky... just be patient... there will be some other 'scary' ailment/virus/fungus/bacteria that drug-makers and the FDA and CDC will try to push on everyone in the near future... please be patient, curious, and VERY inquisitive when the next 'miracle fix' for that rolls-out... BTW, the mandated 'miracle drug' didn't fvcking work at all against spreading viruses... so they don't fvcking work and only demented predators would mandate them for ANYONE, and they HAVE been proven to cause injuries and sudden deaths in otherwise healthy people... do yourself a favor, and don't get frightened or pushed into anymore experiments, make the smart rich folks properly conduct and pay for the full ten-year safety study, make them work hard for their investments, don't be a push-over or a cheap-date... these products were 'assumed' to be safe and effective, and they were pushed/advertised based on their assumptions, not 'science'.