The 'Communism Talk'

Started on 10-04-22: i shouldn’t posts these things before i finish my thoughts, but sometimes i need to, so i’ll stay motivated enough to finish them :-)

lately i've been trying to sympathize a bit, and trying to get my head around some of the pro-communist aspects, and this is based on what some of their current sales-pitch and their ground-troops demands, i should still be asleep for two more hours, so i'm bound to miss some info, and probably botch what i’m capable of remembering at zero-dark:thirty... and before i start, i should also mention that much of their agendas have already been imposed—to some degree or another—here in America... America needs to have 'the communist talk', because that's seems to be the globalist networks tend to favor, and they are having their way shaping our federal policies, so we need to have this 'talk'... now is a great time to call yourself a nationalist, even if you wish to be a good 'global neighbor', America is a sovereign nation (nation nationalism) that broke away from global-expansionists (brittish 'empire' is quite dispersed) hundreds of years ago, i'm sure you still remember that much.

 ... top-down government is the communist regime's method, their government’s rules prioritize themselves--and country--over everything, that’s what matters the most, there is no such philosophy as 'God and country' for communists… the reality of God is not a part of their government, but in some cases state-sponsored 'religion' of some type might be tolerated... so right off the bat their equation for a sustainable model is missing a HUGE pillar, everything that they try to calculate into their working model is already wrong from the start... government/business-continuity is what's most important to them, individuals get very little 'rights'... so 'laboring to support our government for the sake of community and humanity' is the business model, and the religion, and is the idea that must be accepted/embraced/worshiped, government literally becomes the god and religion for communists (it's a very controlled and efficient way of making the labor/slave-class distracted/busy). The ten commandments--which was given to humanity as a very small simple set of rules in order to help us live peacefully and sustainably, and those same ten that Jesus simplified even further to two most important don’t exist in a communist entity… Love your God with all of you mind soul and strength is replaced with love your godless government and nation with everything you got... and to love your neighbor as yourself has no meaning either, as long as you DON'T fvck with government and just do what everyone else seems to do you are fine, unless you start some trouble by questioning policy or leadership. None of your possessions are yours either for the communist regimes, all possessions are subject to government confiscation at anytime... when God is eliminated from reality, and government formula requires that government is the religion you don't have access to your full free-will anymore, what’s left of of your free-will is automatically controlled and filtered, so you start with a smaller than normal amount of free-will, and allowance of creativity and expression.

 ... so one of the selling points for broke folks is that government will provide a universal income, universal education, universal healthcare, maybe even food and shelter... the government decides who get's what, and how much of everything that it 'gives' to it's residents (and will probably be based on a human-level type of individual ESG score)… ohhh, and it doesn't make room for immigrants either, it only has a limited percentage of the resources/assets, so extended visitors are a big no-no, so don't even think about setting foot within their borders unless you established who/what/where/why/when, and well in advance too, and you will probably have to pay to enter... if your nature of visiting is 'religious' in anyway you will either be denied, or used to bait and punish possible dissenters… since government and it’s leaders deny the reality of God, God and those who embrace Him are threats to the government and the nation.

 ... when the government controls education, and decides who learns what, then parents loose the privilege and responsibility to teach their kids much beyond how to go poo-poo and wee-wee, and to show respect to government and it's representatives and officials. Parents are generally restricted to the number of children that they birth and raise, and then government get's the kids to 'groom' with it's preferred education (and propaganda), and decides how children will be utilized to work for the government's best interests as they age... and all with restricted free-will, and no teaching of free-will, never mind why God gave it to you, and how to use it responsibly and creatively and for the good of mankind, people aren't encouraged to explore their interests and creativity to assist in healthy evolution, which--in itself--is unsustainable... only exceptional, and exceptionally compliant people are allowed to explore certain interests, which leaves regular folks unable to explore interests and to exceed in their own best capabilities which is a huge unsustainable disadvantage for the communist methodology.

 ... communism is essentially an atheist-based government (methodology of governing/controlling), and the aetheist answer to support a controlling government with the efficiency and productivity from it's labor-class that it thinks it needs to sustain itself, and to live with it's back toward God, and toward God's rules, nor to honor and respect God, so by default it is actually absent the love and respect shown toward fellow man/woman as well—as we are a type of extension of God... and we need to understand that simple concept if we are to self-actualize, and perform at our highest levels, and in our greatest strengths... if you still rebel against God, and refuse to accept the reality of God, and are determined to live your life without acknowledging God then you might appreciate communism, it's sort of like 'forcing community and community concepts but stripping God and religion out of the equation', reality is that God appreciates decent community interaction, and folks that appreciate God and choose to follow Godly principles already know that positive community interaction is healthy, and 'choose' to live peacefully and respectively around others, but not because we are 'forced' to, it's like we already understand the rules, we don't need angry politicians demand our 'peaceful compliance' because our government requires your peaceful compliance'... communism is like 'fundamental religions' that start adding all kind's of 'commandments', to the point where regular people question the degree of free-will that is forfeited under special rules... i'm sure you know the types... some religions are based on fundamental rules/control, and not ethical/responsible/logical use of free-will to self-actualize and make your best contributions to God and mankind (in spite of government and fundamentalism).

... as much as i write about religiousy and God sorts of things i'm not really a great religiousy person, in fact i don't remember the bible book, or chapter, or verses, but when God's people decided they wanted a king instead of God, and God warned them that there would be some very bad consequences of turning toward man to lead them, well, lot's of bad consequences have happened every-time we reject God and look toward government and idols to lead us... if you are working against God you probably appreciate top-down communist sort of governing, but if you embrace God and live your life to as an honor to God you will might appreciate a few of it's 'concepts', but will recognize it's lack of freedom, and it's disdain for God, and therefore reality, somewhere in liberalism there is a sense of caring for 'your neighbor', but progressives shoved the care part to a twisted version of reality that expects government/global compliance, a new--currently passive--communism with a wider reach than most folks would like to consider, similarly to embracing the realty of God, the reader's discernment of global efforts to reform all industrialized nations is also recommended, reject as much of reality as you want to, but it's to your own demise...

... so let's continue looking at other 'selling points' of current '2022 communism', it's easy if you start with a global communist expose/manifesto, it was published under the title covid-19 The Great Reset, it basically tells you how to submit to global communists, and how to work to 'better the communist world', the world according to global communists... they book basically told you that the communists were ready with their answers to help/rule the world, and that they know how to exploit the shit out of their laboratory-contrived germ, and that they already have enough sympathizers in place to destabilize every major economy by obeying the communist's orders to stay inside until they produced and forced enough folks to take their trial serum, and got enough participants to satisfy a very, Very, VERY large clinical trial... the book also shows you that their communist plans to do away with nuclear and fossil based-fuels is so important that it makes sense to them to pile-on new restrictions and measures to enforce their desire even while the world paused for over a year, and global economies hadn't settled back down yet... deniers will deflect and make excuses to the contrary all day long, but it's not hard to recognize how much they have been able to effect fuel and energy, and cause economic and social destabilization in many of the countries that they help run already... no one can make so many stupid decisions without it being a planned and coordinated effort to destabilize and own as much of the world as possible, America is taking an exceptionally large beating, communist sympathizers will tell you that huge energy cost-increase is due to the schwab-gates-fauci covid-19 laboratory 'enhanced' virus, and because the world had to pause for over a year, and it's just taking a long time to get caught-up again while gates and facui produced their theoretic serum, but they won't connect the rest of the dots outlined above, and in some of my other posts, they will just tell you that since the DNC has more global-communist sympathizes you should keep voting for them because they are obedient to their communist leaders who appreciates good little obedient servants, and they really don't like people who slow down their momentum when they challenge the global communist agendas... basically sympathetic economists and policy-makers will just tell you that if you vote for their network they will eventually figure out the solutions to our problems at the hands of their giant stress-test and muscle/power-flexing, just vote for them and they will shape America into America 2.0 that doesn't require a constitution, free-will, or God... well, they won't quite sell it that way, they will just play koi/dumb about causes and effects, about the root-cause actions and communist sympathizers re-actions to covid and it's intended re-set... they will never want to discuss the weaponizing of biologics/viruses, or the utilization of those 'enhanced' biologics to cause a crisis that used fear-based operations to halt/destabilize life as we know it, and to modify our governing sovereignty to be more efficient for the communist agendas... their great reset book doesn't tell you that they created and released the biologic to get us to do what their book outlines, it starts with why we need to implement their communist-cult's policies on a global scale... they won't tell you the whole picture, because we are considered too stupid and under-privileged to know the truth, and to know why they are doing what they are doing... 'you can't handle the truth' was a popular line from a popular movie a bunch of years back...

 ... anyways, those are simple ways to understand certain things that happened in recent history, and why it's well-passed the time that we should have 'the communism talk'... communists sold their propaganda theories to the western-world, and the liberal-turned-progressive states bought into it, and have been preaching it for decades now... consider yourself public-educated 'groomed'... so Americans should be having the communist-talk now, especially if you've been avoiding it... it's very relevant whether we want it to be or not... you do know that you can put a stop to some of it, or at least slow it down by voting for republicans, they have plenty of members in the global-network too (i understand), but they don't seem to be totally gone yet, democrats are barely trying to hide their global-communist affiliation anymore (and that antifa is an idea not an organization), they have clever slogans as to why we should return to top-down globalist governments (actually the brittish empire wasn't a total global endeavor, but it still festered like an infection with good spread/extent)... anyways, we should be having this blunt/difficult discussion as a nation rather than playing koi about it... how does the communist sales pitch speak to you? what are those selling point's strength's and weaknesses, and why?... you have to start thinking about these things because they are relevant... i'd rather whole-heartedly be able to support one political party because they are all awesome, but as logical conservatives that embrace God and reality, we almost have to 'settle for' republicans right now, it's better to elect great people/candidates, but if you don't like the kind of destabilization that the DNC administration has caused over the last couple of years you almost have to settle for the republican candidates, even if they don't perfectly represent you... i'd rather not tell the two major political parties (sort of three now) that they suck and we need new ones, but when you consider the entrenched networks of the political elite establishment, and who supports and leads the networks you have to demand accountability, and that our representative leaders work for two-thirds majority before any measures are made (domestically and in global unions), a simple-majority led and ruled nation isn't a smart one, two-thirds passing should be the gold-standard for anything in the legislative branch, and for items that go to the president to sign... have a look at my incomplete and fictitious 'third political party' necessity, and it's requirements for all participants, that's the kind of accountability, and transparency that we need from our leaders...

... we certainly need to have the 'communism talk', because they are front and center, and it couldn't be anymore obvious/clear what their intentions are, they don't like our constitution, and those who enforce it... but i'm sure that you already know that much... i wish the DNC was semi-normal again, but it doesn't even seem possible anymore, and the republicans aren't too far behind them either... once infections fester, and the host has been compromised, and players and opportunists know how to play the game in their favor, well, as a citizen i feel like a ping-pong ball getting smashed around, and now the players have to behave themselves more decently to actually earn votes, but they aren't accountable now (not beyond loosing an election), and that's how it goes... do we really have to settle for that, it fvcking sucks getting played, and stuck in the cross-fire, or, a bunch of asshole's game of chess... anyways, capitalism isn't perfect, and opportunistic scumbags will exploit what they can, but the communist argument doesn't hold-up very well, it never has, and for plenty of good reasons, no mater who their sales-folks of today try to sell it... i want to like the DNC still, but they are much too compromised by communists, and they only seem to be embracing the demanding extreme social-activists, and not even trying to push back on them, they seem to be gone, they are completely over the top now, but i don't really love the republicans either... damn it. -- ct

10-06-22: I had some thoughts stimulated by an old high-school friend's facebook post this morning, it had to do with 'the most dangerous cities in America', and then he confuscated city/local-level governments with state-level government... i'm not in a mind-space to read the article that he commented on, and try to figure-out his point, but it sort of relates to this post... Communism, being totalitarianism in nature, is efficient and effective for controlling people, do what you are told or else... in may ways it's inhumane, but it still seems to work to some degree... cities generally have the largest concentration of people, where you have the largest concentrations you have a greater number of well-behaved assimilated and respectful people, and their opposites... if you don't understand the concept of free-will being a gift from God, and that the gift comes with responsibility to use it for good and not bad then you are probably more than happy to settle for communism, and just do what you are told--you may not even realize that your free-will has restrictions forcefully implemented by 'government'.

The two-major political parties in America are both hypocritical in many areas, both sides are aware that free-will with minimal control is exploited by deviant opportunists... the majority of democrats won't recognize the reality of God, so they won't refer to the ten commandments as a solid litmus-test in good versus bad, they are soft on individual crime, but hard on some corporate crime through some regulations and some oversight... republicans do the opposite, they seem to be softer on corporate-crime, but harder on individual crime, they want less corporate restrictions and tougher individual restrictions... i'm obviously writing in general terms, but that's sort of how i 'see it'.

Both parties are liberal in some respects, and restrictive in others, they both know that exploitative deviants exist, but use their own philosophies in how to deal with deviant actions/behaviors... i think that where 'the lion lays down with the lamb' on their different theories, and the hypocrisy that they both share is understanding the ten-commandments, and that there are do's and don'ts contained within them, there are more do-not (or thou shalt nots) 'restrictive' type of language/rules in those commandments, and only a couple of 'positive psychology' type of 'mandates' that illustrate proper use of free-will... in America we have pro-freedom folks that desire as little restrictions and government as possible, and then we have big-government with many mandates and plenty of oversight folks, and both sides contradict the role/roles of government should be... people need some restrictive oversight (don't steal, don't cheat, don't lie, don't hurt or murder, etc), so we do need some restriction and oversight... for most normal folks the 'thou shalt not' sort of 'rules' of the ten commandments, and so how to show/treat respect/love for your neighbor ought to be easy, but it isn't, some abnormal folks don't understand why they should have to follow the DO NOT's, never mind that they sum-up to honoring God, and loving/respecting one another... try to explain that logic to an atheist, that won't allow 'prayer' or some religious teachings in public schools, but welcome the teaching of accepting dysfunction as normal... it doesn't take long to identify who and who doesn't appreciate God in the context of public prayer, rebellion will stifle the teaching of God's reality, and appropriate use of free-will at all costs, an impossible version of communism is always their answer.

 ... TBC ...

Also... I have a few free one-month subscriptions to someone's substack that has written much more on these subjects and then some, let me know if you want one free month... -- ct