leaking pointer-dog

i'm doing some yogurt, and man, does that stuff really work... it works very well when you combine it with mediterranean... i don't know all of the posers yet, i don't get into that sort of thing, but the leaking pointer-dog is great for back pain. i can tell that i'm doing it correctly when body parts start cracking and shifting back into place, they call that decomposing... when you hold the leaking pointer-dog poser long enough the decomposing of the spine can occur quickly, the relaxation of the mediterranean combined with the decomposing spine is how yogurt helps my back the most... in fact, as soon as i'm done postering this poster i'm going to get into the leaking pointer dog poser and get into some deep relaxing mediterranean yogurt for the whole mind/body/soul experience, it helps keep me relaxed and centered and balanced and it really seems to help with the old back too... yogurt, that stuff really works... oh, good grief, my gut is starting to bother me a little, i might need a cup of yoga or something for my digression.  --  ct