03-08-22:  this post probably isn't exhaustive enough to offer a direct link to it, it's a bit of a rant really... but one of the things that bugs me about the efficacy of the DNC's psych-ops narratives is how much/well they actually get folks to vote-with/side-with them shortly before they stab them in the back, oh yeah, partner with us so we can use and abuse you... i have one simple example for you... one of the jobs that i was so privileged to have a few years back was to be the front-line 'supervisor' to a group of mostly foreign/broke independent delivery drivers, Google Express hired the company that i worked for to find and maintain a fleet of people to deliver consumer products to 'busy' people... the whole concept of google express met the needs of rich busy people in Cali, and in turn spread semi-national, and in turn drove-up more air-pollution and traffic-congestion in parts of the country where pollution and too much traffic are already problems... but as far as the predominantly immigrant visa-holder fleet of actual humans who worked hard for the money they earned, well, doubling gas prices are quite crippling for most of those drivers, and causes greater unemployment and hardship in the near future... for an independently owned and operated delivery company (or car owner and driver) the insane and unpredictable cost of fuel is another kick in the crotch to wrestling with the daily grind... DNC prides themselves on eliminating fossil-fuels and championing green/renewable forms of energy, and DNC prides themselves for 'fighting for the blue-collar and t-shirt workers', and the DNC prides themselves on care and compassion for migrants and folks from impoverished nations run by 'bad-guys', and they pride themselves for serving the 'lower class'... but you put those demographics all together and you get a political party that cries 'environmentalism' and 'worker's rights' and helping 'immigrants' and 'poor folks', the same party that let's global national companies like google expand business and revenue while causing more air pollution, fossil-fuel consumption, over-crowding congested traffic areas while doing so, the DNC LOVES Google, and then the administration manipulates energy policies so the poor hard-working drivers from another country can't afford to drive the used cars that they are already responsible to buy, insure, register, maintain/fix, and fuel multiple times per day... the DNC claims to help lot's of causes for lot's of compassionate missions/goals, but their policies will knife you right in the back if you aren't in their network and tax-brackets and invest in their preferred companies... go ahead and fool yourself all you want to that the DNC is the political party for the underprivileged hard-workers, but watch how quick they will stab the back of the less fortunate and enact insanely selfish economic and energy policies that further their own bank-accounts and close associates, all while the bottom fifty-percent of the american population has to pay dearly for DNC-theorists and strategists enacting the great reset... keep trying to fool yourself all you want to, and if that's the case then you probably don't have to worry much about income/money or how to afford fuel to heat your home, to fill your automobile, while also affording to pay for the electricity that powers your home, you must be pretty rich in the check-book... you aren't nearly as important to policy-changes than policy-changes are to the wallets / bank-accounts / share-holders and expansion of DNC associates and agendas... DNC strategists will say anything and do anything to sway public-opinion and public votes to enact policies that hurt regular people that aren't privileged and have to rely on things like energy and fuel, it must be nice 'to be the king'... jonathan 'the condescending hypocrite' kerry-heinz is the poster-child for hyper-environmentalist hypocrisy, but don't you worry, his jet is probably still under a million miles and only a few-hundred thousand hours of flight-time, so it's OK for him to preach and spout about pollution and energy consumption rhetoric that he doesn't actually believe himself, how often do you think he dawn's the 'highly-effective' facemask, he probably flies and changes underwear more often... but keep fooling yourself all you want to, delusion seems to be the best policy for the DNC-types and their associates and networks... in case anyone cares to know, google got very pushy, and the domino-effect was that the company that i worked for got very pushy and demanding of drivers and me that i couldn't take it any longer and had to quit, anxiety and blood-pressure became physical ailments that i had to manage from the stress of that particular job, i loved many of the drivers that i got to work with like brothers and sisters, and it was too painful to work in that unsustainable environment where they were constantly having to carry the weight for the rulers that be... your DNC 'heroes' are running most of the cities that use-up the bottom fifty-percent like napkins all while telling you that they are 'helping', good grief man... anyways, i'm still connected to some of the drivers and co-workers from that job, and i still love most of them too, especially the one's who were english as a second-language and had a good heart... but hey, don't take my word for it, because apparently i'm a supremacist privileged racist nationalist hating greedy white war-monger HAAAAAAAAH HAAAAAAH HAAAAAH HAAAH HAAH HAH... oh sorry, maybe i shouldn't laugh... maybe you were one of the fvcking morons that bought into that nonsensical DNC narrative too... yeah, i grew up with a single mom and on public assistance at a very young age until i moved out and joined the army, and i tried to do the right things in life despite my background and lack of certifiable education, and to better the lives of my own family many years later, and i was actually something that used to be called 'middle-class' for a brief moment in time, but somehow the DNC adapted the narrative that i am a privileged white racist nationalist rich elite minority-hater, it might be safe to say that the folks that came up with that narrative were smoking from crack-pipes just before their epiphany of linguistic head-fvckery... anyways, the DNC wishes to have folks either paying for the government, working for the government, or supported by the government, with little in between... and so here i sit, a middle-aged man back on public assistance proving what a privileged white guy that the DNC strategists say that i am... HAAAAAAAAH HAAAAAAH HAAAAAH HAAAH HAAH HAH... oh sorry, maybe i shouldn't laugh, maybe you were one of the fvcking morons that bought into that nonsensical DNC narrative too last election cycle?   -- ct

03-08-22 follow-up:  it's my understanding that the DNC didn't always used to be like it is today, but they have devolved and have partnered with some very unsavory people and organizations as of late, perhaps you've noticed, or maybe not, i'm just glad to do my little part in helping the people that fall under the 'maybe not' category... but sometimes the truth hurts a bit, or a lot.  --  ct

03-09-22 follow-up: i'm stirring up a bit reality on facey-book this morning, i didn't sleep well lastnight, so that's my excuse for releasing the post above to facey-book early this morning, i wonder if i'll get reported or banned, or somehow have some warning tag over my profile or something cool like that, time will tell, some folks will block me or 'dis-connect' or whatever... but i took a drive with a true DNC old union guy yesterday, he mentioned that he thought i was being a bit quiet and not posting much since the russian expansion/aggression, so i posted something else to stimulate conversation, he'll appreciate it if he ever reads it all :-)
... but i wrote that post yesterday, and here is some follow-up to it after a shitty night's sleep, no the cat didn't piss in my cheerios, i'm just cranky because i had a bad night's sleep :-) ... but the delivery service of consumer goods for busy people was advertised with a driver standing in front of a toyota hybrid sedan, it was a great clean image to project, and it was taken with a country-looking section of california, it was beautiful, their service started in CA... as nasty and harshly as i push on california politicians/politics and policies i actually greatly admire california for their green energy and other conservation encouraging initiatives, and their desire to leave the world in a better condition than previous generations, but the rest of the country doesn't have the same natural and 'geological' resources and legislation and demographics and population density issues, different states have different issues and yet we are separate/divided/individual, but still united in our larger geography and borders, and there have been many unsustainable policies enacted by united anti-trumpsters that were united by their disdain for a political outsider beating hillary somehow... and many of the DNC-left policies are forcing their networked state/states' initiatives on the rest of the country... i really admire the left's environmental concerns, but when concerns become political then opportunists crawl out of the shelving, opportunists of different morality-conscious people and organizations... anyways, it seems that CA-influenced/networked policy-makers and investors are pushing entirely too narrow and quick to enact over-ambitious time-lines to sustain a stable economy that the bottom half of the tax-brackets are always going to feel the most, we simply don't have 'capital' to soften the impact of harsh economic fluctuations, theorists and investors are afraid to over-stress the american citizens and tax-payers, they aren't afraid to make it hurt... the domino-effect of well-intentioned yet shitty legislation has huge economic destabilizing consequences and it's only taken fourteen months to get us where we are, and it's not going to get any better anytime soon unless policies and measures are rolled-back/repealed and modified, ambitious green initiatives need to be scaled-back and slowed-down, and the USA doesn't have to enact global priorities and try to lead the world with sharp environmental-themed initiatives which target tax-payers and consumers the most, and generally speaking, the hardest-working folks with the lowest fifty-percent of incomes in the united states feel the most economic impact, we simply don't have diversified portfolios, in fact most of us don't what those things are or have the resources to build one... believe it not, i actually do love, respect, and appreciate a bunch of liberal democrats, many have close blood-lines, and many don't realize how compromised some of their party's strategists and partnerships really are, liberal spenders are afraid to make the american tax-payer to fund global-networked initiatives and theories, and at what costs they are willing to go to shape the future of society, and who gave them permission to do such things... how many forms of government are you paying taxes to, and what are your various levels of government doing with a share of your income, don't get me wrong, i appreciate all levels of government, some are more respectable with the policies that that they do with our income... everybody wants to rule or save the world to some extent, who hasn't hoped and prayed and asked for world-peace, right... but some folks are taking those admirable goals to levels that are no longer admirable but more of a network-worked chess match on the biggest chess board in the galaxy... if you don't think that globalist NGOs and GOs and Investors and Networks don't shift policies that effect certain countries and states a little better than others, well, OK... but look, the reality-check for me is knowing that the country that i admire the most and always will plays a part in negative and manipulative initiatives and policies too... we'd all like to assume that our tribe/geography is without fault the sad reality is that certain networks seem to exist everywhere, and opportunists take advantage of the 'land of opportunity' and the free-will but responsibility based society like the beautiful USA offers to her citizens, well, even the good ole' USA has some networked government scum making decisions impacting the lives of regular people that just want to live their peaceful lives... and based on the actions and policies and narratives of DNC strategists and groups it seems that they have become severely compromised by manipulated globalist efforts, enough that it really bothers/concerns me... and with all of that said, the really Really concerning thing to me is knowing that folks on my favorite side of the political aisle give in to certain policy and legislation and rhetoric/narrative as those that i have real trouble with, that's a painful reality-check for me, it always seems to hurt more when it's those who you respect that fools/hurts you, i don't know if that's a real thing, but i think someone said something like that before, right? Anyways, my response to yesterday's post combined with this current one can be summed-up with something like this, be thoughtful as to why you pay attention to your influencers, be conscious of what they are communicating... and if you care to search a bit more on what i've written about then google something like 'charles schwab and wef', they are what you would call a non-official government/NGO sort of an organization with many connected organizations and economists and strategists and theorists that aren't afraid to fvck around with people's lives, just look at some of the members of that 'organization/network', and then other divisions like the 'ygl' members, and then consider how many communist-appreciating influencers manipulate policy, and who actually benefits from policy, and who actually pays for it, many decent organizations pay for much of the policy through corporate taxes and fees, and much of it comes from american income-tax payers... when you are rich enough to change the world and don't look at the world through the eyes of our creator/God, then who the fvck gives you the intelligence and morals to effect the incomes of lives of so many people, who would think that they are smart enough to make sound decisions that effect the lives of millions of people, people who somehow or another we able to accumulate/build/inherit large sums of wealth and resources, that's who... and i have nothing against folks who have large possessions of wealth and resources, especially when they exhibit some integrity and moral-intelligence, and when they share some of it to truly and meaningfully causes that help impact the lives of severely lower tax-brackets without encouraging them to take advantage of others and various levels of responsibilities personally and societal, you'd be amazed at how impactful to human development it is for positive loving and logical mentor-ship and physiological provisions can be really be... so i love the intentions that 'some' individuals/organizations and networks claim to do in 'helping others' as well as respecting the planet, i'm not too keen on the methods and distractions and waste of time that some folks use their calories/energy behind... i like those that appreciate the ten commandments and pay most particular to the two most important one's and doesn't try to prevent teaching such logic in public schools, those are the logical folks that i really appreciate too, those are the folks that i appreciate no matter how rich or poor you happen to be... i really don't like when i see rich people using their resources for purchased politicians and continued wealth expansion, and sometimes it's fascinating to learn more about the initiatives and theories that they support, and the words they speak and the actions that they take in order to shape perception and policy for rich-people chess... i really hope you don't think that covid re-actions/responses/policies/vaccines weren't all various stress-tests and manipulation of folks that want to rule the world and are sick enough to actual do it to a huge extent... sometimes in order to save the planet we could use collective smart-people environmental efforts together and employ more people to help clean our various levels of environments/geographies, and encouraging the largest sources of pollution to learn more about cleaner more natural energies, how about encouraging everyone to consume less... how about about doing those things more openly instead of influencing policy and shoving it down people's throats like a bitter pill... saving the world doesn't have to equate to an assault/war against fossil -fuel, uber-rich folks seem to think so, but most of those folks have diverse portfolios that can withstand many economic hardships that the lower fifty percent have to REALLY struggle with... covid really changed my life at a time when my body and source of income turned-out to be unsustainable/unrealistic, i became conditioned to having no control of finances, and the way that i had know to earn income without making some serious moral compromises, some people resort to desperate actions/measures when they low-points and need a proverbial or physical time-out, i chose to avoid that path through my transition, that's much to do with the reality of God and the brilliance of the ten commandments that seem to offend so many otherwise logical people. -- ct

03-09-22 a bit more later: i really think that the hyper-environmental policies that have been enacted are because investors are demanding a return for their investments on green energy material sourcing/mining and design and manufacturing, and goals and deadlines... i think much of the economic-environmental enforcement is more to do with getting a satisfactory ROI, the urgency/necessity/stress that earth is actually under right now can be minimized or dramatized to influence and manipulate outcomes/events... variables and models used to determine the health of the earth is subjective and never uses enough variables to be accurate, there are always unknown/unrealized variables and different approaches to analyzing data, unless you are albert gore and john kerry... and know that advertisers have clever ways of manipulating/influencing people and perspectives, that's all i'm trying to say really... but it seems like they are turning-up the pressure on fossil fuel consumers, and global investors are demanding an ROI in a timely sense... please convince me if i'm wrong, but i'm not just grasping for straws, i just haven't 'shown the math' yet... with all that said, i'm sure this summer is going to be a hot one, some temperatures/locations were accurately predicted to trend upward, but most fall flat and have to be re-adjusted all too-often, so like i said, i'm sure that it's going to be especially hot if we are paying out the ass for electricity as those prices will sore as a result of poor fuel-economics... i was born just prior to the 70s, i can clearly remember waiting in long gas lines to fill up the old gas-guzzlers, lines down a block at most gas-stations... congrad-ya-fvcking-lations brandon administration, you seemed to by fond of those special days of yester-year, and are so totally fine with bringing that concept back, while the little-people that are just trying to earn a living and may have to drive more than 15 miles per day and can't afford a plug-in car with adequate range have to pay the price for hyper-environmental policies and fuel-control and economic-manipulation, it doesn't have to be like this, but players for the great reset had made the decision that this is how it's going to be no matter how many americans pay the price for international-NGO theorists and strategies... hello... readers outside of the USA, it's important to understand that not all americans think alike and approve of different governmental actions and policies and global manipulation, it's a fact of life for us, but we don't all approve of it or really what's all involved, we know that folks manipulate and deceive and exploit, but we don't know what we don't know and so we have some bottom-dwelling waste-consuming hooligans in our government too, my apologies for their behavior, i don't know all of their names or who is doing what and why, i just know that it happens, and spycraft is real, and foreign interference is as real as your nose, i'm not pleased about, but it seems like everyone is trying to save the world somehow and someway, it's best to try to filter the world through the character of God that the bible tells us about, before trying to figure out how to use your energy and resources to save/change the world maybe take a read through the old and new testaments for yourself a few times, this time don't read it through the filter that your current or previous influencers had conditioned you, this time read it for your own and let the creator tell you his story and explain his character to you in his own way for you to understand, some folks are silly enough to deny that a god exists, other folks are silly enough to tell you EXACTLY who god is and what he expects of you every second of every day... if you open the bible and read it as if god is telling you his story and introducing himself to you then maybe you can start to comprehend how to spend your time and energy saving the world, we've got to get real about many of the folks that seem to be taking the lead in saving/changing/reshaping the world, how they are networked with and what their intentions are regarding words, actions, and policies... some days i'm a bit discouraged, other days i remember that miracles can happen and that david somehow beat goliath... don't take any of my words for it though, do your own research if anything that i write strikes a nerve or curiosity, i encourage the reader to research on their own, serving fish never helps the eater learn how to fish... i think that was in a fortune cookie or something... but let me close with this, would you put people with the lack of moral-intelligence to offer human/baby sacrifices to make decisions on how to best save/change the world... hmm, well some of you do, but just don't like to look at it from that perspective because it's complicated, some things are complicated, and some things seem less complicated the older that we get, the good news is that repentance is always offered and received, everyone has to grow-up and self-correct and evolve, you might say that God expects that of us. -- ct