Anger Management

12-16-2020:  If you know me and read one of my most recent posts and you’re starting to worry for me, thank you for caring, and please keep reading, here goes…

Say that you made a simple mistake, or you just did something that was wrong and were called-out over it.

Know and understand how it made you feel, but don’t let your emotions and ego dictate your next steps.

Many (with a solid ego) can see that they were wrong, and are willing to learn enough from that experience to grow their character and integrity.

Many (with typical egos) will give into their feelings and possibly overreact, angered that they made the mistake (ego), and maybe afraid of the consequences, perfect ego testing opportunity.

… please ask genuine and trustworthy people for help when your overwhelmed, or worse, if your about to deflect the blame and tell yourself it’s really someone else’s problem, maybe it’s their ignorance that’s the ‘real issue’. Find a respectful person in your life, tell them you need to get a better perspective on what’s causing your feelings before you explode.

I’ve exploded in anger and rage because of my warped ego and misunderstanding more than once; I can honestly tell you that almost nothing good has ever come from that, and the only good that came from it was that caring people kept caring for me, and that anyone else could see how much of a hot-mess that I am and maybe prayed for me or helped me in ways that I couldn’t see or understand, a compromised ego run amuck is blind. If this offends you, good…unfriend me now.

I am about to offend everyone else now, I hope. Read the following two statements and see if your blood pressure goes up at all.

 “All Donald Trump supporters are egotistic, angry, stupid, racist, fascist, fearmongering, deceitful, white rich people that only want to do what’s best for themselves!!!”

 “All Joe Biden supporters are sinister, nefarious, cheating, socialists, and actors that love to kill the unborn, soft on crime and Antifa, and want to hand the keys to the white house over to foreign nations and evil-doers!!!”

 First, feel your blood simmer and embrace that for as long as you can stand.

Next, know why my nasty judgmental remarks offend you, because the emotion that you felt is something pulling at your big ego too, you and your ego need help. This probably offends you so maybe its best if you just Unfriend me now. But knowing and understanding what ANGERED you about my words is what’s important.

Was it because the way that I said it that offended you, maybe because I was over emotional or sensational or arrogant and you saw through all that, and it got you mad enough to label me or judge me?

Was it because I said the same political ‘talking points’ that your opposition ALWAYS says, and you know that they ALWAYS say it, maybe you could predict it and even recite it?

But is there any truth to any of it, if there is and you can’t admit it to yourself, well that could certainly get your blood pressure up, and you need an ego check and probably will unfriend me now.

Was it because I said an outright lie and you know it? … yes, a compromised ego/integrity is more than willing to publicly state an outright lie, and it happens every day.

Is it because I look funny? Yes, I do, and Yes there are people in various stages of their lives that it simply comes down to that… no advice for you, just Unfriend me now.

Was it because it’s obvious that I am, or maybe you think I am, or even just because someone else already told you that I am a racist…that should get you angry/outraged, but only if it’s factual.

Being shallow enough to end your respect for someone where differences begin is what defines racism to me, at least that’s a small simple definition.

Hatred based on fear of what you don’t understand and too shallow to grow-up might be a piece of the truth as well. If I offended you by this over-simplification UNFRIEND ME NOW.

To me, haters/racists are misguided zombie-egos that are missing out on so much of what life has to offer, and the beautiful world that’s going on around them, but are too blinded by their own shallowness to realize it. If this fuels your anger/ego too much to endure please unfriend me now.

I’m certain that here is much more to it than that, but (disclaimer) I’m not an expert or licensed anything, and I don’t have all the answers… But. I am a white guy born in America.

Being a white guy born in America I am very limited to racism as a whole, I can only really speak about what I know, or what I am aware of based on experiences, observations and opinions (mine).

I know that there are racists in America that are white, and I’m white, so I would try to start some healthy dialog by addressing my own demographic (my peeps), I might start with this:

People that were older--and should have been smarter—well they failed you, you were not taught that you are very ‘different’ too, hatred and racism has you living in a lie based on fear. But your blinding ego won’t admit that there’s lots of things that you don’t know and understand in life and that’s mostly what scares you. If you have surrounded yourself with like-minded folks that won’t ever get you healthy… pack your bags, leave and seek help, you aren’t healthy in the head right now, but there is hope for you if you are really willing to admit that you don’t know everything (no one does), and everyone has fear of the un-known, to a point. But judging people that are different, or judging people that you think are different, or judging people because someone else told you were different…well I could stare into your eyes, put a gun to your forehead and blow you into eternity with no remorse (pretty hateful) for the same reason, because you think differently than me, now tell me how hatred helps anything. The short point is that everyone is different, and if someone that’s different really angers you it becomes your responsibility to know why they offend you…blind hatred is straight-up lazy, and comes from an ego that’s off-centered and could use some help. The burning hatred that’s in your heart is not only wrong, but it’s ruining you from the inside-out. The more your mind focuses on what you don’t like, or don’t understand, or hate … well all that just takes your mind off of things that are really important in life. Life isn’t supposed to be hatred and anger, there are lot’s of really cool things that you’re missing out on when your blinded by hate.

I guess I lied because it really wasn’t tailored to white Americans, I think my mind went to some underlying issues of blind hating racism, but I’m still a white American who knows that there are many people that are a part of my ‘race’ that are so off-course that I will have this conversation with you.

You probably know that you are reading the perspective of a Trump supporter, I supported him because I’m a national defense minded ego (hence my previous posts and China), and abortion is my litmus-test for any candidate. I might be a confused individual because every national and international conflict that pops-up makes me want to grab a gun and go fight, yet I detest the thought of abortion. Where does the death penalty fit in with this subject, stop and think for a second, because it does. Does your own personal beliefs (part of your ego) justify killing of people that want to do USA harm, justify killing of felons deemed to be monsters, or justify the killing of unborn and partially born babies (or, according to the supreme court, a bunch of cells formed together that we can’t quite call a baby yet, a technicality)? There seems to be more than one side to each of these important topics right, unfortunately many people will staunchly defend one or two or more, but absolutely abhor people that defend the opposite. You might be right or wrong in your morals when it comes to these difficult/complex issues, but you have to know why you believe the things that you do and it can’t come down to your emotions, that’s just too shallow for such an important area of conversation. Know why you feel the way that you do about those three things, don’t just be lazy about it, you HAVE to know and understand why.

Try to read deeply into what I’ve written, and if tomorrow you still want to generalize Trump supporters as bigots, racists, fascists and whatever else you’ve heard, well Unfriend me now and seek professional help. Most of my friends and loved-ones haven’t clumped me into that generalized category and I appreciate that, but ask yourself if you are willing to extend that same generosity to other Trump supporters that you don’t know. I have more than one right-winger friend that does the same thing to Biden supporters I’m sure, and they are straight up in need of a good old-fashioned reality-check too. Everything that I’ve written in this--and previous--posts pertains to you every bit as much as it does for my left-winging friends and family. Everyone is broken to a degree, maybe you are a little off course or maybe you need to go deeper than I’m suggesting here, but a blind ego is a terrible thing…I hope that offended you, you should probably unfriend me.

I hope I’ve offended anyone and everyone that reads this … but at least make the effort to know and understand why my unfiltered remarks offend you, because the emotion that you felt is something pulling at your ego too, you and your ego need help. Almost everyone does and that hasn’t changed in thousands if not millions of years in the past, no one is 100% healthy, you should know that too.

This probably offends you and I really hope that it does, but not so much that you won’t come back and read more when you want to address your ego, or whatever.

My intent is not to just point out that you are ‘different’ and have problems/faults, because cowardly, weak, broken people do that to other people all the time, because it’s easy. If I have angered you and you are still angry, and you haven’t unfriended me yet (even if you did), my intent is to get you to understand that other people see your deficiencies too, you can only live a lie for so, you can only pretend to be who you think you want to be for so long before you need a real good shake-up, for me it’s taken 10 months of near insanity during 2020 to realize that.

You might be a stinking hot mess right now, but If I can somehow help you clear out the cobwebs, or fog, or crazy frustrations please get in touch with me.

But here’s the disclaimer…I have a bruised and recovering ego, I have no credentials to speak of, but during this moment of clarity in my life maybe I have a little insight or observations that can help you too, but be prepared to get offended along the way, because you might have to if you want to move forward.

And lastly, every thought, word, idea that someone has (me), well reality is that someone older and smarter has already written volumes about it before we were ever born. If anything I’ve written is speaking to you but you can’t stand me, maybe it’s time that you started to research ego on your own and let the experts speak to you. 30 people will probably read this, if I can help one person out of 30 it shows me that exposing a broken soul was worth it. Now Unfriend me if this offends you!!!