Parents Tell Your Children

12-14-2020:  Many new parents are overwhelmed with emotion once they realize they don’t have all the answers in life.

Your child just needs to know that they are accepted and loved.

Your child needs to feel a sense of safety and security in their home, or environment.

… and an accepting, caring, and secure home doesn’t have to be a home, it can be a car, a tent, or less.

Your child needs to know that they (like everyone else) are unique, one-of-a-kind.

Your child needs to know that they will meet many types of people and personalities over the course of their lifetime.

… understand why they like the one’s they do, and what really bothers them about the one’s they don’t

… and to show respect, patience and understanding to all, until they no longer warrant it.

… to help others if you really can, but not to the point where you forget to ask for help when they need it too.

… Everyone requires help in life, understand why and when you need it, solid people will always help if they really can.

… It’s perfectly normal not to have all the answers in life, and there usually aren’t simple answers to complex problems.

They need to know that most people they meet did not grow up in a home that was safe, and caring, and honest about themselves or others. Do not judge them on that alone.

… People that offer simple solutions to complex problems are either wise or foolish, discern as quickly as possible.

… The human Ego is a powerful thing; a well centered ego is honest and genuine; an un-centered ego is blind and cannot see their short-cummings.

… Human Beings require food, water, shelter, and other humans, everything else may distract you from missing what’s really important.

… Life is as complicated as you make it, the more you acquire the more you have to maintain, maintenance sucks, so question your desires before you give into them.

… When life overwhelms you, and no matter what’s happened in the past, they can always return to a healthy and accepting home.


The above poured out of me in a pretty short amount of time, it’s very incomplete, mostly based on definitions of LOVE passed down by Judeo Christian Values without inserting “God” anywhere.

Judeo Christian values are frowned upon in China. Their run-away Egotistical government chooses to control its people with fear of imprisonment and death, for them and their whole family.

China has been growing bolder in their colonization for the world’s resources. China uses spy craft to manipulate other nations, same as almost every large powerful nation.

If your favorite politicians, actors, athletes, musicians, tech leaders defend China’s globalization policy’s; well please begin to question their ego, has it been compromised, are they more interested in their own fame, fortune, Greed than truth? That’s hard to pass up when ill-intentioned people with more money stroke your ego.

Many public figures have compromised egos/integrity, they are usually people NOT WORTH LOOKING UP TO, or TAKING ADVICE FROM.

Take your advice from well-centered egos that respect other people’s views and values, not from people that seem to have it all already, because they just want more.

DISCLAIMER: Everything written above is expressed opinion and observations of an unqualified unlicensed old white guy with a recovering ego.

If anything written above offends you please unfriend me.