FORWARD: The word 'politics' means different things to different people, but in the case of this crummy website the word 'politics' encompasses things like, news and current events and government associated stories, and government at local, state and federal levels, and the three branches of government at those different levels... the three branches meaning the courts / judicial level, the senate and congress that operate on an equal but different way to make up the legislative branch... and then the lowly executive branch... yes, the lowly executives that are somehow motivated to be the type of leader that they think our country and their constituents require... but politics and the reasoning behind policy-making involve things like education, religion (or painfully obvious absence of) and plenty of other factors,  variables and datasets, etc., but this simple little website just has a small little section geared toward some aspects of a bunch of things that i just call 'politics', i'm certainly transparent about my conservative slant, that won't take you very long to find out... this is just my section devoted to venting about poor decisions of law-makers, and networked governments/alliances... it's just me complaining about things that i can't change, and they bug me enough that i have to vent as a therapy/outlet, this whole website/blog-thing is just a therapeutic for a ptsd veteran in most respects, it's all opinion, and i'm certainly not an expert anything, i consider myself completely unqualified to comment on any matters, really... but, a guy's got a right to bitch in the digital public -- chris

Conservatism: small government, personal responsibility, treat others as you wish to be treated, god is real and has set some moral expectations

Liberalism: do whatever you feel like doing, we won't care, by the way, we are giving away elon musk's tax revenue to anyone and everyone no matter what country you call your own.

... so you see where this is going, right... yes, right :-)